NZNO announces outcome of Facilitation


Following yesterday and today’s Facilitation as per the Employment Relations Act, the NZNO Negotiation Team has achieved a revised DHB MECA offer which, it is prepared to recommend to NZNO DHB members.

Industrial Services Manager Cee Payne explains that the DHBs have proposed an improved offer:

“The NZNO Negotiation Team will be recommending the revised offer to our members.

We will therefore take the revised offer to members via and online ballot next week.

“Online voting will run from Tuesday 3 July to Monday 9 July.

“Over the weekend, details of the revised offer, including the terms of settlement will be developed and checked for accuracy by the NZNO Negotiation Team.

“We expect to be able to release the full details of this revised offer to members on Monday 2 July at approximately 2 pm.

TDB Recommends

“To give members time to assess the revised offer and to vote online, NZNO has formally notified DHBs that strike action for Thursday 5 July has been withdrawn, says Cee Payne.

Due to our obligations to be compliant with the Code of Good Faith for the public health sector, life preserving services and contingency planning will need to continue in preparation for the strike action planned for Thursday 12 July, for which the strike notice remains in force at this stage.

No further comment or media interviews will be given until the full offer is available to members on Monday 2 July.