For every sanctimonious clown claiming North Korea are human rights violators – just consider why that is?


The Left are desperate to vomit all over Trump’s meeting with Kim by screaming with foam that North Korea are terrible human rights abusers.

Why is that?

Why is there a totalitarian dictatorship running North Korea?

Oh that’s right, there was a terrible terrible war that massacred and butchered millions.

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America dropped 635,000 tons of bombs on North Korea compared to 503,000 tons of bombs dropped in the entire Pacific theatre of World War II & butchered 15% of their population through an open policy of civilian massacre and carpet bombing…

U.S. officers and soldiers who surveyed the results of the air campaign in Korea were both awestruck and revolted. In his controversial book Soldier, Lt. Col. Anthony Herbert collects reflections on the carnage from America’s most prominent generals of the day.

“We burned down just about every city in North Korea and South Korea both,” recalled Gen. Curtis LeMay. “We killed off over a million civilian Koreans and drove several million more from their homes, with the inevitable additional tragedies bound to ensue.”

Another decorated veteran of World War II, Air Force four-star Gen. Emmett E. “Rosie” O’Donnell, Jr., who later served as Commander in Chief of Pacific Air Forces from 1959 to 1963, collaborated LeMay’s and Armstrong’s assessments.

“I would say that the entire, almost the entire Korean Peninsula is a terrible mess. Everything is destroyed,” O’Donnell said. “There is nothing left standing worthy of the name.”

Perhaps the most scathing account of the destruction came from Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

MacArthur had become a national hero for his exploits as commander of the U.S. Army Forces in the Far East during the Philippines campaign of World War II, and as Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers during the occupation of Japan before he was named Commander-in-Chief of the United Nations Command at the onset of the Korean Conflict.

Despite his long and storied career as an officer, he began butting heads with Pres. Harry Truman over how the war in Korea was being conducted. This led to Truman relieving him of his command on April 11, 1951. MacArthur subsequently testified at joint hearings before the Senate’s Committee on Armed Services and Committee on Foreign Relations to discuss his dismissal and the “Military Situation in the Far East.”

“I shrink—I shrink with a horror that I cannot express in words—at this continuous slaughter of men in Korea,” MacArthur lamented during the hearings.

“The war in Korea has already almost destroyed that nation of 20,000,000 people. I have never seen such devastation. I have seen, I guess, as much blood and disaster as any living man, and it just curdled my stomach the last time I was there. After I looked at the wreckage and those thousands of women and children and everything, I vomited … If you go on indefinitely, you are perpetuating a slaughter such as I have never heard of in the history of mankind.”

…the West whitewashed the Korean war, our only memories of it are from M.A.S.H, there’s no reflection of the horror we unleashed upon the North Korean people and the damage we caused. That level of violence led to the North Korean cult of personality and the decades of poverty.

I’m not suggesting for one second that North Korea aren’t human rights abusers, but the West’s role in causing the damage that empowered this regime always gets lost, especially when so much of the American Left are now wanting to paint Kim as a ruthless dictator.

The truth is that North Korea is a damaged child the west molested and now refuses to acknowledge that damage. The 1950 letter from U.S. Ambassador John J. Muccio authorising commanders in the field to adopt a policy of openly massacring civilians was only investigated recently.

Yes North Korea commits human rights atrocities, but what else do you expect from a  country that lost 15% of its population in 3 years through brutal violence?


  1. You know it was some brutal saturation fire if McArthur got squeamish. I still reckon some of those sinking atolls in the pacific may have something to do with the long-term effect of the masses of ordnance the USN sank into them. Taking anything in excess of level of firepower would leave you pretty crispy at someone for a long time to come.

    But hey, the US left are not worried about any of that business. They’re worried that *if* it might be even slightly arguable that Trump has ended the Korean War, or at least set the process in motion by the midterms in November, it’s going to be the puddle of piss that the MAGA crowd rubs their noses in.

    That’s why hysterical SJWs and neocons alike are suddenly screeching from the same songbook; they’re both screwed if he pulls this off.

  2. The US hubris is in full flow only hours after the event.

    “Trump has given away too much”. A reflection of US righteous cruelty and greed.

    The US has imposed its military and financial will on Korea for 70 years with South Korea being heavily occupied and run by US puppets over that time, and North Korea still an enemy even after the US and “allies” or other puppet states states such as NZ and OZ, bombed the North until hardly a two story building remained standing and a million of so Koreans slaughtered.

    After watching Libya get shafted without protection of a nuclear capability a pursuit which they agreed to disband , North Korea understands more clearly how the US works.

    On top of the death, destruction, mutilation, economic reprisals and sanctions, surely the US has done enough to vent their spleen of vitriol generated in their cowardly gut because they did not succeed in taking over Northern Korea as they have the South and many other countries around the world.

