Haere Atu, Fascists – “alt-right” not welcome in Aotearoa – Auckland Peace Action

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“Auckland Peace Action (APA) calls on the Minister of Immigration to refuse racist hatemongers Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern entry to New Zealand. These prominent alt-right fascists are intending to travel to New Zealand to hold a public events in early August,” said APA member Valerie Morse.

“We stand in solidarity with the Muslim Community in Aotearoa who are opposing these fascists. If they come here, we will confront them on the streets. If they come, we will blockade entry to their speaking venue.”

“Lauren Southern was refused entry to the United Kingdom for distributing racist material. She is the mouthpiece for violent anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant actions. She even boarded a boat in the Mediterranean that shot flares at medical boats seeking to rescue refugees who were drowning in the water.”

“Stefan Molyneux is a white supremacist who says people of colour are racially and genetically inferior to whites. He is an anti-semite and a believer in eugenics.”

“We are concerned that right-wing extremism is reaching into our communities through sophisticated propaganda and subversive strategies creating and exploiting vulnerabilities that can ultimately lead to acts of violence. It is imperative that this type of racism is given no room to be promoted and encouraged in Aotearoa.”

“Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux have a long history of racist hate speech that has incited hate, racism and violence against people of colour and migrants. They will be disruptive to our community. These speakers are a rallying call to right wing hate groups in New Zealand and must be stopped.”

“These people want to empower local racists and to encourage racist violence. They come to recruit people to their fascist ideology.”

“We are preparing to take action to stop their public event if the Minister fails to do so. We encourage people across Auckland to join us and say NO to hate.”

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  1. stephen says:

    The following are examples of the kinds of challenges that trigger racial stress for white people:

    Suggesting that a white person’s viewpoint comes from a racialized frame of reference (challenge to objectivity);

    People of color talking directly about their own racial perspectives (challenge to white taboos on talking openly about race);

    People of color choosing not to protect the racial feelings of white people in regards to race (challenge to white racial expectations and need/entitlement to racial comfort);

    People of color not being willing to tell their stories or answer questions about their racial experiences (challenge to the expectation that people of color will serve us);

    A fellow white not providing agreement with one’s racial perspective (challenge to white solidarity);

    Receiving feedback that one’s behavior had a racist impact (challenge to white racial innocence);
    Suggesting that group membership is significant (challenge to individualism);

    An acknowledgment that access is unequal between racial groups (challenge to meritocracy);

    Being presented with a person of color in a position of leadership (challenge to white authority);

    Being presented with information about other racial groups through, for example, movies in which people of color drive the action but are not in stereotypical roles, or multicultural education (challenge to white centrality).

    Not often encountering these challenges, we withdraw, defend, cry, argue, minimize, ignore, and in other ways push back to regain our racial position and equilibrium. I term that push back white fragility.

    Dr. Robin DiAngelo

  2. XXXX says:

    First of all they dont need to be in Australian or New Zealand to express their thought on world of so called fairness. Its age of internet more people will go to their website/channels now. Ozzy gov is only giving them more credibility by banning them. possible only 200 to 300 people would have attended their tour, Thanks idiots now millions want to to know why they are banned only to find they are not even close to bad guys.

    Internet rules, governments old 1940’s mentality doesn’t work anymore.

  3. Christine says:

    Molyneux is a misogynist, claiming that male violence is the fault of men’s mothers maltreating them and making them that way. Diddums.

    Apart from exonerating adult men from accepting responsibility for their own actions, this is quite a pernicious double whammy against women, because women victims of male violence from their partners are also frequently also depicted – thanks Alan Duff – as driving men to behave that way.

    Whether Molyneux’s male followers realise that he is depicting them as incapable of being no better than hormonal school boys who never grow up is beside the point, because the point is that he lets them off the hook for their own bad behaviour and this creates social losers.

    His need to see other people as inferior is just a projection of his own feelings about himself – due to his mum…

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