Political Caption Competition


I’m increasingly terrified by Paula Bennett’s transformation into Laila Harre


  1. The Air Brush and CGI machines hung themselves out their office windows. After taking a bribe, the fake grin machine was last seen boarding a flight to Cuba.

  2. You can cover a turd in glitter and ribbons, but at the end of the day, it’s still a turd.

  3. Air brush and CGI, true Countryboy because when poorla was born she was so ugly the doctor slapped her mother.

  4. They call me Paula Benefit,
    Because of my benefit scams,
    But when Metiria tried to be honest,
    She got well and truly slammed,
    So now I’ve a stomach op,
    And I’m looking nice and trim,
    But I’m still an enormous hypocrite,
    And the nastiness lurks within.

  5. So this is National’s answer to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, woman extraordinaire.

    “Ardern is a remarkable woman who crashes through glass ceilings with apparent ease. She became leader of the New Zealand Labour party and of the opposition a mere seven weeks before last September’s general election. In that short time, she took her party out of a near death zone of low polling to a highly credible election result, and then through the successful coalition negotiations which resulted in her becoming prime minister in October at the age of 37.”

    Helen Clark
    The Guardian June 21, 2018

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