Shocking new details – HNZ kicked 300 onto street AFTER they were told meth hysteria was wrong


Incredible announcement on the AM Show this morning.

The head of HNZ, Andrew Mckenzie finally fronted on The AM Show and admitted that over the last 2 and a half years 300 state tenants were kicked out onto the street.

This is a staggering admission because HNZ and the Ministers were told in 2016 that they had misinterpreted their own policy and HNZ acknowledged to the Drug Foundation that they had.

So despite being told in 2016 they were applying their own policy on meth contamination falsely, and then admitting that they were applying their own meth testing policy false, Housing New Zealand STILL kicked out 300 state tenants onto the streets.

What we don’t know yet is the total number of beneficiaries that were banned and kicked out because every time HNZ get asked this question, they give insufficient information.

At the beginning of this week, HNZ claimed it was only 139 tenants, today it’s 300, but that’s just over 2 and a half years, they started this 5 years ago so HOW MANY WERE KICKED OUT?

There was only 1 State House out of 1600 that was an actual P Lab, and the meth contamination policy was supposed to be used only on P Labs.

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On top of this we are now learning these beneficiaries were hit for obscene costs for this bullshit! Some beneficiaries have been hit by costs in the tens of thousands, how is a state tenant who is in that house because they are poor going to be able to pay for hoax contamination costs in the tens of thousands?

The enormity of this abomination continues to  mount every day, and yet no fucker is being held to account.

How the fuck can $100million be blown, lives destroyed, health organisations narking to HNZ for addicts using their services, kids stolen from parents, beneficiaries hit with tens of thousands and no one is accountable??????




  1. Incredible.

    But more incredible still is that not one single person in a high position will take responsibility. Not one. Not Housing NZ execs. Not former National government ministers. No one.

    But as sure as hell, State House tenants were made responsible for minor meth contamination; evicted; and in some cases made to pay for so-called “clean up”.

    So much for right wing governments demanding individual responsibility from us.

    This is irresponsibility at it’s most vile.

    • this might interest you – frank..

      i confronted paula bennet at a public meeting in june 2016 – on the dodgy meth-testing – she admitted they were wrong – and said ‘new standards are being set’..

      so bennet knew in june 2016 how bad this is – her protestations now are just so much bullshit..

      (this is what i wrote the morning after that encounter with bennet..)

  2. Andrew McKenzie should do the honourable thing and resign. If he doesn’t he should be sacked. So why isn’t this terrific opposition National Party demanding his resignation?
    I wonder.

    • Well why isn’t the terrific Labour Party firing him ? Or has he got a golden handshake deal right out of this world ?

      Ever tossed a big juicy field mushroom in a pan and watched the worms come crawling out as the pan heats up ?

      • Yes, I thought of that too.
        Perhaps the government are waiting for him to voluntarily resign so they don’t have to pay him out millions or go to court.
        Or maybe the Labour government are hoping more of the dirty deeds will come to light before they kick his arse.

  3. It’s easy to answer that one Martyn.

    Workers families are only needed by employers if they will work cheaply. If the can’t or won’t work cheaply, they are redundant and thrown on the scrap heap to beg for charity from ‘humanitarian’ bosses.

    When bosses say that they have brought billions out of poverty and are not to blame, they do not mention that it is the workers’ labour that pays for both their profits and any increase in workers living standards.

    In fact workers productivity is the basis of all value production.

    But productivity when deconstructed is nothing but the capacity of workers to pay for their own wages but also increased profits, and as we know the share of profits increases relative to the share of wages.

    Not until this reality sinks in will workers realise that they are the producing class and everyone else is ‘dependent’ on them.

    This raises the obvious demand that workers socialize production and claim all the value they produce, inviting employers to work for a wage or rely on the ‘charity’ of the commons.

  4. Was it also true that those that tested the meth levels also owned the cleaning/detox business so they had a vested interest in saying it was contaminated ?

    • Mike Sabin, owner of MethCON, (he was having a laugh there) Minister at the time who helped push this through. His name hasn’t even been mentioned.

      • a disturbingly large number of the owners of those companies are ex-cops – they know a good wheeze when they see one…

        and that all those listed participants had neither the intellect nor the will to actually ask to see the evidence for these made-up claims..

        but yeah – nah..!

