Hey Sleepy Hobbits – welcome to waking up to another day where Kim Dotcom’s Moment of Truth was right about mass surveillance lies – tell me, how does it feel?

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This was a moment when the true nature of the mass surveillance state was shown and proven to us, that Kiwi’s refused to believe is a legacy you collectively will need to explain to your children in the big brother future.

Another day on these shaky isles, and what’s this?

Why more proof that Kim Dotcom and the Moment of Truth was right. New Zealand’s GCSB was doing mass surveillance of the entire pacific, just as Edward Snowden and Julian Assange warned…

Report confirms the GCSB was spying on the Pacific – but it’s legal
A long running inquiry into whether the secretive Government Communications Security Bureau spied on Kiwis in the Pacific has revealed the mass collection of all communications channelled through certain satellites.

…you gotta tell me sleepy hobbits, cause I gotta know.

How does it feel?

How does it feel to know you were tricked by John Key? Again?

How does it feel to know you were part of the lynch mob at a moment of injustice?

Will you lie to your children about what you did when the State gained mass surveillance powers?

I know you will.

This latest truth emerges after earlier revelations…

GCSB spied on inner circle of former Solomon Islands PM and anti-corruption campaigner

No factual basis for suggesting Snowden GCSB docs ‘fabricated’ – PM office

John Key, mass surveillance and what really happened when Edward Snowden accused him of spying

…I remember the faces of those Journalistic superstars you worship out the back of the media meeting as they attacked Kim and denounced his moment of Truth as a huge waste of time.

Remember what our mighty media all said?

Prime Minister John Key will be relieved the much talked about Moment of Truth passed by without seriously damaging his credibility.

There was no great reveal, no smoking gun, nothing to make New Zealanders believe they are being illegally spied upon.

Otago Daily Times

Mr Key said neither had provided any actual evidence of their claims and said it was simply rhetoric.

“What they’re doing is making unsubstantiated claims. The Government has provided evidence that shoots down their arguments. If they want to provide evidence that supports their claims, last night was their chance and they failed to produce anything other than rhetoric.”

Claire Trevett, NZ Herald

The initial fallout from last night’s meeting was very much, where was the bombshell? It was a question Dotcom did not answer adequately, choosing instead to attack the standard of journalism in this country.


Last night’s events were nearly overshadowed by the lack of information around an email which Kim Dot Com claimed showed John Key was involved in a plot with Hollywood company Warner Brothers to have him extradited to the US. Dot Com has long said Mr Key knew of his existence long before the raid on his Coatesville mansion. Warner Brothers swiftly denied that the email is real, as did the MPAA.

The event had been billed for months as showing proof of this plot, but it didn’t warrant a mention on stage last night, and  Dotcom refused to answer questions on the email, saying it has been referred to Parliament’s privileges committee.

The Wireless (RNZ)

3 News political reporter Brook Sabin says last night’s Moment of Truth at the Auckland Town Hall was a mixed bag.

Notably absent was Kim Dotcom’s proof that Prime Minister John Key knew about him before the raid in January 2012.

Internet Party leader Laila Harre says it was left out under legal advice – but its omission made this part of the event a “bellyflop”, says Sabin.


Mark Sainsbury: Truth be told, many of us are over MoT

Mark Sainsbury

The Internet Party’s ‘Moment of Truth’ rally has wrapped without any bombshell being dropped on the Prime Minister.


Dotcom’s Moment of Truth ‘no king hit’

Rebecca Wright, TV3

Reject foreign attempt to hijack election

Matthew Hooton, NBR

“at the end of it things had not changed that much from when it began”

John Armstrong, NZ Herald

“there was barely any fresh substance to chew on.”

Toby Manhire, NZ Herald

“he has not provided evidence beyond circumstantial that the GCSB is actually conducting mass surveillance on New Zealanders.”

Audrey Young, NZ Herald

“The mass surveillance issue was always a red herring, Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden presented no concrete evidence of privacy breaches, Julian Assange was a sideshow. Snowden’s revelation that the NSA had an operation in Auckland has to be followed up.”

Fran O’Sullivan

For now, however, those questions are likely to be overshadowed by Dotcom’s spectacular failure to prove his central claim that John Key lied about his knowledge of Dotcom before a raid on the German’s Coatesville mansion.

Tracy Watkins

National can take some vindication that issues like Dirty Politics and the Internet Party’s “Moment of Truth” were distractions.

Patrick Gower

This was a moment when the true nature of the mass surveillance state was shown and proven to us, that Kiwi’s refused to believe is a legacy you collectively will need to explain to your children in the big brother future.

Kim Dotcom didn’t fail NZ, Kiwis and their herd like intellectual apathy did that all to themselves.

Fuck I despise us sometimes.


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  1. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    Yup, me too Bomber, me too.

  2. Michelle says:

    if I was d- com I would do a deal with our government if they( our govt) don’t want to he should sue the pants of them and we all know who caused this shit (and I can still smell the stench coming from the beehive) despite 2 of those responsible missing in action and now taking the titles of sir. This for one sets a very bad precedent and shows how weak we are politically and from a legal perspective.

  3. Aaron says:

    I don’t despise New Zealanders and hope I never sink into that state of mind. That very well documented list shows exactly where we should put the blame and it’s not the people who’ve had the wool pulled over their eyes but those doing the pulling.

    Those journos are obedient servants to power too scared to really stand up for what’s right.

    Although Patrick Gower truly is a dick -he seems to visibly enjoy his role as establishment kicking boy.

  4. OnceWasTIm says:

    “Fuck I despise us sometimes.”

    Better to despise what’s happened to us or you’ll end up severely depressed and popping pills daily.

  5. Marc says:

    Why bother trying to explain this to Kiwis, they are all up and active to get a foot into the door re KiwiBuild now, opportunity looms, so the middle class or rather upper middle class moves fast and gets very active there:

    That is while opportunity is all that Sleepy Hobbits wake up for, solidarity and sincerity and principles are alien words though:


    I rest my case, not only this country, that is the silent majority who do still in too large numbers vote National, but society as a whole, is a lost cause here.

    The government is not delivering what it should, and so we have more BS of the usual type wrapped up in nice wrapping paper for hidden and not so hidden crap.

  6. Kate Kate says:

    You took the last two sentences right out of my mouth.
    It is beyond a joke.

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