Louise Nicholas, post #MeToo, the sado-masochistic pack rape culture of the 1980s NZ Police & Nashy has a shocker


Call the ambulance, Nashy has  a shocker

Poor Nashy, when he’s not spinning apologist bullshit for MPI doing sweet fuck all when comes to  corrupt fishing companies and not turning up to his own fundraisers, he’s trying to manage the Cops.

To date he hasn’t done a terrible job.

Until now…

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Louise Nicholas ‘hit the roof’ when Wally Haumaha appointed as deputy police commissioner
EXCLUSIVE: Louise Nicholas has worked for years to help change police culture but called for a crisis meeting when Wally Haumaha – friends of the men she accused of raping her -was appointed deputy commissioner.
New deputy police commissioner Wally Haumaha questioned why Louise Nicholas publicly accused his friends in the police of raping her in the 1980s and continued to support them after the scandal broke, according to interviews with fellow officers.

One officer told the 2004 Operation Austin investigation into the police sex allegations that Haumaha, who was appointed to the senior role by Police Minister Stuart Nash last month, described Nicholas’ allegations as “a nonsense” and that “nothing really happened and we have to stick together”.

Nicholas, who now works with the police advising new recruits and supporting victims of abuse, was so angry to hear of Haumaha’s appointment that she demanded a meeting with him and Commissioner Mike Bush to voice her opposition.

“I didn’t hold back. I said ‘I’ve read your statement, Wally, and I know what you said. You put it out there about how wonderful these men were’,” said Nicholas.

…this is a shocker on the rocker for the Nashy.

Louise Nicholas has a mana that is unquenchable when it comes to rape culture shift and that she wasn’t consulted and gained her permission for this move is a jaw dropping oversight.

This is the post #MeToo world of immediate zero tolerance condemnation where accusation is the new evidential threshold and due process a dead concept, to think you could appoint a relic of the  sado-masochistic pack rape Police culture of the 1980s who specifically criticised Nicholas and think that could stand is optimistic bordering on the delusional.

Once Alison Mau and Judith Collins get into this, it’s all over rover because every time Wally Haumaha speaks it will be drowned out by a hashtag. It doesn’t matter if Wally has changed, it won’t matter if he has spent the last 14 years working on being a better person – without the agreement of Nicholas, he’s already a lame duck deputy police commissioner who will have no power to do anything.

This is the kind of new culture the NZ Police are trying to push, a new gay recruit proposing to his partner at graduation

…they DO NOT want the worst examples of a 40 year old alpha-male culture to continue to overshadow the organisation.

Unless Louise Nicholas can be brought on board and to publicly support this appointment,  Haumaha is going to have to stand down.

It’s as simple as that.




  1. Don’t blame Louise Nicholas for the NZ Police’s failure to carry out due diligence when promoting Wally Haumaha. It is not the first time that this has happened. The bottom line is that there are many good women and men in the NZ Police who will have never said the things that he did or reacted the way which he did, whether it was 10, 20 or 30 years ago. It was mates protecting mates, it was unsubstantiated allegations, and not untypical of what can happen when women without status experience bad from men with status, cops or otherwise. Lawyers maybe. Doctors too.

    The graduation proposal is everyone bending over backwards to be inclusive and pc until their heads hit the ground – but good luck to them.

      • I actually retrack my first comment. I see that Nicholas has been authorised to assist in advising police appointments.

        I stand corrected. I am man enough to admit my mistake

      • The real question is can a generic hair cut create an architecture out of a linear process. All through a police officers carrier the focus is on criminal psychology and law. Creating new architecture involves drawing on every decipline imaginable. With out an understanding of physics, maths, economics, philosophy, fluid dynamics so the relationship petrol has on your theory. And don’t laugh because we create laws by making them up, then we argue back and forth and test them in real life to see if they work, then you show some one else, and another, and another until the flabby parts that haven’t been exersised get the proper amounts of force.

        So focusing on one or two disciplines produces generic responses. Your typical police officer can work with in the force and make it work but they’re not designed to create there own architecture, they take people down, not build them up and I’m not convinced they would make very good adjuncts of CYFs for example. Police are good at there job but they really aren’t social workers. So depending on how well social welfare reform goes will depend on how much pressure can be taken off police and nurses.

  2. With due respect to Louise Nicholas, I don’t know why the NZ Police don’t look at recruiting a male to address male sexual behaviour issues.

    Men – especially in an inherently misogynistic work culture – may be more inclined to listen to somebody more like themselves, and be less distracted by any side issues. (Women listen to everybody, we’re conditioned that way.)

    John Kirwan has done an outstandingly good job publicising depression and enabling suffers to learn more about themselves and how to get help.

    A similar highly regarded man from outside the police could possibly perform the same sort of role within the police- and all good role models are treasures.

  3. I’m not in the habit of giving Nash any credit for anything, but, to be fair, Haumaha received the Queen’s Service Medal in 1996 and the New Zealand Order of Merit last year.
    so, you’d think this issue might have come up earlier.

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