    US bankers cannot let any country run their own banks. World domination of money is regarded as nothing less than essential for by the criminals running the USA. Peoples lives, their rights, resources, traditions and future hope, matter nothing to the US war on everything machine, nor apparently to Corporate NZ who follow in their footsteps and control our media.

    If trump had any legitimate business with “North” Korea then it would be to step out of Korea and let Korea unite as they wish to, withdraw all sanctions, apologise and compensate for the past destruction caused and make amends for the US and “allied” 70 year war on this unfortunate country that is now successfully trying to rebuild.

    Daily and ongoing strikes and demonstrations against US presence in South Korea do not reach our news as this stuff is not presented to NZ folk.

    The so called “concessions” given by Trump amount still to continued war against this innocent state.

    The US hawks like the US public go along with political diatribe and sick making aggressive hegemony toward struggling populations.

  3. So true and people in western narrative thinking believe the shit that gets feed to us through the media brainwashing the masses with BS

  4. Yeah, the DPRK is a survivor of the US war on communism. Dulles stopped North and South from arriving at a peace treaty to keep the war hysteria on the boil. The US occupiers suppressed a socialist uprising in the South. Dulles also came to NZ and sat at the head of the Cabinet to make sure its new colony played its role in the anti-communist witch hunt.

    Ever since the DPRK has been quarantined and threatened with war. And they learned quickly that with nuclear armed imperialist breathing down your neck, you need your own nuclear deterrent.

    My pick is that Chairman Kim is gambling to get that peace treaty and get the US out of the South. President Moon seems ready for it.

    Trump knows that China is ready to help fund DPRKs economic revival, and the border is already opening up. He may even be angling on China doing that to ‘pay’ is share of Koreas economic revival.

    Trump may actually believe that his great deals will allow the US to retain a united Korea in its sphere of influence and allow him to build casinos and condos.

    Trumps main problem is that he thinks that geopolitics is the deals that great leaders do, rather than what imperialist states must do to grab everything they can off their rivals by any means necessary.

    But the US is on the wane and China is on the rise.

    I think Kim is picking winners in the Great Game for Eurasia.

    • “Welcome to Trump Hotel and Casino, Pyongyang.”

      I wouldn’t bet against it in the near-future. But it will be located in the revitalised capital city of an optically altered DPRK which operates along the lines of a Singapore-meets-Beijing remix rather than a united Korean Republic operating as a US Mini-Me.

      Kim is definitely going to be looking at how much money they spend feeding that moth-eaten 1950s style army and how increasingly costly it will be to keep their equipment operating. Munitions likewise expire. Who can say if the bombardment of Seoul were ever to commence, half the guns wouldn’t slam fire and blow out their breeches from the volatility of their declining munitions, or simply end up lobbing long-inert dud shells into the sky only to see them come down without a bang?

      Kim may have accepted what many around him have known for a long time: if the final battle ever comes, the DPRK forces may amount in less than a week to little more than a million-man bayonet charge.

      • To things I know about North Korea. All Major Generals and above who allocate below nutrition rations to the Miliatry / public service gives favours and promotion for sex and they learnt it from the Un’s. So in my honest opinion North Korea will be a closed economy for the forseable future. The one redeeming factor about Kim is his commissioning and relative success of the nuclear program. There are obvious appetites to satisfy and I don’t think stock standard USAid will cut it any longer. The likely hood of Trump Towers and Hotels in North Korea is higher than switching the power back on in my opinion, how ever the last time the US went any where over the 38th parralel lines Beijing invaded and occupied North Korea just to keep the buffer up. And they’re not shy about meeting economics with economics and brute force against Taiwan and neither will Bejing be shy about telling Pyongyang every time they make 1.4 billion Chinese unhappy. And that 1.4 billion people is actually one person now and his name is Xi Jiping.

        So lots to turn a blind eye too and I think Trump needed this deal more than Kim did. Trumps a smart guy who knows how to please the crowds. There’s about $9bln Chinese aid and about a $billion USAid preloaded with the de-nuclearization deal and a cancellation of all US / South Korean Miliatry games. I believe the key to success for Trunps reelection will be the gradual withdrawal of all US troops over this and the next presidential terms just to make Obanana look sill when he could get the troops out of Afghanistan like he said and Trump makes a play for a model peace prize. And from all accounts every one actually wants this to happen except for some crazy lefties who missed the memo.

  5. Right on Martyn. Lets also give Trump some credit for doing something good. Maybe he will turn out to be more deserving of the Nobel Peace prize than Obama.

    • It looks like Trump’s ego could cause something good to happen. He’d love getting the Nobel Prize and he’d especially love rubbing it in the left’s faces.

      Could I handle Trump smirking at us on TV and getting an undeserved prize if it meant a chance for real peace on the Korean peninsula?

      I think the answer is pretty clear.

