What a bunch of snowflakes the oil industry are – complaining about process from them is hilarious and why Hamish Rutherford’s moral high ground is a joke


The oil industry are such snowflakes.

Whining and complaining about ‘Cabinet process’ is just bullshit.

This is an industry that knew about climate change in the 1990s and hid it from the public for decades. while funding astroturf climate denial groups.

We should be class action fining them like we did the tobacco industry when we caught them out lying about cigarettes causing cancer.

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Complaining that politicians actually sought leadership rather than rubber stamping process must terrify the oil industry.


They should be terrified. Their time has come, what we need to guard ourselves against is the vast wave of PR spin the oil industry will now pay for to spook us into running back to oil.

Listen to Hamish Rutherford trying to paint this decision by Jacinda as some sort of dark day for democracy and that the Government risk losing the moral high ground???


You want a dark day for democracy that lost the moral high ground?

What about when the National Party rammed through under urgency mass surveillance powers that Edward Snowden warned us would lead to the NSA having access to all our communications?

What about when the National Party signed off on a SAS raid that led to war crime allegations?

What about when the National Party signed us up to a possible $7billion damages clause in their prosecution of Kim Dotcom?

What about when the SIS colluded with the PMs Office to lie about Phil Goff months before the 2011 election?

What about when the PM was running a black ops counter intel team inside the PMs Office to stifle criticism?

Weren’t those dark days for our democracy where the moral high ground was lost?

How the Christ is taking a leadership role in climate change by firmly saying oil is over a moment when the high ground gets lost compared to the grotesque abuses of power National pulled over 9 years?

The bias of the mainstream media is just extraordinary.


  1. Yes, Martyn.

    Protection and promotion of the agendas of corporations and banks requires a very special combination of stupidity, hypocrisy, deceit, denial, immorality and censorship: NZ mainstream media have all six factors.

    Oil industry: just self-serving (in the short term) liars.

    National party: just self-serving (in the short term) liars.

    I have been reading ‘The Ends of the World’ by Peter Brannen. It confirms what I have been saying for years. Four of the five previous mass extinctions were triggered by excess atmospheric CO2. The Sixth Mass Extinction is now underway, with CO2 being added to the atmosphere faster than during previous mass extinctions.

    At 450 ppm ALL coral reefs are predicted to die -due to overheating and acidification- as opposed to the severe bleaching and partial recovery we are getting in the range 400 to 412 ppm. Indeed, most credible geochemists expect life on Earth go extinct once CO2 exceeds 450 ppm. The ‘plan’ is to keep raising the CO2 concentration by 2 to 3 ppm per annum. That gives most life on Earth just decades.

    Sadly, the bulk of the general populace is too uninformed to even recognise they are still being played.

    • A quotation from that recently published book, and a link:

      ‘As new groundbreaking research suggests that climate change played a major role in the most extreme catastrophes in the planet’s history, award-winning science journalist Peter Brannen takes us on a wild ride through the planet’s five mass extinctions and, in the process, offers us a glimpse of our increasingly dangerous future.’


  2. Although the Govt. isn’t really saying oil and gas are over, just new offshore exploration. Existing permits mean this is still expected to be the busiest exploration season ever

  3. Hell hath no fury, as when a clump of obscenely wealthy parasitic scumbags like the oil industry are scorned.
    All enabled by witless “just doing my job” human parrots like Rutherford.
    Fairfax? Take away the “Fair” (which it most certainly isn’t), and change the “a” to an “o”, and you get a good idea of its agenda.

    Want a job writing opinion pieces for Stuff? Well, make sure the words “integrity” and ” journalist” DON’T appear on your CV when you apply.
    They ain’t interested in those attributes.

    • That’s for real QS. Read the opinion piece by someone called Glen McConnell about the government’s new tertiary fees policy. Straight from the National Party spin department.

