Northcote turnout continues to be huge – Labour Party


With just a few days of early voting to go, Northcote Labour candidate Shanan Halbert is heartened by the huge voter turnout in the by-election.

Based on the Electoral Commission’s statistics, the early vote turnout is 46% higher than at the same point in the 2017 General Election (7293 people have voted in the 2018 by-election so far, compared to 4973 at the same point in 2017).

Date 2018 Northcote by-election 2017 General Election
28 May 717 300
29 May 727 283
30 May 750 416
31 May 766 678
1 June 979 688
2 June 1625 1116
3 June 861 766
4 June 868 726

Shanan said “I’m incredibly proud of the work my team has done getting people to the polls. We’ve had over 16,000 conversations with voters in this campaign and given how close the race is, every single vote will count.”

“We have always known that this was going to be a tough seat to win off National. Despite this, we’ve had a great response to our message that if voters want a strong local voice who will get things done, they should vote for me.”

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“We’re working hard to ensure everyone over 18 in Northcote knows that they can vote in this by-election – even if they are not enrolled. People can enrol and vote in any early voting booth until Friday 8 June.”

“Northcote voters need to get to a polling booth before 7pm on the 9th of June to have their voice heard. Only a vote for me will ensure that Northcote has a strong local voice in Government.”