Plant-based proteins gaining traction, take heed farmers – Vegan Society

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The future is plant-based protein! A cutting edge conference regarding the future of protein in New Zealand is being held in Auckland on 24th July. Aimed at the farming community and developers of plant-based foods, this innovative event is a first in the country.

With speakers including Lee-Ann Marsh from Beef and Lamb, Simon Loveday from Ag Research and Rod Oram to name a few, this is sure to be an interesting conference about how New Zealand can lead the world in this exciting new technology.

After the conference, the delegates will be able to taste canapes made using Sunfed Meats and the Beyond Burger, the emphasis here is on the future of food. Plant-based proteins are rapidly gaining traction all over the world with countries such as the UK leading the way with supermarket own brands racing to bring out the latest vegan cheese or steak. Gone are the days of cardboard tasting meat alternatives, today the best plant-produced “meats” convince most people in blind tastings!

With the relinquishing of resources currently used by animal agriculture, could New Zealand easily produce the crops required for these new food products? This is one of the questions the conference hopes to answer. The smart farmer should be listening. Move with the times, transition away from animal production with it’s inherent welfare problems, climate change issues and massive use of land and water towards a clean and green plant-based farm.

“New Zealand should be world leaders in this new race for plant-based proteins and we call upon the government and the MPI to help farmers transition towards producing the type of food people want to eat,” said Media Spokesperson Claire Insley of the New Zealand Vegan Society, “Our horticultural exports currently bring in $8 billion and increase every year. Farmers should be able to capitalise on our already high end export market and reap the rewards”

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