  4. The oil industry obviously thought the newly-elected government was joking about not allowing any new contracts for oil exploration – because they either didn’t listen or refused to take it seriously.
    But now the oil industry is indulging in pure spin by misrepresenting what is actually going to happen.
    No new OFFSHORE oil exploration permits, doesn’t mean that ONSHORE permits won’t be considered.
    EXISTING permits will be honoured until either the companies abandon them or they expire as per contract.
    National of course is completely fabricating their own faux-facts like this new policy costing 8,000 jobs.
    If you manipulate statistics you can get them to read however you want and National is the master of that. If you total up all the jobs National claimed to have created over their term of government that would almost equal the total number of jobs in the NZ workforce now.
    National did not, however hard it might claim, have any regional development strategy that didn’t involve drilling, mining or exploitation of other natural resources (think water, fish).
    But hey, when most of the MSM are your paid stooges you can get away with any bullshit and make people believe it is real, can’t you?

  5. I don’t suppose the oil industry is that bothered. They can get the oil and gas from another country and we can pay through the nose to import it.

    It’s a win-win all round

  6. History will record that the oil industry fought bitterly against its demise in its dying days.

    Probably like horse-drawn stagecoache owners fought against that noo-fangled auty-mobile!

    The end of the fossil fuel industry can’t come fast enough.

    • The so-called plan to be ‘carbon neutral by 2030’ is pure fabrication, based on completely ignoring the science behind emissions, and is therefore outright lying on behalf of whoever conjured it into existence, and by whoever promotes it. It reeks of the same kind of deceit that characterized ‘carbon trading’ ….you know, we carry on burning fossil fuels (indeed increase our burning of fossil fuels and increase our emissions) but buy ‘carbon credits’ that are supposedly linked to someone somewhere planting trees. Meanwhile the forested areas of the world decline.

      It is perfectly clear that the atmospheric CO2 will continue to inexorably rise whatever fraud bureaucrats and government ministers promote, and NZ will remain dependent on fossil fuels (this entire civilization is totally dependent on fossil fuels and cannot function without them) until they become unavailable.

      Of course, for a government minister or bureaucrat to discuss scientific matters it pays for them to be scientifically illiterate -which they all are.

      Should the global economic system collapse by 2030 -which is more or less certain- then NZ will be well on the way to carbon neutrality because it will have hardly any fossil fuels to burn. Nor will it have an electricity system (which is totally dependent on fossil fuels for maintenance). Nor will it have an industrial food system to feed people.

      The truth is too uncomfortable for the majority of people, of course, so they continue to clutch at straws.

      Remember, abrupt climate change (referenced above) has been discussed for more than 20 years, and not a thing has been done [by politicians] to prevent it and everything has been done to exacerbate it.

      So, the key to a ‘successful’ political career is to totally ignore everything that needs to be dealt with long term and focus on short-term propping up of the economy, whatever the long-term costs. That is exactly what we witness.

    • Yeah hi AFKTT. Word to the wise. Never take advice from a priest while his temple burns. Instead match personality with process. For instance, my first year working was as a cook for the White Heron Hotel, demolished in 2006. Half my time was making stocks and soup, the other half was checking oil and water in the hotel vehicle fleet because 1980/90’s Nissan GTRs were prone to over heating. So yeah, just thought you’d like to hear a bit of my background in hospitality given that technicals is poorly understood by the public and private sector given that state of New Zealand’s hospitality industry. So running through some of the basics and giving some things to think about to at least get them on the right track at least when they are using technical processes.

      Executing technicals is not a major part of a process but it is an important part of it when you use timing to sell a finished product some time later on that day or week, and also for filtering trade ideas. And when you’re using short term time horizons over a day, a week, months or years the timing is important for making or losing money. So I think it’s best to take time to study technicals and get to know them as best you can.

      In my opinion the reason I think matching personality with process is important is when you’re losing money you really need to believe and understand you’re process, what ever that process might be you’ll lack the conviction in those ideas to stick with them and you’ll be shook out of a trade quickly and easily. So being a good professional is being good at minimising your downside and you can’t do that unless you’re really good at doing what you love. And if you’re forced to adopt a process that doesn’t suit your personality type or don’t really believe in ie somebody else’s process then it’s much harder to have the conviction to execute that strategy / objective properly.

