For everyone debating the pros and cons of tasers in light of the latest killing of a man by NZ Police


For everyone discussing the death of this person at the hands of NZ Police – debating the pros and cons of tasers is a meaningless diversion tactic.

We don’t know where the injury that killed him occurred and that is the crucial issue, not the bloody use of tasers, that debate is pure diversion at this stage.

Look at the carefully worded order of events released by the cops. Remember the cops first job is to scream their officers are pure as the driven snow and attack anyone suggesting Police violence.

We see this tactic time and time and time again whenever they kill someone .

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The carefully worded order of events is as follows…

The attacker was taken to the Auckland Police Custody Unit in an agitated state.

His condition began to deteriorate while in custody and police were required to perform CPR until an ambulance arrived.

…why does this matter?

Because it’s not clear where the injury that killed this man occurred. Currently the Police are selling the violence at the point of arrest, they aren’t telling us anything about what happened while he was in custody, other than he was ‘agitated’.

What does ‘agitated’ mean? It is a word used to justify force being used against him to get compliance.

I may be jaded. I’ve experienced first hand the lies of this corrupt Police force when in 2014 they told every bank in NZ that I was a computer fraudster which shredded my credit rating as part of their failed investigation into Nicky Hager, and I saw how they threatened cannabis campaigner Stephen McIntyre and bullied him into suicide, so I have deep distrust in anything they do.

What should be happening now is the CCTV footage from his custody needs to be seized before there’s an ‘accident’ that wipes that footage clean.

A death in custody, a place and environment where the Police have total dominance should send a shudder down the spine of anyone, we are being misled into a debate about tasers – without any clear explanation of where the injury that killed this man, that debate is a purposeful misdirection.


  1. Gee what is a matter with our police they don’t seem to know how to deal with conflict situations like this they either shoot them with a gun or taser them till they are dead there is often nothing in between. Was the man mentally ill or was he on P either way anyone that is overly aggressive doesn’t stand a chance. This is why our police should never be allowed to carry guns. Its not the first time they have done this and it wont be the last either they seem to not learn the lessons.

  2. So a young person in a deranged state seriously attacks (and continues to attack) an elderly stranger, won’t back off when police get there, won’t let first responders get to the victim…and the police are meant to what? Use concerned looks? If it was my father being attacked, hell yes those cops are going to taser that guy the hell away from him.

    • We’re talking about one unarmed person, right. When did NZ cops become such special snowflakes that a couple of them can’t grab an offenders arms and halt an attack in progress, without having to use instruments of torture to soften them up first?

      What if it was your son, or your brother, lashing out at someone while having a psychotic break, and potentially about to be killed by the cops? Would you still be saying “tazer away mate!”

      • and when was the last time you had to try and control and mentally deranged person or someone high on meth?

        I know the answer. Never!

        You weren’t there, but those members of the public who were only praised the cops.

      • Danyl Strype ‘What if it was your son, or your brother, lashing out at someone while having a psychotic break, and potentially about to be killed by the cops? Would you still be saying “tazer away mate!”

        No, Dan, I’d wail, “He ain’t heavy, he’s my bro,” and I’d tell the cops to go and hug a tree or something. Yep, I’d do anything you say, to make sure that those cops didn’t stop my mad son/bro from killing someone, or just beating some old man up, or smashing everything in sight, cos he’s psycho, and if he scares the living daylights out of wee kids, and the neighbours, because he’s totally out of his mind and that’s license to do anything at all, then the cops should do absolutely nothing to help anybody, including all raging nutters, because always there will be some screwed up moron waiting to jump on the cops and say, “Gotcha”,
        and make sure cops get squeezed for being idiot enough to respond to a call for help instead of doing what cops are meant to do – stroll through noisy shopping walls smiling inanely at people before driving away in their big powerful cars to teach kids road safety- make flax flowers in their downtime as they contemplate
        how to get out of coaching bloody kids sports teams and whether
        the hatred is because they are Pakeha/Women/Maori/Sikh/Alive ?

      • Come on. Sometimes we on the left (yes…I am) have to actually accept that not every taser related incident is cops behaving badly.
        I repeat….would you accept your father being killed on the ground rather than police try (and fail) with physical attempts?