    • Perhaps not. According to Moonofalabama, the USA ,the UK, UAE and Saudi Arabia are about to cooperate in a horrendous war crime in Yemen by starving millions of civilians.

  6. Trump and Kim together!
    Talk about the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.
    You know what they say about things that sound too good to be true.
    I hope I’m wrong.

  7. “Yes North Korea commits human rights atrocities…..”

    Well: so we are told by the usual American suspects. In virtue of what should we take this narrative at face value, given US propensity for broadcasting propaganda designed to serve its purpose? It’s not clear to me how the hell would they have any real idea of what’s going on there, if the borders are as closed, and the state is as isolated, as is claimed.

    A bit over 10 years ago, when Kim Jong Un’s father was Dear Leader, a relative did business there, and in the course of that business, visited several times. Said relative’s account of what conditions were like differed markedly from what we were being told at the time. As a result, I have ever since been sceptical about the “human rights abuses” claims.

  8. When passing judgement on Korea, people should remember the effect of 50 years of harsh inhuman rule inflicted on Korea by Japan, from the 1900s, when Korean culture was ruthlessly eradicated and thousands were killed or taken into slavery.

  9. when so much of the American Left are now wanting to paint Kim as a ruthless dictator.

    Did they want to paint him as something else before?

  10. Well, get real, friends, it is hardly a warm and democratic, rule of law loving place:

    While America may be evil and this may justify such countries like Cuba to be suspicious and prepared, I would not like to live in North Korea, not for a moment, it is not a friendly place, unless you are blindly loyal to the ruler and the ruling party and regime.

    These guys and girls were very critical of Trump:

    There are still some romanticising idiots on the left, who only think of black and white scenarios, good and evil scenarios, and that all that is not so clean, may just be a justified reaction to US imperialism, as a kind of ‘defence’.

    Sorry, dear friends, it is not that easy.

    Trump is exactly what he is, an individualist entrepreneur from a capitalist entrepreneur family that grew up in the land of capitalism, and of German heritage.

    He believes in what he does, he actually believes in person to person relationships, and that these can change things, and all else is just not as good, or not working, he has a dim view of government, of statehood and of administration and anything that may seem a bit too theoretical and abstract to him.

    So he seriously thinks he can achieve more than any former President and administration, to convince Kim Yong Un and his regime, that the Trump way of doing things, in a very individualistic, personal, entrepreneur type of way, to apply capitalism with a bit of ‘kindness’ or the appearance of such, can achieve more than what North Korea does so far.

    Indeed many rich US Americans believe the same, they can do any deal with the devil or his servants, to do some supposed ‘good’ or at least offer ‘benefits’ to some people, they see it like that.

    Never mind the nukes, never mind the fourth largest military in the world, never mind the dictatorship, it can ‘work’ if you can convince them to enter DEALs and make some nice things happen, such as hotels on a beach that was so far used for military exercises.

    Trump is such a man, he sees already the ‘opportunities’ for himself and likeminded, to do business with a regime and people, to make more money and build things reaping ever more profits.

    Dictators are no hindrance to him, they are better ‘partners’, as they set clear rules and regimes, that make it easy to operate a business or whatsoever, as the opponents will be silenced and kept at bay.

    So do the TDB bloggers and readers support this, a Trump who uses ruthlessly every opportunity to get new business partners and opportunities, for the US, in a different way than it was done before?

    Never mind human rights, it is BUSINESS that counts, that is where Trump comes from, hence his excitement also to make deals with Saudi and other regimes.

    I am not impressed, not positively, Trump is a great threat, a real great threat, as he deals with any body, for his own personal gains, never mind they be dictators or whatsoever.

    Is that the ‘peace’ we want for Korea?

    • A very perceptive post, Marc. I would add to that, that the US mid-terms elections are coming up and Trump and his Republican cronies needed a foreign policy victory – even if it’s a “fake peace” that will end up going nowhere. Considering how low-information many voters seem to be these days, Trump’s “peace in our time” was just the propaganda victory that he needed to forestall the Republicans losing control of the House of Representatives, and/or the Senate.

      Nothing will come of the recent Singapore “peace talks”. Kim Jong Un will not surrender his atomic bombs. He understand what happened to a certain Libyan dictator when the US got involved. Lesson learned.

  11. Kim Jong Un, like his father before him, is a high level Freemason. Time’s up and Nrth Korea, which is controlled from London, is now being reigned in for one world order.

  12. My personal belief is that Trump only met Kim because his two biggest chickenhawks, Bolton and Pompeo, told him it would be a very bad idea to be fighting wars on two fronts when they attack Iran at the behest of Israel later on this year, or perhaps early next year after the midterm elections are finished.

    The North Koreans are extremely lucky they don’t someone like Trump’s biggest donor, Sheldon Adelson, advocating regime change for their country. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, this is not the case with Iran.

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