Why Trump is the leader America deserves

By   /   June 26, 2018  /   9 Comments

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Liberals inside America become spastic with rage over Trump’s vile racism, sexism & abuse – but those who live outside of America beneath the shadow of its corporate war machine reality know Trump is the naked face of the real United States of Violence.

Liberals inside America become spastic with rage over Trump’s vile racism, sexism & abuse – but those who live outside of America beneath the shadow of its corporate war machine reality know Trump is the naked face of the real United States of Violence.

Obama just made us forget.

Trump has proved to be so much worse than predicted. The truth that he is nothing more than a distracted dog chasing every car he gets angry at is as terrifying a reality as the violent revenge fantasies he peddles to a white working class who have been left behind by globalisation.

Opponents of Trump like to point to the Russian interference in the election to explain Trump winning, but I think blaming Russia for ‘hacking’ the US Election is deeply counter productive.

Firstly, it’s just outrageous that the American’s who have committed coups, electoral fraud and mass deceptions on 81 other nations over the years are in any position to lecture or complain about interfering in other peoples elections.

Secondly, it allows the Democrats off the hook. Instead of acknowledging they ran a terrible candidate and fielded neoliberal policies that hurt the very workers they had simply assumed would vote for them, the Democrats can avoid scrutiny of their own rigged primary process, the manner in which Bernie Sanders was unfairly treated and their hollow policies by blaming it all on Russia.

Trump didn’t win because of Russia, he won because Democrats failed to appreciate how their embrace of neoliberal globalisation hurt the very voters they needed the most.

One estimate puts the budget of Russian interference in the election via social media advertising at $250 000. With all due respect for American Democracy, if you can influence an election with a mere $250 000, you have way bigger problems than Putin.

We can scream racist and sexist as much as we like at Trump voters, but when Trump wooed Union families, women and the working poor in such huge numbers, something else needs to be examined as the reason this malignant tumour of a human being has been forced upon us all.

The free market globalisation that the Democrats embraced has robbed the domestic working classes of their dignity and economic ability to survive. Bernie Sanders understood this which is why he would have been able to woo those voters Trump needed back to the Democrats and beat Trump, but the vile corruption within the Democrats (who played to the elites within the Party) robbed Sanders of his nomination in a rigged system set up to prevent a populist left winger ever winning the candidacy.

By putting the Identity Politics of being the first Woman to win the Presidency over the economic needs of the poor, the Democrats handed the election to a snake oil merchant like Trump.

Normally this wouldn’t matter, but we all live under Trump so it does.

Refusing to acknowledge failed economic policy and corruption within the Democrats in allowing Trump to win makes the chances of him winning again more likely, not less likely.

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  1. Red Buzzard says:

    Yes USA foreign policy is the problem, but Trump was not the originator:

    ‘Bullhorns: Demonization’


    “It has become quite fashionable on the political left to call anyone you don’t like a Nazi or Hitler. Why has it come to this? Why all the demonization? After all, words have meaning. And much more on this edition of CrossTalk.

    CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Dmitry Babich, and Alex Christoforou.”

    • Aaron says:

      Our desire to have nothing to do with people who show signs of racism, sexism or homophobia is total snobbery by those of us on the left. This behavior is no different than the racist individuals of the 50s who wouldn’t have anything to do with non-whites. The justification is just more complex (and laced with irony).

      We need to recognize that the desire to create an out-group and heap shit on them is just the same in either case, and we should remember this simple idea: The fact that someone is prejudiced does not mean we can treat them like second class citizens.

      There are a lot of people in the twitter-verse (and around here) who need to look themselves in the mirror and acknowledge that the desire to dump on other people comes from the same dark place that racist behavior comes from.

      Also, a lot of blue collar workers have a chip on their shoulder due to a childhood spent continually being told they’re failures by the school system and right wing strategists combine this with our own arrogant behaviour to power their voting block.

      Everytime an educated person looks down on a working class person, behaves in an arrogant unsympathetic way or lashes out on twitter we just reinforce the effectiveness of this strategy.

      If need can’t admit to our own part in this problem then we won’t be very effective at making it go away.

  2. esoteric pineapples says:

    I recommend readers start going watching American comedian Jimmy Dores’ Youtube videos to get a grounded perspective on the Democrats and where the real problems lie


  3. ropata says:

    The neoliberal left has the same problem all over the Western world, hence the rise of the so called alt right. Nobody else is speaking on behalf of the working class.

    Self righteous left wing identitarians can smear all they like about deplorables but they are part of the problem, dividing up the people into aggrieved victim groups instead of treating each person as an individual with intrinsic worth.

    The working class has been fucked ever since we gave corporations legal rights and allowed them to grow greater than the governments of small nations. The 1% are going to destroy us, the only pathways forward are either a) massive social reform b) religious revival c) violent revolution d) another world war

    I’d prefer a) or b)

  4. Andrew says:

    Trump is mostly just doing what his supporters elected him for: Supporting the interests of lower and middle class American workers.

    Workers the democrats abandoned long ago in favour of asinine political correctness and money from corporate lobbyists.

    Mark my words: Unless something dramatic happens it will be Trump winning in 2020.

    There is a groundswell of support for him. Not because he’s so clever or nice (he’s neither) but because he’s not from the toxic left or in the pocket of the lobbyists.

    • So populism works for you, Andrew? Europe came unstuck in the 1930s and 40s when rightwing populist governments took power. It’s a shame you’re ignoring the lessons of history…

      • Andrew says:

        Invoking Godwin’s Law – the sure sign of a lost argument 🙂

        As for populism – in a democracy un-populism doesn’t get you elected.

  5. Castro says:

    Yep, it’s all about class… always has been. No worries, that multi cultural paragon of benevolent global democracy yhe PRC will save us all, right?

  6. Lois Griffiths says:

    A friend asked me , why did Americans vote for Trump? A better question would be , why was Trump a candidate and for that matter why was Hilary Clinton a candidate? The American public wasn’t given a genuine choice. Why were the leaders of the 2 dominant parties able to demand that the Green Party candidate not be allowed to take part in debates?

    If the US had a proportional representation system and if big corporate money was removed from the political system and from corporate media ownership, hopefully things would be different. These things won’t happen, the US is not a democracy, it’s a plutocracy.

    No Americans don’t deserve Trump..nor does the world!

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