This hateful piece aimed at the homeless is from Stuffs ‘diversity editor’ – I kid you not


Who woulda thunk that diversity in corporate media simply meant middle class millennial woman also bashing the poor?

This is a spiteful shocker…

Auckland’s phoney homeless make $100 a day on the streets

…it could have been written by Cameron Slater.

In corporate media, diversity means you can be a millennial, a woman and hopefully gender fluid but you still have to conform to the neoliberal cultural mythologies that the poor choose poverty and the rich are rewarded for making good choices.



  1. There are heaps of nasty vile judgemental women like her I hear them on the radio some are very condescending these are the ones that have a voice and take pleasure out of putting the boot into others.

    • Yes agreed. The young Neo Liberal woman are the worst. They really have been bought by the corporates who convert them to believe the corporate line which is to look down on anyone below their stations. Its all about money and power. Unfortunately their souls are sold down the river but they can’t see that…

  2. Martyn,What is becoming veryclear is that the right wing are now coming out of the closet to be seen now in the full light of the public.

    But Labour cant capitilise on this right wing surge of naked aggession as the media including RNZ are all firmly controlled by the rich and right wing pundits.

    So either labour start their own TV netork or suffer to defeat in 2020 it is as clearly simple as that.

  3. While the poor and middle classes slog it out at each other the upper echelons are laughing at both
    Divide and rule
    Wake up NZ

    • That is exactly what is happening. Those at the top end of town are being entertained by those at the bottom and middle fighting each other.
      What those in the middle need to realise is those at the top are not their friends. Currently the middle class are being deceived by the rich that they are one of them. But its false.
      They are only doing this to strategically devide.
      They know if the bottom and middle classes got together they could create a strong political force that could change the status quo…

  4. I think some of these journos get their Jollys going out seeing the carnage on the streets. You have to wonder the mentality of the Journo’s who write stories like this. Maybe a did sadistic…

  5. Don’t Knock Amanda, rise above her.

    Her tragedy is that she isn’t a Damon Runyan or a Steinbeck, and seems embedded in the sort of milieu which would make many feel dirtier than the street people who she is seemingly setting up for others to kick at – literally or figuratively – and that is a very sick culture.

    It is nice though, is it not,that some of the assumed homeless do have physical homes to go to ?

    The camaraderie is nice too, that people look out for each other on the cold streets of Auckland, or is the milk of human kindness also an anathema to the Herald ?

    In their own perverse way, and undoubtedly unintended, there are some uplifting elements in this bit of barrel-scraping, but not enough to stop it from being barbaric.

    • Why not knock Amanda. If we don’t no one learns anything from this. Also Martyns blog here is knocking Amanda…

  6. I think this is apropos;

    “Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well- warmed, and well-fed.”

    ― Herman Melville

    Melvellie’s observation sums up New Zealand society over the last thirty-plus years.

  7. And this Frank, is the quote from ‘The Day of the Triffids’ which I have never forgotten: “You know, one of the most shocking things about it is to realize how easily we have lost a world that seemed so safe and certain.”

    How easily, it has all happened. Read your post and looked back 30 years, and found a few signposts, so I looked at the total picture and it started coming together in a fairly ugly way when we didn’t really register what was happening.

    Michelle, alas, is probably right in identifying women as conspicuously proactive here, but in mitigation can I say that political analyses which have been done on unexpected women leaders like Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, assert that their success derived from adopting a male ethos and the principles of their male backers.

    I think English has a certain amount to answer for. He attended St Pat’s Silverstream when the teachers were still highly educated Marist priests. Catholic school pupils used to emerge with fairly well developed social consciences. I wouldn’t raise religion if English had not been touted as a devout Catholic, practising Catholic and so on, but the essential message of Catholicism – and of all the great world religions – that of the Sermon on the Mount – Do unto others – appears to me to have been totally over-ridden by English to a very socially damaging extent – and unnecessarily.

  8. its fairfax – fear the facts – they dont care about any of this – they just want click through revenues…. outrage journalism is a new low for NZ

    • Interesting because my very right wing late bro surprised me four or five years ago saying that he thought Rupert M was the most evil man in the world.

  9. From what I’ve seen, the article is essentially correct.

    I walk down Greys Ave in the morning on the way to work. Quite often I see particular individuals who beg on Queens Street coming out of the council apartments on Greys.

    So it seems many aren’t as homeless as they claim.

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