Donald Trump’s orchestra – the screaming of children

By   /   June 19, 2018  /   27 Comments

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The decision to go full blown Israeli on children at the border was a hardline position Trump decided to endorse because he believes the deep resentment he plumbs the depths of for power will see those screaming children and not blame Trump, but the parents who have brought them.

Who wore it best?

So it has come to this.

America arresting Children with the same zeal and glee as Israel does with Palestinian children.

The legislation that allows children of refugees illegally entering America to be separated from their parents has been on the books since W Bush but neither Bush nor Obama seriously considered implementing the policy because the mere thought of  the images of screaming children separated from their parents was considered political suicide.

Not so for Trump.

The decision to go full blown Israeli on children at the border was a hardline position Trump decided to endorse because he believes the deep resentment he plumbs the depths of for power will see those screaming children and not blame Trump, but the parents who have brought them.

The policy itself is cruel and pointless. People fleeing the abortion of South America’s various American corrupted basket case economies and societies are prepared to risk unspeakable danger to get to America, punishing desperate people by taking their children from them won’t deter their desperation, merely exacerbate it.

But Trump knows that, and he doesn’t care.

The days get darker, the solutions more vicious.

Trump’s crypto-facsism becomes less crypto by the passing month.

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  1. Christine says:

    A lot online about what Trump’s govt is doing to these children, and it is pure evil.

    Justifying it quoting the bible is worse than evil.

    They haven’t read, ‘And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.’

    The harm being done to these little ones by that mad monster Trump is too terrible to even think about – his guitar-playing ambassador should be asked – Please explain. He won’t be.

    • mary_a says:

      Christine, I’m sure some of those disturbed and evil fundamentalist Christians write their own biblical quotes to suit their distorted barbaric agendas, as I’m sure is the case here with this current shocking issue in the US, involving innocent children.

      • Sam Sam says:

        I think we should be mindful about corporate US minders making it easier for us to choose China over the US. If NZDF is to weak ie the defence recapitalisation plan suffers just one set back it may force us to choose.

  2. Red Buzzard says:

    Yes this is a crime against children and their parents…..Trump won’t be able to live this one down

  3. Robert Atack says:

    You suckers are believing all the bullshit aren’t you.
    Obummer did it, some of the photos out there are from 2014 (hint pre Trump)
    We do it, how many of our prisons have childminding facilities?
    Of the something like 12,000 children in ‘care’ 10,000 of them were unaccompanied, and a percentage of the so called ‘parents’ aren’t parents
    And like the parents we lock up, we take there children off them, and how many children dose WINZ ‘confiscate’
    If a person gets caught breaking the law when entering the US they get arrested, are you suggesting their children go to the same prison?
    Yet another beat up by the Clinton MSM

    • Red Buzzard says:

      Seems you are correct…this has to be seen in a wider context…

      ‘Separating children from their families is nothing new, US has been doing it for decades’

      by Darius Shahtahmasebi (Darius Shahtahmasebi is a New Zealand-based attorney and political analyst.)

      … “Hillary Clinton was responsible for putting two million Libyan children out of school when she lobbied instrumentally for the overthrow of the Gaddafi leadership in Libya in 2011. If I remember correctly, she laughed hysterically after Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was killed in the streets of Sirte (some reports state he was raped by a bayonet).

      This is also the same Hillary Clinton who refused to put Nigeria’s notorious jihadist group Boko Haram on the designated terrorist list. Remember Boko Haram, the group of terrorists that kidnapped 219 schoolgirls in 2014 to use as hostages? Remember how Hillary Clinton tweeted“#BringBackOurGirls” as if she had nothing to do with the policy which enabled this series of events? Furthermore, it was actually Hillary’s prized destruction of Libya in 2011 that allowed Boko Haram in Nigeria to grow from strength to strength, as the lawlessness that followed created a heavy arms market for jihadists to thrive all over the African continent.

      Would Hillary “have kidnapped children and used them as leverage for political gain?” It seems like she, and every other prominent US politician before and after her, has done something brilliantly similar right across the world, on which vocal Twitter activists are all but completely silent.

      Hillary’s husband, Bill, also oversaw the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children, to which his secretary of state intimated that it was “worth it” as the price Iraq needed to pay…”

      • Christine says:

        Red Buzzard, what we need to know is why the ousted John Key Govt continuously paid out millions of NZ taxpayers money to the private Clinton Foundation ? Leverage for political gain ? Buying friends ? Who buying who ?

        In no way is it in any way okay for children to be used as any sort of pawn – or as the price to pay for anything, or for nebulous war outcomes… it seems that something’s happening which has happened before – so -whew- that makes it all okay.

        I guess that explains the nonchalance of NZDF fans about the SAS going up into the Hindu Kush and killing a four year old girl and a bunch of peasants in dead of night, from an Apache helicopter. In style.

    • Red Buzzard says:

      ‘Why The “Abject Silence” From The Left About Child Migrant Detentions Under Obama?’

      …”However, the liberals who have been responded with a non-stop barrage of social media attacks on the President and those who voted for him, have apparently forgot that the US has been housing migrant minors for years – and that a sizable increase in the minor population held in US facilities occurred under Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama.

      To drive this point home, Breitbart reporter Brandon Darby reminded us of this fact by tweeting photos from his 2014 visit to one such migrant detention center (as most should recognize, Obama was president at the time).

