A brief word on civility in politics in light of Sarah Huckabee Sanders denial of service

By   /   June 27, 2018  /   22 Comments

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For all those spluttering in rage that their cheering of Sanders being kicked out of a restaurant is being called incivility when compared to Trump’s nightmarish revenge fantasises – remember this.

For all those spluttering in rage that their cheering of Sanders being kicked out of a restaurant is being called incivility when compared to Trump’s nightmarish revenge fantasises – remember this.

We, the thinkers, the justice seekers, the progressive free dreamers are the ones who need the shelter and protection of civility – Trump’s goons are violently itching for its demise.

When our side walks away from civility, the other side will gleefully run.

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  1. Castro says:

    It is indeed, a race to the bottom, Bomber; as Mao said, “Political power grows from the barrel of a gun.”

    • Sam Sam says:

      You know, there is a reason why no one takes 1930’s guns onto a modern day battlefield just like we no longer dig humongous earthwork emplacements. It’s amazing watching every one, and I do mean every one furiously rewriting there narratives. But you just have to be careful of using historical references now a days because globalisation has never faced a China with this much wieght so all the calcs will have to adjust there growth rates higher.

  2. David Stone says:

    Worthwhile point Martyn. A person’s moral integrity is established in their own behaviour , not that of someone else’s who they disapprove of. If they use their opinion of the other as a basis for setting their own standards then the person they disapprove of is setting their standards. They have no morality of their own at all.
    D J S

  3. Marc says:

    Trump the dump will soon face the real JIHAD that he wants, it is brewing and coming:

  4. Christine says:

    Mao also said, “People must adapt their thinking to the changed conditions. Of course no-one should go off into wild flights of fancy, or make plans of action unwarranted by the objective situation, or stretch for the impossible.
    The problem today, however, is that Rightest conservative thinking is still causing mischief in many spheres and preventing the work in these spheres from keeping pace with the development of the objective situation. The present problem is that many people consider it impossible to accomplish things which could be accomplished if they exerted themselves.” Preface to The Socialist Upsurge in China’s Countryside Dec 17 1955

  5. Marc says:

    We will do the reckoning later, Mr Trump:


  6. esoteric pineapples says:

    And when the militarised policed are called in, who do you think they will support? Welcome to another step towards fascism, financed by corporate wealth

  7. Red Buzzard says:

    ‘Is America’s Liberal Left Enforcing The Fascist Ideals They Preach Staunchly Against?’


  8. Lucy says:

    I do not need the protection of civility! Black civil rights only started happening when civility went out the door and Rosa Parks sat on a seat that civility forbade her from. She did not lose her temper just her patience waiting for things to change. This is what the right fears that without losing our tempers we change the narrative and say no more. Maori won more by standing their ground on their land than trying to change from within the system

  9. countryboy says:

    That’s why the police and army. That’s why it’s vital that we maintain our democracy by making voting mandatory.
    You only have to listen to the ducks and sundry other wee beasties being gunned down by well armed Natzo voting red necks down round these here parts to realise that no man-bunster or his twinkle-sparkle companions of all and any rainbow gender would last a second at the barrel of a shot gun. Love and peace is nice but it’s also a vulnerability easily exploited as can be seen after more than 30 years of NZ / AO neo liberalism.

    • Christine says:

      Is it democratic forcing people to vote ?

    • J S Bark J S Bark says:

      Is voting democratic?

    • Red Buzzard says:

      +100…re “making voting mandatory”

      …anyone who has ever dealt with teenagers knows how important it is to get them into the habit of voting and taking their place in democracy seriously

      …teenagers need help to do this (if not by their parents or caregivers)….via a secondary education in civics and being enrolled before they leave school

      …forget about whether it is ‘democratic’ or not forcing people to vote

      …as members of a society they MUST vote to have a stake in a law based society and be responsible for the government that eventuates

      …otherwise we are undermining democracy and leaving people to rationalise a legitimate lawlessness

      ..it is a middle class smug “liberal- away- with- the- fairies” or “ultra left nuttiness” (not too much difference imo) to petty point score and to suggest otherwise

      ….the best thing this government could do is bring in compulsory civics education and enrollment for all children before they leave secondary school and for all prisoners before they leave prison…and then make it compulsory for all New Zealanders to vote

  10. The Daily Blog Martyn says:

    I support BDS, I support economic boycotts I supported cutting all ties with Apartheid South Africa – but that’s not what is going on here – this is a personalisation of offence – and I make my point again – we on the progressive side need the protection of cavity because the second Trump’s thugs see that it is okay to go to this level, we start a descent we can’t pull up from

    • Red Buzzard says:

      “Trump’s thugs” or is it “Hillary’s thugs”?

      • *pssst!* It’s Trump. He won the election. Not Hillary. 😉

        • Red Buzzard says:

          awwh….”It’s Trump. He won the election. Not Hillary.”…ok well this is a laugh…why do they hate him so?…’cause the Russians deprived Hillary of the Presidency of course !

          ‘Poisonous tree’


          “The fruit of the poisonous tree – this is what critics are calling the ongoing investigation of alleged Russian collusion with Trump during the 2016 election. In the meantime, the upper echelons of the FBI have been decimated over proven misconduct. Has Russiagate morphed into FBI-gate?

          CrossTalking with Doug Wead, Lionel, and Richard Goodstein.”

  11. Andrew says:

    My recommendation to all you armchair revolutionaries: Don’t open a Pandora’s box you can’t close.

    Because your opponents have most of the weapons…

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