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  1. Are we running out of air to breathe as the statistics are now claiming

    Atmospheric Oxygen Levels are Decreasing
    Oxygen levels are decreasing globally due to fossil-fuel burning. The changes are too small to have an impact on human health, but are of interest to the study of climate change and carbon dioxide. These plots show the atmospheric O2 concentration relative to the level around 1985. The observed downward trend amounts to 19 ‘per meg’ per year. This corresponds to losing 19 O2 molecules out of every 1 million O2 molecules in the atmosphere each year.

  2. Wow Grenwald support for trump; good for him.

    Try the other side of the story folks.

    While watching Fox at 2.30pm today and Glenn Greenwald is supporting President Trump as a lone voice in an ‘Anti Russia be-partision hate campiagn’ against Russia at the whitehouse scene today.

    So the interview was between Laura Ingraham on her show, “The “Ingraham angle”

    The hawks are out wanting another war the bloody fools, wanting more blood shed.

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