    • Yes.
      Envirocheck was one of the bigger companies.

      Had their own testing services, own laboratory (so no independent testing) and would regularly claim contaminated levels then recommend as a remediation cleaner….

      …. Their own cleaning company.

  5. Further to this Dave, is the fact that most – if not all, workers contracts are about the protection of management, not about the workers!

  6. One big irony in the whole messy business that everyone seems to have missed:
    The materials used to “clean” the houses very probably caused more health problems than what was there previously.
    We can assume that they were “cleaned” with something a bit more powerful than just detergent and water.
    Cleaned to remove negligible or non-existant traces of base chemicals and replaced with larger residues of chemicals from cleaners and sanitisers.
    Something to think about, isn’t it?

  7. This man qualifies for a leading role in the Trump Administration.

    And.. on his way would he be so kind to take US Ambassador Brown with him. I still can’t forgive Brown for turning a Saturday morning on National radio into the most corny, uninteresting, deflating listening experience of 2017. Come to think of it, maybe he should stay. That way we are more likely to leave the clandestine spy club (‘Five Eyes’) sooner rather than later.

  8. When is the former Minister of Housing – Nick Smith politically going to have his feet held to the fire over this P use SCAM?

    Have ANY MSM interviewed him on this matter?
    If not – WHY not?

  9. Add my voice to calls for McKenzie to resign. His position with HNZ is untenable.

    Paula Bennett should also reconsider her position in Parliament. Her role as minister for housing makes her responsible for taxpayers losing $100 million. This is unacceptable.

  10. You need to go back to the beginning of this to a company called METHCON and a now ex disgraced politician called Mike Sabin to see why the National Party was so invested in this sham to meet it’s own agenda of privatizing state housing .

  11. There are many injustices inflicted on beneficiaries. This is only the one placed in front of the public for consumption.

  12. Reefer Madness was over 1/2 a century ago and the propaganda is still cited to cause misery so the few can benefit.

  13. This is an issue that requires mass protest and the the right tactics to gain attention and directly confront Kiwis to what is happening to the most vulnerable in our country and ensure that people like Mckenzie , Bennett and the other scumbags are hung out to dry over this.
    Because this will not get the attention it deserves from the right wing corporate media.


  14. A shocking turn up.

    Next the Pope will turn out to be importing shoes from Brazilian sweatshops using Peruvian child labour.

  15. I think that it’s important to understand that there is the LAW here in godzone but THERE IS NO JUSTICE in this country. I don’t think there has ever been GENUINE JUSTICE here in N.Z. For one thing, the N.Z. judiciary is riven with corruption – IMO & experience (helping a person with his legal challenges). Ditto the legal “profession” – IMO & experience. Sans thousands of $$s legal assistance is unobtainable, & therefore reaching for justice impossible.

    For decades – when I was “well” (MS hadn’t yet devastated my body) & lived in Auckland city, there was hardly a protest march that I didn’t participate in. All I can do now is write to “relevant” MPs – FWIW & it’s worth less & less – IMO.

  16. Andrew Mckenzie is the head of HNZ. His feeble excuse that ‘all this happened before he came onboard(the HNZ)’ is a lousy cop-out. He is not taking responsibility for what happened EVEN UNDER his watch.
    If ALL managers/CEOs of ALL government departments took this excuse then it’s time for ALL HEADS to roll.
    It is likely Andrew McKenzie will never own up that he is a lousy manager and must resign as a result.
    But accountability and responsibility for what happened in the Meth-Myth Witch-hunt MUST ALSO lie on the shoulders of ALL those even from the past National government and their supporters who probably profited from a myth.
    If Andrew McKenzie has close National Party links then we can all figure out how he got the job. Only an incompetent government like National would employ an incompetent person as a head of a government department.

  17. As the guy on TV, looked like a real JERK, one of the worst kinds. His ‘apology’ was more to do with HNZ getting wrong advice and relying on it, nothing that sincere when it comes to the fates of many who were turfed out and left to suffer, some of whom definitely had NO responsibility for any traces of P that was detected in their homes.

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