Soper demanding answers over Metiria when HNZ blew $100m for meth testing hysteria – the double standards are unbelievable


What is the most pressing issue of right now?

According to the NZ Herald Troll Farm it isn’t the needless spending of $100m on meth testing, oh no.

It’s not beneficiaries thrown onto the streets banned for 12 months from Housing NZ.

It’s not the hundreds of thousands in costs handed out to beneficiaries.

It’s not Health agencies handing out details to HNZ over people using their addiction services.

It’s not that National were using this hysteria while trying to ram through state housing privatisation.

What did Bazza Soper think was the big story?

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Why Metiria paying back Social Development.

Of course it is.

The double standards of the Right are a thing to behold.



  1. Yes I saw his article but I didn’t bother reading it just the heading was enough. Mr sugar daddy soaper is a hypocrite and he must be getting bored so he is looking for easy bait

  2. It is actually very difficult for the political right to have double standards when they don’t have any standards at all. Double nothing is still nothing.

    • Incredible isn’t it. That’s now a privacy issue between Metiria and WINZ and another flat boring white man/whatever nosying around Metiria is quite creepy. Could be part of another getting of the Greens.

      Never mind; Mike Hosking, he with the electrifying hair, is headlining lambasting the Greens, which is good news as anything which makes Hosking’s hair stand on end must be good news for most other people, indeed for the whole country.

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