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  1. The current state of the global health system.

    I was chemically poisoned over 25yrs ago in a workplace ‘accident’ in Canada and found out the ‘hard way’ that the global governments and medical fraternity did not know anythuing about the dangers of chemical exposures to the human bieng.

    This publically funded group were the one that saved my life; jion thisn group.

    Here a a library of evidence of the exposures we continually face and fornuse in litigation proceedings.

    Chemical Exposure and Human Health
    A Reference to 314 Chemicals with a Guide to Symptoms
    by Cynthia Wilson

    The classic MCS sufferer’s volume on the known health effects of chemical exposures. Written by Cynthia Wilson, the founder and Executive Director of Chemical Injury Information Network, it remains the most valuable source of chemical information written by a lay person about the health hazards from everyday chemical exposures. The sections on Symptoms and Potential Causes, Sources of Exposures and the Chemical Directory are priceless.

    The book was originally priced at $55.00 and is no longer in print. 345 pages $25.00 plus $5 s/h Used but unscented copies.

    Order online or by mail here –

    Since 1993 I have lived mostrly outside of the whole medical system, – living on the age old method of first listening to my body and responding to the signals it sends me to respond to it. No medical Doctor could even contemplate doing this nor could they physically carry this out unless 100% monitoring of my system and brain functions.

    Some claiim that a monitor can be placed on our body but still they do not treat the systoms with any thing else than thiose toxic invasive prescription medications who I was found to have “adverse medical reations to”.

    No toxic ‘prescription medications’ are used today in my life long slow recovery from almost certain death after the workplace accidental exposures to well documented chemical toxic soup I was exposed to without a workplace adequate ventilation during the six month place accident/incident that affected over 40 workers on that worksite during that time and several have since died who were medically documented very healthy prior to the accident.

    We need to look at our own woeful agency called OSH ‘Occupational Safety and Health and re-train the medical community in “toxicology” as we now live in a toxic chemical soup daily nowdays and it is getting worse by the day.

    • +100 CLEANGREEN….no one knows their body better than the person with the body.

      It is time we get away from adulation of the medical profession, its institutions, and Western medicine and BIG Pharma. They get it WRONG too often and they are not to be trusted as they are motivated by greed more often than not.

      I saw a documentary on people who lived to a great age….one was
      diagnosed in USA with incurable bowel cancer in his early 60s or 70s ….he went back home to his Greek Island to die but instead with good clean food, company and environment cured himself. He ditched his meds.

  2. As to the petrol cost rising I have a solution for Phil Twyford to follow the global partners to align petrol and diesel cost per litre equallly as our major trading partners are.

    Consider these glaring statistics Phil please.

    TO; Minister of Transport.
    Hon’ Phil Twyford.

    30th June 2018.

    Dear Phil,
    I used to drive a car between Toronto and Fiorida six times a year for five years from 1993 to 1998.

    During this time we never once saw any much higher price difference between Diesel and petrol as we see here.

    Now here it is around $149 for a litre of Diesel and $2.15 per litre for petrol.

    At these current prices, petrol is now at nearly 50% higher than diesel.

    The cost in the US now averages at around $83c US per litre Aust/Canada @ $1.14/@1,12 respectively.

    While diesel prices for those groups are around US $84c US/ Australia @ $1.14. /Canada % $1.1 US which shows all are only fractionly higher for petrol over diesel.

    So as said we never saw these price diferences anywhere else including Australia, so we are at a loss to figure why the cost of diesel is so low here compared to petrol.

    Maybe they need to “align petrol. and diesel cost closer together in line with the rest of the developed world.

    Right now trucks benefit from cheap diesel in NZ relevant to petrol prices, but the cost of petrol may well be adjusted down if diesel is placed in line with petrol and perhaps then most trucking companies may switch their freight customers to rail giving them a cut in freight costs at the same time.

    In HB/Gisborne truck companies now are keen to switch to rail for moving their freight to offer their customers options to moving freight and lowering the cost for customers.

    This is what we are hearing now inside the road freight industry, because as the new changes that will come from the completition of the ‘climate change comission study and recommendatiioons given to Government and the future introduction of the “Zero carbon act” will change the cost of all forms of freight travel cost.the road freight are moving to change the way they need to move freight in future.

    This new Zero carbon Act will drive up the cost of road freight as it has been established that the truck freight ‘Carbon footprint’ emission rates are far higher (5 to 8 times) higher than the rail emissions rate comparrision are at moving each tonne/km the stats shows.

  3. Ain’t The Standard’s Open Mike great?
    It’s a contest between
    “I’m considerably considerably more lefterer than you” versus
    “I’m considerably considerably more greenerer than you” versus
    “I’m considerably considerably more intellectual than you” versus
    “I’m considerably considerably more technologically ‘au fait’ than you, versus
    “I’m considerably considerably down with the peeps than you” versus
    “I’m considerably considerably considerably richer (and by the way, also a far far far better troll) than you”

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