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We have received a request from Sean Clinton the campaign coordinator from War Diamonds to endorse the attached call to action. (See attachment)

Next week the international diamond regulatory body, the Kimberley Process, meets in Antwerp chaired by the EU’s, Hilde Hardeman. We want the EU, jewellers and consumers to know that diamonds which generate revenue used to massacre innocent civilians are blood diamonds and must be banned by the KP.

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The campaign to expose Israel’s leading role in the diamond industry is asking human rights organisations, politicians, trades unions and the general public to endorse the attached ‘Call’. Your support and endorsement is important.

Raising this issue ahead of next week’s meeting will provide a platform on which to build momentum towards the all important KP plenary in Brussels in November when decisions are voted upon.

Diamonds processed in Israel account for 20% of the global market share in value terms. Jewellers claim Israeli diamonds are conflict free. Israel’s most recent shoot to kill actions in Palestine graphically expose the brazen arrogance, duplicity, and fraud perpetrated by the CEOs and Boards of leading jewellery companies that profit from these blood diamonds while using the umbrella of the discredited Kimberley Process to mislead consumers.

Companies that profit from Israeli diamonds are complicit in Israel’s brutal occupation, subjugation and war crimes and are in violation of their own publicly stated corporate social responsibility standards and the OECD due diligence guidelines for responsible mineral supply chains.

CEOs have onerous legal responsibilities to the stock market, shareholders and patrons. When they claim diamonds processed in Israel are conflict free they are deceiving all three. They risk legal sanction and having their company brand and reputation indelibly tarnished by association with Israel’s bloody brand image and war crimes in Palestine.

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