        This guy was out of it. Haven’t you seen videos of guys high on P and how violent they can be? It’s not the movies mate. They’re not all Chuck Norris.

    • Yes, Nick – this was not the killing of a man by the NZ Police.

      This was the police protecting or trying to protect an elderly victim from a violent attack, tasering the young attacker, and subsequently trying to resuscitate the young guy when he collapsed.

      Had he stopped when he was first asked to by police just doing their job, this young man may still be alive today, so it is all very sad indeed.

    • I agree entirely. My sympathies lie with the elderly chap who was assaulted, not with the assailant.

    • I’m not sure if you, Gary, or the New Zealand Herald editor on duty at 6:11pm on the 4 of July failed to grasp objectivity or is being deliberately slow. The overwhelming evidence is the New Zealand Herald can not be trusted to report on brown people and the police. The herald only has one objective and that’s to sell papers. Not be moralising centres of social harmony.

      The offender flipped the fuck out and ended up dead, genius. Cops ran out of ideas real quick. It shouldn’t take two trained officers 5 minutes to restrain one guy no matter the circumstances and no matter the biological differences. Police are supposed to be trained so that it is impossible for you average joe citizen to have reaction times anywhere near on par with the weakest police officer.

      In hindsight things can always be done differently. That said, can you take any one standing around a dead body at there word that the dead guys on drugs and is trying to get out of possibly liability? For every bodies sack if you have to read the herald read the online version and not the one dollar version (Haven’t payed for a herald news paper in over 15yrs so I wouldn’t know).

  3. I think that what a lot of people in this debate are missing is the sequence of events.

    Again, the issue here is when did the actual injury that killed this man occur?

    Look at the language, again, repeated by the Police.

    Look at the language

    Police say 29yr old was transported to the Auckland Police Custody Unit in an agitated state and that he continued to resist police efforts.
    Malthus said police members realised he was in medical distress, commenced CPR immediately and called an ambulance.

    So what did the Police do when he continued to resist arrest? What happened immediately before he was in a medical distress once he was inside the Custody Unit?

    • Any death in custody should automatically trigger an independent enquiry.

      It’s called transparency.

    • What injury are you referring to? I can’t find (admittedly I have searched extensively) any report citing an injury. You may have better research on this.

      Also, did you see the interview with the family?

  4. So it’s okay to kick an old fella unconscious is it? Reckon the new world that some of you PC identity politic types dream of would be totally devoid of empathy. Lack of empathy by the way was a very common trait found among the main apparatchiks in Nazi Germany.

    • So we should be OK with the death penalty being summarily applied by the police?
      Of course it’s not OK to kick the old fella. Why go there? That’s not the objection, it’s a bigger picture than a simple tit for tat.

      And, Reckon the new world that some of you PC identity politic types dream of would be totally devoid of empathy. Lack of empathy by the way was a very common trait found among the main apparatchiks in Nazi Germany.
      So, the people questioning this are PC, identity politics types (i.e. cultural Marxists in the mots du jour) AND Fascists. No wonder they’re so mixed up.

  5. Judging by some of the inane comments on here, I can see that our police being militarised and being able to kill at will, just like the US, is accepted by the gullible Public At Large as “what is needed”. How stupid are NZers now? The low level IQ’s in this country shock me, I thought we were a smarter people but, hell no, dumb as a sack of rocks. We KNOW our cops are corrupt, it has been PROVEN time and time again, but we still trust them to be capable of judging when to take a life? I don’t trust them to police the mall.

  6. Quote:

    “He was arrested on Sunday allegedly violently assaulting an elderly person in Auckland’s Freemans Bay. Police say he was found kicking the victim in the head several times as he lay unconscious.

    Ngata then “lunged” towards the officers before he was Tasered multiple times.

    “During the arrest process the offender violently struggled, which required two more back-up officers to assist to apply necessary restraints and a spit hood,” Superintendent Karyn Malthus says.

    “The offender was transported to the Auckland Police Custody Unit in an agitated state and continued resisting police efforts to remove restraints.”

    Seems like the alternative to a Taser was a Glock.

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