The Daily Blog Open Mic – Saturday 14th July 2018

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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. Robert Atack says:

    Electric car crap ….
    82% of the power we generate in NZ is supposedly ‘carbon neutral’ and the other 18% is coal or oil based. so to run a fleet of electric cars we would need a shit load more dames etc, especially if NZ is planing on replacing the 4 million (+ growth = What? 6 million cars??) in the next 32 years, as Shaw is suggesting. Not to mention electric trucks and trains.
    Fucking insanity, truly the inmates are running the asylum. …. And you people vote for them, duh

  2. Robert Atack says:

    And don’t post my shit ppl don’t want the truth.

    • cleangreen says:

      Try this Robert as the best use of our power system mate,

      Use electric trains for passenger and freight is the future the world over and we are well placed to do this also.

      Think of the cost of roads compared to rail now also.

      Government is now learning the hard way that the roads are not built for 60 plus tonne trucks.
      “you cant get blood out of a stone”

      Here is the problem.
      We live in rural Gisborne now 70kms north of Gisborne on the Raukamaras mountian 1650 ft above sea level.behind Murupara on the other side of the Uruwereas, and the roads both rural and sealed state roads have been totally wrecked up here.

      This all begun after labour firstly increased the ‘size and weight dimensions’ of trucks twice between 2004 and 2007 supposedly for more “efficiency”

      Then since 2009 National had increased the size and weight three times again, so now the trucks are so heavy, the three roading companys we discussed road damage with have told our group that the NZ roading stucture is not built for these heavy trucks.

      These engineers all recomended the roads to be built to US/EU standards now, with heavy concrete bases of reinforced concrete slabs under them.

      We saw happpen while i lived in the US and Canada, every time they sealed a major highway they strip the one lane and dig iut the old concrete slabs and replace them because they also crack after twenty years so more.

      This shows that we have no hope in just relying on a layer of crushed rocks then layers of limesand and then chipseal on top agaiin and again with an occassional layer of cement in the holes that appear.

      We are in for a massive roading cost now as the trucks are running 90% of the freight; – so for us and the Government the cheaper way is to move half the freight back to rail.

      No other choice really now since they have got the biggest heaviest trucks at 63 Tonnes, running on poor standard roads here in NZ.

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