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  1. Maybe now a new rail and road route needs to be explored since Waioweka Gorge is going the way of the manawatu Gorge.


    We have explored the goggle map is showing that low land contours will allow a rail route as well as a road route can be laid from Rere in Gisborne to Ruatahuna and State Road 38 to Murupara. – The rail line can be placed along the road from Rere from Te Karaka – via Gisborne rail line.

    If Labour honour their promises here we can connect again to Rotorua again too.

    “As an MP for Rotorua I will be advocating hard that our city is connected to this system as soon as practically feasible,” Mr Sandford said. “Jacinda’s announcement that Labour will bring passenger rail back to our region delivers a train of opportunity for Rotorua and shows how committed Labour is to ensuring growth in our region.”

    21 Aug, 2017 7:10pm

    “The golden triangle of Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga contains half our population and economy,” Ms Ardern said. “In the next 25 years, it is predicted to gain another 800,000 people – three-quarters of national population growth. It’s time [our] growing region had a modern, rapid rail service.

    “Labour will back the Regional Rapid Rail plan, starting with a $20-million commitment to establishing the passenger service. If stage one is a success and demand justifies it, Labour will look to invest in stages two and three of the plan – delivering passenger and freight services travelling 160km/h throughout the regions and south to Rotorua.”

    Labour has also said it would boost transport investment in regional projects by doubling the funding range in the Government Policy Statement.

    Gisborne calls government up to fix their rail now!!!!!!

    In the ‘Auckland Star’ paper in 1913 a engineer surveyed a route and carefully explained the route from Rotorua to Wairoa for a railway then and the road was placed firstly in 1927 as State Road 38 but sadly not the railway which if had been now would save Gisborne as it is now left with no direct inland route to Auckland through the east coast taurangas rail route.

  2. The cowardice of the west and NZ Inc by not addressing Zionism is the reason the Zionist regime gets away with ethnic cleansing and more, it is disgusting.

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