Duncan Garner’s latest attack on Phil Twyford is actually crazy

By   /   July 5, 2018  /   16 Comments

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I shake my head so many times these days over what passes as informed political debate. 

I honestly can’t keep up with the madness that is The AM Show at the moment.

This morning Duncan said something so weird and disconnected from reality, I felt he was actually channeling Donald Trump.

For months and months and months, Duncs has slagged Phil Twyford off by claiming Phil will never ever ever build one single Kiwibuild house before the next election.

I’m not certain, but I think he even went as far as offering a bet on air that none will get built.

So I was interested to see how he would respond to news that the new Kiwibuild houses are being set up for sale via a ballot.

What Duncan did next was just pure Donald Trump.

Duncan now claims that Phil is actually contributing to the demand problem by not building enough houses – WTF???

I just don’t even know what to say anymore???

I’m starting to suspect that the naked bias the mainstream media has against everything this Government does is maybe driven in part by these very same media identities perhaps owning property themselves and the flattening values of their paper millions is making them feel less wealthy and that in turn is fuelling a personal vendetta against Jacinda’s Government?

I’m suggesting this guess because the bias is just too crazy, there’s nothing in most of the ‘gotachas’ they are running with, which makes me wonder if its personal somehow?

I shake my head so many times these days over what passes as informed political debate.

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  1. R.P Mcmurphy says:

    face it.dunycan garner is a slimy little nincompoop totally bought and paid for by his masters. there is nothing right about him except his politics

  2. The media by and large seems so attuned to taking the easy road — whatever happens to be the status quo of the moment — I’m guessing it will be at least the Labour coalition’s second term before many media “personalities” (couldn’t really call most of them journalists) start to get their heads around even a pretence of objectivity. Then they will cling to safety in whatever is the new orthodoxy. It’s a survival process that saves thinking.

  3. Jack Ramaka says:

    Unfortunately Garner is an uneducated buffoon who does not understand basic accounting & economics ? He is basically a Shock Jock ?

  4. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    Duncan Garner is 100% anti-intellectual, which is why he adored John Key. Truth and facts don’t matter to these people; Duncan is a perfect example of the Dunning–Kruger effect.

  5. Michelle says:

    don’t watch the dunycan and thats a good name for him what about his idiot mate rich- hard-son

  6. Marc says:

    Duncan Garner is what he is, an armchair wannabe journo populist, who likes to thrash the shit out of every politician he can drag onto his show, or at least cun them into admission of some failure, so he can beat them up.

    It is Phil Twyford we should be worried about, his recent announcements about KiwiBuild are an embarrassment. So income limits up to 120k for single earners and 180k for couples or partners is acceptable to qualify for a Kiwi Build home now?

    FFS, is that a social democratic politician or a repainted neolib apologist working with developers and the market interests>

    I have NO trust in the man, never had, and he exposes now the total hypocrisy about KiwiBuild, and shows that it will most likely not ever be realised as promised, as the government will hardly get a second term.

    I say this while I despise Garner, it is simply Twyford et al making it so easy for Garner to make mincemeat of them and their policies that is the issue and embarrassment.

    A truly progressive government would take firm action, seize land off people who speculate, do not use land as intended, who land bank and so forth, also bring in land taxes, rent controls and so forth. We get NONE of that, just endless talk, excuses, and a free licence for high income earners to take advantage of more cheaply built homes to be bought and possibly resold after only three damned years.

    For heaven’s sake, this is NOT a left kind of government, not at all, it is just one fearing to upset markets and market players, offering slogans and nice comfy words, but little in substance. A big fail in my view, tbh.

    • Danyl Strype says:

      Or is it a first-term government, hamstrung by a having to govern with a support party more naturally suited to governing with their opposition, doing the best they can while trying not to spook the horses? Hopefully Labour and the Greens can get recreational cannabis over the line before the next election – at least full decriminalization of personal use but ideally some kind of regulated, taxed market for sales – thus convincing more of those who’ve been too cynical to vote that it can really make a different, and convincing them to turn out in 2020 and support the Greens (or failing that Labour). Then, if we can all do a better job of focusing on policy in the lead up to 2020, a left-leaning government can be elected with a comfortable majority, and a range of options for how to structure the coalition. Then we might see some more bold policy hitting the ground.

  7. Michal says:

    Sadly Garner writes columns for papers as well. We do have so much of this incestuous so called journalism going on. I frankly would never waste my time watching this crap I cannot bear that other ex sportsperson who is on with him either.

  8. Richard Christie says:

    Jeezus, it has been obvious for 15 years what Garner is and where he’s coming from.

    Kill your television.

  9. Lee Martin says:

    Duncan Garner can say what he likes because he had his own show and knows what he is talking about. If you don’t like him just quietly tune out. I think he’s sexy and intelligent

  10. simonm says:

    After seeing the mediocre dog turd that was ‘Story’ which he co-hosted with Heather dumb Plessis-Allan implode, Duncan is determined never to let it happen again. That’s why he’s constantly trying to “out-Hosking” Hosking by keeping his (sparse) viewership and listeners engaged with televisual and audio clickbait.

  11. Danyl Strype says:

    I find it interesting that the whole “fake news” meme is telling us we need to value our old sources of “reliable”, “trustworthy” journalism; newspapers, radio news, and TV news. Garner is an excellent example of why this is bullshit, and why we started setting up internet news sites like Scoop and indymedia in the first place. Athough there are many journalists out there doing their best to supply fair and balanced coverage, as corporate ownership of major media organizations increased, those journalists got less and less coverage, and useful idiots like Garner got more and more.

    I agree online disinformation is a problem, it’s true there is now a whole industry of corporate-funded PR think tanks pumping out fake news, and ad-funded useful idiots like Alex Jones acting as megaphones for them. But going back to the “good old days” of trusting corporate news gatekeepers is not the solution. There are solutions, and cooperative ownership of news and current affairs media is part of it.

  12. JustMe says:

    How deeply into the NZ National Party pocket is Duncan Garner? I don’t watch the AM Show as it has no credibility let alone any intelligent life-forms in its presenters. They quite obviously reside on Toilet-Free Planet Key.
    The NZ Media is over-satuated with poor quality journalists who are biased towards their National Party masters and MUST parrot whatever is said to them by the NZ National Party.
    With the exception of say John Campbell(and the former Campbell Live team)there are just no credible journalist left in the main-stream NZ media.
    What is in fact in their(Campbell and co)place are a bunch of wannabe National MPs who echo whatever is told to them ‘in secret’ by their masters.
    Way to go NZ media and especially Garner, Richardson, Hosking, Hawkesby, Roughan, Young, Soper etc,etc,etc. Speaking facetiously here but you have done a successful job at demeaning the NZ media to a low level of credibility. And all because you wanted to look good to the NZ National Party.
    How shallow can people and especially the aforementioned NZ journalists when they just cannot come out and admit they are National Party supporters through and through. You cannot claim to be impartial when it’s so obvious to everyone where your actions and word lie and sleep.

Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,