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By   /   July 14, 2018  /   8 Comments

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Confused elderly resident Muriel Grim angrily mutters, “I never liked Laila Harre”. 


Confused elderly resident Muriel Grim angrily mutters, “I never liked Laila Harre”.

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  1. cleangreen says:

    Who is this smart cynical ‘grinning like a cheshire cat’ sitting here demanding me as an eldely person to say this awful stuff about Laila Harre”.?

  2. Christine says:

    Please do not use this poor elderly lady to help make Bennett a figure of fun; Bennett does this well all by herself anyway.

  3. simonm says:

    “Smile you old bitch or Auntie Paula’s gonna leak your pension details!”

    • Christine says:

      Simonm, this is disrespectful to this old lady. Her picture should not be posted here without her consent – unless it’s from a photo file and even then this is not the way she should be treated, and may cause distress to her whanau, or to her.

      I hope that when Martyn and you reach old manhood, that there’s no-one around behaving thoughtlessly like this towards you.

      • simonm says:

        How do you know I haven’t already reached “old manhood” Christine? That’s pretty ageist of you I must say.

        • Christine says:

          OMG Am I ageist ? Do I have to add that to all the other labels like feminist, Greenie, Socialist, leftie etc ? Oh no. Oh no.

          Well Simon, if you’re at old manhood , well done, and here’s hoping that you don’t run into anyone who makes you a public figure of fun.

        • countryboy says:

          @ SIMONM. Fuck off. Show some fucking respect to the old woman.

          • CLEANGREEN says:

            Correct CB,

            If SIMONM was an elder he’she would not be insulting an elder because we elders have respect for our own elders.

            He/she must be a younger person seen by the action taken.

            As for Paula Bennett GGGGGGGRRRRRRR!!!!!

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