The Daily Blog Open Mic – Thursday 7th June 2018

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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. Marc says:

    Shane Jones’ and the government’s plan to plant a billion trees in ten years has just got a bit harder, yet again:

    “The chief executive of New Zealand’s leading forestry service provider PF Olsen says the weekend’s heavy rain in Tolaga Bay could spell the demise of forestry in the area. It comes as Minister Shane Jones fires a warning shot for companies to front up.”

    Like dairy farmers, and farmers in general, like horticulturalists and fishing industry operators, now forest operators are signaling the government, they may simply not co-operate and rather throw spanners into the works.

    This government will fail abysmally, due to sabotage and blocking by businesses, by the rich and powerful, the property owning part of society who may have a rental or more, they will not assist the government to succeed.

    Meanwhile the whole capitalist business model is deeply flawed, and as long as any government signs up to the status quo, or only slight tweaks of the system, we will face the disaster that nature destroying humanity deserves: Self destruction, self annihilation.

    Erosion and soil degradation is the result of human interference, with their flawed ‘business model’, and climate change and higher precipitation, stronger storms and in other places droughts will lead to serious suffering in the long term.

    Yet most do not get it, and vote in one idiot government after another, as they are all addicted to the flawed ‘business model’, on which they depend, as they see it.

    Bring it on!

  2. Marc says:

    In Little NZ Inc they are arguing about whether to introduce a wholesale ‘one way plastic bag’ ban, or not (yet), and whether to include methane into a ‘carbon neutral 2050’ policy plan, reducing greenhouse gases.

    The horse has already bolted, it seems, the obsessive consumerist, technological advancement addicted ‘developed’ world, led by the ever more wanting middle class, and their greedy upper class idols, they do not get it. Small actions are just petty actions, not going to solve much at all, real BIG action is needed, RADICAL change:

    Let us not only get rid of ‘one way’ plastic bags, let us get rid of plastic packaging full stop, and bring back more re-usable and better recyclable packaging made from glass, paper, wood and new materials, that may be biodegradable, and safer to use.

    STOP the lazy convenience style lifestyle, and return to truly sustainable lifestyles, also stop driving cars in cities, unless you are disabled and need such assistance, unless you pay extra for a taxi or so, or unless you use public transport buses, trains, trams and the likes.

    Cycle and walk more, and you will get your body active, won’t have to pay stupid fees to go to a BS ‘gym’, and your health will get better, less obesity, less diabetes, less cardio vascular diseases, maybe less depression and anxiety also.

    • I seem to notice more and more plastic straws littering footpaths and gutters. Especially in proximity to fast-food outlets. Also plastic bags, and other rubbish blown about or thrown away.

      I pick up what I can and place in nearby bins…

      … until a couple of days ago, driving around the bays, I followed a flat-deck truck with an unsecured load of rubbish. Bits of polystyrene were flying off in the wind. Noted license plate number and called *555. (The driver wouldn’t stop despite me flashing my headlights.)

      Drove back and picked up what I could find. Further along Lyall Bay Parade (around Crystal Cove), a local resident was picking up chunks of polystyrene as well.

      If plastic bags, straws, and other useless, unnecessary First World plastics items are banned tomorrow, I’d be happy-as-Larry.

  3. Marc says:

    And we cannot even get a clear enough decision by the NZ Government to ban ‘one way’ plastic bags, when the planet is fast running out of fresh water, including that in aquifers. Even NZ Inc has to worry, as we continue planning for larger populations and more ‘growth’ in agriculture and so forth, no matter what we may produce in then or twenty years, we are not ‘sweet’ at all in our vulnerable situation, especially with climate change threatening us with more imbalances, and more drought in some areas:

    The human population on this planet is NOT sustainable, and economists of banks and entrepreneurs have wet dreams of ever ‘growing markets’ of yet more humans to exploit the resources that are finite.

    So it is not only oil and coal to worry about, it is water, arable land, the fish in the sea and so much more that is under stress and threat now. Besides of water, energy will be the largest medium term challenge for humanity.

  4. Rodel says:

    A different perspective on the Trump Kim Jung Un issue.

    Now that Trump realizes that North Kprea is a real threat with the ability to send nuclear missiles to America, Trump has decided that he can no longer bully and bluster, has backed down, meet with and suck up to the North Koreans.

    That is Kim Jong Un has called his bluff. And Trump is weakly capitulating.
    Just saying.

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