The Daily Blog Open Mic – Monday 11th June 2018

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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. Marc says:

    Sadly our Office of Ombudsmen seems reluctant to investigate some serious enough matters brought to their attention, as can be seen in correspondence and documentation made available via the following:

    Ron Paterson, former (now retired) Ombudsman, while dealing with an older complaint matter, refused to look into raised concerns about a leading MSD Advisor deleting all his emails over a period, apparently ignoring the Public Records Act, which requires that certain records be kept:

    So dealing with obstruction and obfuscation by a leading government department appears to be a low priority by the Ombudsmen.

    Another later OIA request related letter of some relevance:

    An email of 23 Aug. 2016, announcing Leo Donnelly taking over from the suddenly resigned Ombudsman Ron Paterson:

    An earlier letter by Ron Paterson (who resigned suddenly, only 2 years into his appointment):

    The fact about a Principal Health Advisor at MSD deleting all his emails with certain contacts came out after this OIA request:

    MSD’s partly contradictory responses re the emails and contacts:

    Resulting Ombudsmen complaint correspondence raising more questions:

    Much of this covered by this post:

    Further mention in this post, I note:

  2. Marc says:

    After trying to bring in previously reforms by amendments to the three strikes law (i.e. reverse these), Andrew Little has had to face a harsh rebuke, it seems, by Winston and NZ First:

    A set back for Andrew Little, and a signal of further problems that may come.

    So much for ‘change’ under this government, this seems symptomatic of problems there are, and how difficult it is to bring in truly progressive reforms.

    After all the expert working groups, I fear we will only see a small amount of policies become reality, after much fanfare during the election campaign.

    Watch Winston while in charge now, he may see a need to boost NZ First’s and his profile and reputation, as they are in danger territory, when it comes to the polls.

    Without a firm groundswell of support Labour and Greens are a weak government, having to rely on NZ First, who are much more conservative on a lot of matters.

  3. cleangreen says:

    Labour have truly missed the chance to give us a fair free independant news and current affairs public madia yet so their issues are not being aired in a fair manner still becauser RNZ is run by National and the rest of the media are owned by corporations so labour have not given us their promised “fair, free indepandant puiuublic media as they promised last year.

    RNZ is effectively “a propaganda machine for the national Party” and has their own CEO Paul Thompson in 2013 who is still running this publically funded and baised media portal.

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