Kim Dotcom Statement on Court of Appeal

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  1. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    The courts and government are simply doubling down on what is obviously a miscarriage of justice. They won’t ever admit to wrong-doing imo and will continue to work against Kim to save themselves from embarrassment and potential litigation/monetary liability. The whole justice system in New Zealand (and elsewhere) is an “old-boys network” – they all know each other and no one wants to acknowledge they royally fucked up this case and burn potential lucrative career promotions/appointments.

    • G.A.P. says:

      Totally agree NITRIUM.

    • Michal says:

      So very true!

    • Michelle says:

      Agree 100% with Nitrium and would like to add the old boys network also have an unconscious bias and this is a nice way of putting it, others would say they can be racist and discriminative and that all people are not equal before the law one needs to have lots of money to pay for the very best lawyers.

  2. Philj says:

    I hope justice prevails in the end. The authorities involved are compromised and the public are losing trust in the system.

  3. Jack Ramaka says:

    NZ Justice System has always been suspect protecting the brother and sisterhood. They f54ked up big time on this one and could potentially cost the NZ Taxpayer big time by going along with their little buddies Key & English.

    Will make the TOW Settlements look like a pittance ?

  4. Andrew says:

    I am considering whether to go to the airport when he’s flying out: To cheer!

    Hopefully he’s in an orange jump suit and leg chains.

    Sad that the Left allowed themselves to be duped by this international conman.

    • Christine says:

      Why are you such a downright idiot Andrew ? Were you born that way, or is it an acquired skill?

    • e-clectic says:

      No you’re not – commenting in blogs and Facebook is about your limit.

    • Michal says:

      NZ authorities broke the law. They arrested him illegally. Andrew the police lied right from the beginning – they said he was locked in a safe room with a gun. By the time this was revealed as bullshit the NZ public including you by the sound of it had it firmly in their heads that it was true.

    • Michelle says:

      Which conman are you talking about andrew, bill or john?

  5. cleangreen says:

    Often there are global records of coruption within the justice systems everywhere so why would NZ be any different???

    Probably judges and others within the system were bought for going quiet on the establishment here I wouold say so they have made themselves seem corrupted.

  6. Michal says:

    Who has sovereignty here Kiwis or the bloody yanks!

  7. Isabel J says:

    Once I understood the Dotcom “fiasco”, it was clear to me that he & his associates were treated unbelievably shabbily by the NZ “authorities”, including Key & co.

    Yesterday I wrote to Andrew Little requesting that he use his powers to rescind the court’s decision – FWIW. I wonder what would happen if many thousands of NZers did as I did yesterday. It would surely give Mr Little cause to pause at the least.

  8. Michelle says:

    Is breaking the law to get evidence alright in this country it seems in this case it is. And the fact that a six figure sum was paid out to D-Com by our police sends of warning bells about our justice system/s our police and how can we have faith and trust in such a system. Some heads need to roll but we will probably see more butt covering.

  9. savenz says:

    Shocking decisions.

    Good luck for justice to Dot Com in Supreme court.

    I’m not sure how this can even go ahead with the amount of illegal activity from police and privacy blocking his right to justice. Not to mention Sony Lawyers knew from the start it was not a crime. Crime pays from the police and government officials it seems. The new unjust NZ where money and power trumps traditional justice.

    Hollywood dickheads are losing money because the medium has changed over to social media. The You Tube case shows how they can not be prosecuted. We can’t live in the past and most of these movies are making a fortune out of merchandising so actually often gain from pirating sites and of course they can just ask to have anything removed
    if it is pirated!

    Clearly nobody goes to the movies anymore, because it’s it’s a rip off, from the tickets to the food to the parking and to the whole experience that is redundant now due to Netflix and Lightbox type sites .

  10. savenz says:

    William Yan’s aka Bill Liu’s secret deal with China in $43 million money laundering case…

    William Yan’s only got 4 months detention in his luxury mansion, clearly crimes pays if you are the right ethnicity own a few identities and are just money laundering driving up the prices for ordinary Kiwis rather than Dotcom who allegedly may have reduced a few profits of some mega rich business people in the US.

    More on William Yan’s aka Bill Liu’s

    “His trademark tracksuits were swapped for business suits at the High Court trial in 2012, where he was acquitted on all counts despite the presiding judge describing the circumstances as “highly suspicious”.

    But witnesses from China failed to travel to New Zealand for the trial to give evidence about his alleged false identity and fraud.

    Justice Timothy Brewer acquitted the businessman despite saying the evidence put before him “proves a situation that is highly suspicious”.

    Most of the documents were false but were filled out by others on Yan’s behalf.”


    “Handwritten in Chinese, the note authorised the purchase of $1.85m worth of shares in a company registered in the tax haven of the British Virgin Islands and was signed by Yang Liu.

    The record-breaking deal

    That caught the attention of Operation Galaxy detectives from the Asset Recovery Unit. They took a fresh look at the dormant allegations of fraud in China and Yan’s business dealings in New Zealand.

    In 2014 he had assets seized by police under the Criminal Proceeds Recovery Act, which essentially forces someone to explain their wealth.

    In such cases, the police must reach the civil threshold of proof – “the balance of probabilities” – not the “beyond reasonable doubt” level needed for a criminal prosecution.

    The investigation also uncovered Yan’s SkyCity records where he gambled $293m over 12 years, despite being banned twice for two years and losing $23m.”

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