      At the end of the day you should take a strategy that appeals to you and adopt 80% of it and try and make 20% of it your own. And I’m not saying you should make the whole strategy your own but when you do see a strategy that resonates with you and kind of suits the way you want to do things, then be flexible and open to bring your own process into it and your own personality and that’s a mater of trial and error. So spend time reflecting on yourself as a person…, think about the kind of person your are and the kind of risks…, the sorts of things that resonate with you in terms of personal philosophy and when you’re studying that process always go back to thinking which parts do enjoy, which parts don’t I enjoy, which parts suits my personality and weaknesses and try and sharp it from there.

      • That’s all very well, Sam, but the current political-economic system runs on FRAUD and DECEIT, and so-called plans churned out by bureaucrats and politicians are entirely detached from reality. In particular, bureaucrats and politicians promote the ABSURD notions that:

        1. Humans can occupy an ever greater portion of the Earth’s land surface with houses, factories, shops, roads etc. with no significant impact on them or the environment.

        In practice the reverse is true, and people are struggling to live, while natural systems are either exceedingly stressed or at the point of collapse across the planet. Just look at the dire situation in America, much of which is entering the summer in a dreadfully dry condition.


        A few more months of the same conditions will literally lead to collapse of a large portion of the US economy. Is that ever mentioned by the mainstream media? Of course not! It’s all about promoting faux confidence in the future….that we can just carry on doing whatever we did in the past with no ill effect. Lies, lies, lies.

        2. Industrial humans can squander energy with impunity because there will always be more available.

        In practice we entered the period of declining energy availability about a decade ago, which is serious beyond description since without energy -particularly fossil-fuel-derived energy- the entire system collapses, resulting in mayhem and mass starvation.

        3. That industrial humans can use the Earth as a garbage dump.

        In practice the atmosphere is severely contaminated with gases that have dire long-term effects, the oceans are contaminated with a range of chemical that have dire long-term effects (including lumps of plastic and micro-plastics), and much of the land surface is contaminated with deadly chemicals…….shades of Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’, published as a warning over 50 years ago! And ignored, of course.

        Yesterday I saw a young woman I had not seen for quite a while. I was shocked to see that she had become morbidly obese since I had last seen her (hard to judge weight but I would guess in the range 120 to 160kg, well over twice her natural weight). Her shocking state is a direct consequence of living in a corrupt society that promotes overconsumption.

        The fact is, the government will do nothing to correct anything that needs correcting because it exists to promote the interests of banks and corporations. That is why commercially-made cigarettes are still available 50 years after the US Surgeon General’s Report on the ill-effects of smoking. That is why imports of cars has reached a new record high, even as we are about to fall off the energy cliff.

        Needless to say, bureaucrats and politicians -with their utterly warped sense of values and their phony GDP system- see record sales of vehicles as an indicator of success.

      • 1. Right now New Zealanders buy over the counter because they are prof of concepts. Kiwi industry and ingenuity has already been proven and considering there’s demand for solutions New Zealand will step up the hierarchy and satisfy geo-engineering needs. Even with out the man we will use New Zealand for our own purposes and our own prof of concepts and our own personal investments.

        Any one who signs a contract can not discuss it for political reasons especially when it comes to political elites and sovereigns, there’s a lot that goes into play and it’s simply not worth announcing that type of stuff on social media. And for those wondering I know it’s cool to say some ones done this or that with a particular kind of partnership but private businesses and we need to maintain our relationships. Often

        2. Depends what markets you’re talking about but all the markets seem to be in relative down fall which is interesting. So if all the markets are falling that means a lot of people or entities are selling and where is that capital going, is it going in cash? Or market securities, if so is it going to sit there. Or it’s not going to sit there for so long because institutions have to chase return & yield. And yes this is what happens when you force people to work 14hr day.

        3. Excess media attentions causes big spikes in prices and when ever you get excess, people come in after the fact who don’t know what they are doing. You’re always going to get a commit to fall.

        As to your more general question I’m not going to give investment advice because it’s wide open to interpretation. But the weaknesses in New Zealand is one of the reasons why the National party was told to take there bat and ball and shove it. And to assist in creating stability, particularly if there’s a melt down for a poorly put together cattle tracking system.

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