Midwinter TDB contribution drive


Brothers and sisters, Comrades – if you want to support independent blogs who have done so much to counter the right wing bias of the mainstream media,  then we need your help.

While other sites complain about the new media landscape, we actually go out and just do it.

If you are in a position to contribute towards our attempt to pay for heating over winter – please do so here.

Platforms like The Daily Blog are now more crucial than ever before in the NZ media landscape, if you haven’t donated before, but read us regularly, we could do with your support.

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  1. An asb account ! WTF?
    Either cash or an wholly owned NZ bank account I’m afraid.
    You been reading about what those four AU banksters are doing to us recently? I’d give you guys the shirt off my back, the funny one that shrunk in the wash, but I’m not giving fucking asb one cent.

    A note on being cold.
    I’m renovating a big old house in the country south of Dunedin and for several days the temperature dropped to – 5 at night and because of the shade of the trees, stayed below 0 all day. The water froze in the toilet bowel which made A.M ablutions sassy. I was sitting on the toilet one morning during a time when I had the floors pulled up, when a rabbit hopped past, just below my feet. It gave me a wink then hopped out a vent in a wall. I don’t have power on. Instead, I rely on a generator and an ancient dual fuel wood/coal burner so yes. I’m the one to blame for global warming.
    It’s best here when it clouds over then blows from the sou east after a heavy frost. I have to wear a puffer jacket and gloves to make tea and toast as I wait on the fire to kill off polar bears before I can begin to write here or function at a basic level, like pee, poo, work etc. Showering is hilarious. I have a series of contraptions that must work exactly in unison or it’s frosty nipples time for me! The water pipes from the tanks must first be thawed. I use an LPG soldering torch. Then, the generator must be going for the heater to work, then, the 24 volt water pump must be attached to a battery which, in turn, must be attached to a battery charger which must be plugged in and, of course, my portable LPG water heater must be gassed up and functioning with water and gas to it which means I must remember to turn the gas on… or nothing happens except icy cold water will run down my arse crack. Fun for some perhaps. Then, of course, I must remember a towel. I converted a caravan into a bathroom which is about 30 meters from the towel department in my bedroom. It’s exactly the distance that a wet, human body in a -4 frost can travel before vital and useful anatomical ephemera begin to go black and drop off. I have to roam the landscape of a mad French comedy just to have a shower while I glare at the power lines that run 10 kva to here and there, but not to me. Not yet. For, dear reader, this month. After a long and arduous battle with the minions to Big Foreign Investment… I’m finally getting the electricity supplied. I’m having a power-up party which will be me, Blinky The Rabbit, my very fluffy dog and the ghosts of possums past.
    And can you believe this? There are homeless people living in cars in Balclutha, while others here and there are lucky enough to live in caravans huddled over smoky little stoves as the walls drip with toxic condensation.
    That’s Foreign Bankster NZ/AO for you @ Martyn Bradbury.

  2. Try asking the Free Speech Coalition! They seems to have pots of money and surely would love to help!

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