Radio NZ blacklist Chris Trotter so they can set up Don Brash – why no actual freedom of speech debate?

By   /   July 12, 2018  /   10 Comments

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Are Radio NZ so frightened of an actual debate it has to be framed by Don Brash?

Why wouldn’t Radio NZ allow Chris Trotter on and instead demanded Don Brash show up to discuss the freedom of speech coalition yesterday morning?

Are Radio NZ so frightened of an actual debate it has to be framed by Don Brash?

Trotter was refused by Radio NZ for the debate because of his blacklist on the public broadcaster. It’s just another sad reminder that the elite media always keep anyone off who might actually provoke thinking outside their strict parameters.


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  1. RED BUZZARD says:

    well Trotter would have been an asset in the discussion I would have thought…if they can have Hooton on ….why not Trotter?

  2. cleangreen says:

    RNZ has been run by the national party since 1995 and willl never change until Labour change the running of this Nationnal propaganda platform.

    Labour need now to sack Clare Curran and put the broadcasting portfolio into an effective hands of a MP from Labour/NZF/Green stable.

    Clare Curran is a dangerous liablity to labour and the coalition.

    • Chris Norman says:

      You must be an extreme left communist if you think RNZ is of the political right!

      • Sam Sam says:

        Umm, yeah. As close as you could get being 15,000ks from China or Russia. Maybe you should ask what we mean by communism because the last one wasn’t that great.

    • mosa says:

      I have been saying the same thing C.G but we don’t have a left wing government singing from the same hymn sheet or has the backbone to really make some serious changes.

      • Chris Norman says:

        National ministers would rarely interact with RNZ due to its political bias, the new government promised to give them $36,000,000 extra.
        The facts speak for themselves.

  3. e-clectic says:

    There’s something delicious about Trotter’s presence on the Free Speech coalition and on a RNZ blacklist.

  4. Michal says:

    Why was Trotter blacklisted I ddin’t know anything about that?

    • David Stone says:

      Me neither. Do tell Martyn. Or Chris.
      Be free to speak! Not like the Skripals or Charlie Rowley who are never likely to speak freely again.
      D J S

  5. Janio says:

    I would like to know why (and if) CT is banned from RNZ. I speculate – perhaps RNZ don’t share CT’s view of himself as an important contributor to a debate and see him as dull and pompous speaker who doesn’t offer anything original. Wow! What a catty comment but it reflects what I think.

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