      As the photos reveal, the “cages” that have become a locus of liberal fury are just like the ones used during the Obama-era. And yet, Darby noted that his original story about the holding centers was met with “abject silence” from the left.

      As anybody who’s been paying attention to the data would know, border crossings have only recently started to pick back up after an unprecedented drop last year, meaning Trump’s deportation numbers haven’t risen back to the highs reached under his predecessor, who carried out a record 97,000 criminal prosecutions for illegal border crossings in 2013, according to the Daily Caller…

  4. Paul Scott says:

    wow, worser than evil, that’s bad

  5. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    Yet his approval ratings just keep going up, I suspect largely because these sorts of policies are actually popular among many Americans:
    (Source: )
    Combine that with the sort of rabid fervour his supporters have for him, and he’s going to easily win a second term imo. This is a real back of a car (it will blow your mind):

  6. Michelle says:

    Robert the old adage ‘but he did it to’ does not make it any more acceptable. Its like ‘tit for tat’ in the new trade wars, it won’t work cause innocent people get hurt the very ones many claim to be protecting.

    • Mjolnir says:

      Totally agree, Michelle. Only5 year olds try to excuse bad bdhaviour by pointing to someone else and complaining “but she/he did it as well”. Funny how Trump supporters will predictably invoke Hillary clinton or Obama to excuse Trump’s apalling behaviour.

      Even a previous CIA director was moved to point to another regime that last century split up families, before sending them to work in cincentration camps or gas chambers. I’m sure the Nazis started out with small acts of inhumanity as well. And beforeanyone invokes Godwin, I think even Mr Godwin would be making an exception to his history-wiping “law” in this case.

      We are seeing ultimate political power used for evil. In fact, we have ringside seats.

  7. Christine says:

    Robert Atack, it is unlikely that all the US MSM, and the global MSM, have been all deceived by the Clintons, or that US govt permitted pictures of the children in cages are not real pictures of an horrific reality.

    People like me, who are revolted at USA Govt sanctioned child abuse are not suckers, the suckers are people like you, who in the face of Trump acknowledging and defending this evil practice, say that he is not doing what he says that he is, and that in any case NZ is just as bad. Not so.

    NZ prisons have mother and baby facilities for children up to two years of age. Children taken into care in NZ are not put in cages, they are placed in foster homes. Women in prison here beyond two years have likely committed a major crime – their choice.

    Where we are very bad is that we lead the world in baby and child abuse and murder, so yes we have many parents, mainly big strong men like Trump,who abuse and kill babies. That New Zealand males kill children in record numbers, and batter and abuse and kill women in record numbers as well,is a separate issue.

    Refugees trying to illegally enter the USA are usually trying to escape from wretched lives and from dangerous lives which many NZ’ers could not begin to imagine.

    Further, like normal loving parents, they want better lives for their children. Further, it is not illegal to be a refugee. Further, they deserve our compassion, as does everyone in need for whatever reason.

    Further, nothing justifies deliberately inflicting trauma upon children or their parents. It is a moral crime.

  8. Stephen says:

    Alot of these people are fleeing the Socialist Basket Case that is Venezuela. Typical socialist regime that it is, impoverishing its own people like Socialism always does.

    • Christine says:

      Stephen, why are you saying that socialism always impoverishes its own people without mentioning that capitalism mastered that particular craft before socialism evolved ?

      Stephen, if capitalism does not impoverish its own people, why on earth would anyone reject it ?

      Stephen, if the past 9 years of a capitalist theoretically-democratic National Govt has created poverty, huge debt, homelessness, crumbling infrastructure, fractured social cohesion, and terrible suicide rates, then is this what you would call a successful political regime ?

    • Mjolnir says:

      Nope. Wrong, Stephen. But don’t let suffering kids prevent you from exploiting others’ misery so you can score a cheap political point.

    • Robert Atack says:

      Sorry Stephen, you need to look into Venezuela via alternative media, MSM/the Clinton News network is lying … yet again.
      Did you hear the Venezuelan government just gave every citizen that wanted one an army supplied rifle?
      Or that the USA has been funding the Colombian far right with the same amount of $ as they give to the rest of South America – 500 million USD.
      Part of the far Right’s MO was to push refugees into Venezuela, and as Ven has a humanitarian government, looking after thousands of them, along with the frigging sanctions they are near broke. ONLY because the USA has been fucking them over.
      If given a bit of a hand everything would be real cool in Caracas, apart from the fact it is way way over populated (thanks the Church of Rome)
      But na, people would rather make money out of destroying things/people.
      This guy covers a lot of what I’m saying

      good luck post 😉

  9. RosieLee says:

    “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

  10. Wensleydale says:

    According to Ann Coulter (a woman whose soul is a roiling vortex of bile and spite), the screaming toddlers we see in the photos are all “child actors”. They’ve been coached and given scripts to read. As repugnant as that assertion is, I’d love to read one of these phantasmal scripts. Do you even need a script when all you’re after is terrified howling? And would a two-year-old be able to make sense of one? Honestly, it would be funny if it weren’t so incomprehensibly awful.

  11. Robert Atack says:

    Go the USA
    Chilling NCMEC Report Shows 88% of Missing Sex Trafficked Kids Come from US Foster Care
    A lot of kids are taken out of the care homes and are used as prostitutes. They are lured by their ‘boyfriend’ read pimp- and drugs. but just for the weekend, feeding and caring for them doesn’t come with the job.
    Who is buying 9-14 year olds for sex?

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