Oh hey everyone, Housing NZ is ‘sorry’ – so problem solved

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The entire policy was hysteria promoted by the National Government when they needed a distraction from privatising state housing, whipped up by a media dependent on property speculation for revenue.


Oh hey everyone, Housing NZ is ‘sorry’ – so problem solved…

Housing NZ sorry for meth evictions

Housing New Zealand CEO Andrew McKenzie has apologised to tenants evicted as a result of his organisation’s flawed meth testing regime.

In a statement to The Hui last week, Housing New Zealand said it was transitioning to become more empathetic as a landlord.

…I’m sorry, what?

What the fuck does ‘transitioning to becoming a more empathetic landlord’ mean?

That smells like Wellington weasel words.

Why weren’t they an empathetic landlord in the first place? They house the poorest and weakest, empathy should be their middle name. How is it a surprise to them that being kind to the most vulnerable is a necessary part of the job?

Housing NZ, Paula Bennett and Bill English were all told in 2016 that they were misinterpreting their own policy.

What did HNZ do when they were told this?

They admitted they were applying it wrong and they still kicked out 300 people.

We are still not sure of the total numbers here.

We are still not sure how many kids were taken.

We are still not sure how many have wrongfully paid enormous decontamination costs.

The entire policy was hysteria promoted by the National Government when they needed a distraction from privatising state housing, whipped up by a media dependent on property speculation for revenue.

Housing NZs apology is beneath contempt.


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  1. Beetrootboy says:

    ‘…transitioning to become more empathetic as a landlord.’

    WTF indeed. I’m inclined to think more pathetic than the former.

    Maybe fair minded tax paying New Zealanders could ‘transition’ to become more like some of their more aggressive regal forebears who, when faced with treasonous scum simply proclaimed – ‘Off with their heads!’

    After all, the fish rots from the head down.

  2. Mal says:

    seriously are you an idiot? these are tenants that are on drugs, gang affiliations, beating children and because HNZ was following levels DICTATED by MOH and SNZ you are blaming THEM for this bunch of ingrates destroying houses and beating their kids while strung out on P? I am sure you’ll find ALL of these evictees had a MUCH larger rap sheet than just a meth test fail, most had been evicted more than once, police sheet as long as your arm…etc etc. Don’t be so gullible and naive. This victim mentality and finger pointing has to stop. Why aren’t you concentrating on the actual facts. 1. NO testing has actually been carried out to see what (if any) effects meth on furnitures/wall linings has on occupants. 2. These so called scientists are basing ALL their findings on heresay. 3. In another few years THESE latest tests will be WRONG as well.

    • The Daily Blog Martyn says:

      1: The majority of houses where beneficiaries were kicked out from did not have a baseline test. Do you understand what a baseline test is?

      2: You are wrong. HNZ was taking its own policy of removing beneficiaries from houses where meth contamination was tested positive FOR HOUSES WHERE METH WAS COOKED. Do you understand the difference?

      3: You being ‘certain’ that those kicked out had a longer rap sheet is just bigotry. Do you KNOW that, as in you can show us all a link proving that, or is it just the bias you are super imposing over this issue? Grandmothers kicked out because their teen was smoking P, parents losing their kids because a base line test wasn’t taken. Beneficiaries being stuck with tens of thousands of dollars in needless contamination clean up costs. Please show us all the ‘rap sheets’ of those people the Hui profiled over the weekend.

      In direct response to the 3 questions you have raised…

      1 – That’s not true.
      2 – No, that’s not true.
      3 – You are clairvoyant?

      The reason why the finger pointing must continue is people like you Mal. You have held up tired stereotypes to justify punitive action that was based on fear mongering and bullshit. Until we have stamped out your type of thinking, we will learn nothing from this expensive fuck up.

      $100million was needlessly wasted, hundreds of houses needlessly left vacant and thousands thrown onto the streets at the height of a homelessness and housing crisis.Your denial is beneath the collective intellect.

    • Aaron says:

      Is Mal is doing satire??

    • Thank you for your comments, Mal. They are a perfect exhibit for the kind of prejudice that Housing NZ relied on to get away with their abhorrent behaviour.

      The reason you fail to make a case is that rather than relying on evidential criteria, you’re basing your views on emotive prejudice. The prime example of how nutty your comments are can be summed up with your last two sentences;

      . These so called scientists are basing ALL their findings on heresay.


      In another few years THESE latest tests will be WRONG as well.

      Two points. One: You’re willing to wait for *possible* tests that *may* come about in “another few years”?

      What happens if “these latest tests” are not proven wrong? Will you recant?

      Secondly. Why should *new tests* showing *old tests* to be “wrong” any more valid? Maybe the *new tests* will be “hearsay” as well?

      Unfortunately, your dismissive labelling on current evaluations as “hearsay” shows with crystal clarity that evidential-based thinking is the least of your priorities.

      You prefer prejudice because it’s easier for you as it validates your pre-existing worldview. No critical thinking required.

      Unfortunately, there are probably many such low-information voters like you in our society where evidence, science, and rational evaluation can be ignored/dismissed if it doesn’t fit in with your preconceived prejuduce.

      I find that even more troubling than Housing NZ’s appalling treatment of their tenants.

  3. lloyd jordan says:

    Not until all board members, all head office, all managers and their 2ICs
    and esp CEO are sacked will the sorry have meaning, and court action against bennett and english

  4. JustMe says:

    The reality of the matter Andrew McKenzie is HNZ did a major botch-up in regards to showing concern, courtesy, consideration, respect, empathy and ultimately protection(by way of accommodation)for those tenants who were selfishly kicked out onto the streets.
    HNZ allowed itself to be intimidated and bullied by a National government which had an alternative agenda that was definitely NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF LOW INCOME NZers.
    Apologising now Andrew is like HNZ feebly trying to close the stable door(and HNZ real estate portfolio)after the horse(s)had bolted. The ‘horses’ may as well be viewed as being the former National government some of whose MPs and former MPs started up a Meth testing company and something HNZ appears to have been forced to take onboard because they didn’t want to upset the minister of Housing or the government of the time.
    Is HNZ trying to assuage NZers and especially those in HNZ accommodation that nothing like the “Meth Witch-hunt” will ever happen again???!!!
    God forbid there ever be another National government will low-income NZers again be faced with being kicked out of their homes because a National MP or former National MP has got the contract for a P-search and HNZ just cannot stand up to a HNZ Minister(especially a National MP)and say “NO. This is not acceptable. We MUST side with NZers more so than the politician(s) of a government that was quite obviously controlled by greed.

  5. Michelle says:

    As someone that was a tenant for many years of HNZ once state housing corporation they have always been a…holes but they sunk even lower under national. Now that man Mc kenzie he should be gone and so should many of his colleagues. I said to Jacinda before she got elected she needs a big hard bristled broom to clean out many of the state agencies too many of them aren’t suited.

  6. bopbop.anna says:

    He needs to be sacked, not allowed to resign or given a golden handshake, but fired publicly.

  7. Michelle says:

    Yes agree bopbop he should be fired and so should many others from other state agencies pity we could line them all up and shoot them yeah nah just joking

  8. Marc says:

    I’m so sorry, judge, I killed someone, please let me off.

    OK, that is fine then, get on with it, you are a good guy, I suppose, no matter what.

    And you, oh, you cheated WINZ, go to hell, we will lock you up for a decade, and then you will get supervision.

  9. mosa says:

    Sorry…is just a word of convenience and is custom made for people like McKenzie who if they had a shred of compassion and care would never have allowed this to happen to the poorest and most vulnerable of our people.

    For that he should have been asked for his resignation.

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