Bill English wins a knighthood for his services to mediocrity


So it’s Sir Bill now is it?


His services to mediocrity shouldn’t;t be rewarded, they should be spurned.

What is Bill’s legacy?

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He voted against same sex marriage.

He voted against civil unions.

He voted against prostitution law reform.

He voted for a 2005 bill to try and define marriage only between men and women.

He was actively anti-abortion.

He tried to privatise state houses.

He was in charge of the meth hysteria that blew $100m.

He was in charge of draconian welfare reform that threw tens of thousands off welfare while pushing mass surveillance powers on them.

He drove a tractor up the steps of Parliament to protest against climate change legislation.

He covered up a war crime and he signed NZ up to a $7billion damages agreement if NZ loses the Kim Dotcom case.

He covered up the Todd Barclay case so he could keep passing legislation in the House.

So he was a anti-abortion, homophobic, climate change denying sadist who caused enormous social harm to the poor because he believed the State had replaced God to those people.

Arise Sir Bill.


  1. It is an example what many Sleepy Hobbits appear to ‘value’ in a person. Bill has the attributes that the silent majority, those that vote Nats, and ACT, and some that are yet to find their Christian or not so Christian Bizarre Right Wing Values party, who may presently not be bothered with voting.

    NZ is split, the darker side of society has been heard by those who nominated Bill English for his knighthood.

    Will they ever learn?

    • Keeps the wee lad happy. You gotta laugh.

      But in querying Jim Bolger, remember that when John Key (Remember John Key ?) re-introduced English (no pun intended) titles, and offered to replace Labour’s NZ honours with the English ones, my how they came running back to collect them like hungry pups except for Bolger, who declined a knighthood, it wasn’t important to him.

      Catholic like little boy blue, Bolger didn’t flaunt it as he did, and nor, did Bolger to his credit, flaunt his wife in designer clothes walking looking left and right to see who’s watching, or bring his kids in on the act like so many celeb Catholic Kadarshians. Don’t think he lied either, whereas English could have caused traffic jams at Sat night confession.

    • No, they never learn, but this is clear evidence as to why Clarke got rid of Knighthoods,Key now English, what an effing joke!

  2. Ande the Men of Yore rode valiantly into the Vyllage, ande put to the toil every manne, and let be rayp’d most foully every woman, and did suppress the growthe of every childe, and caste out the needy into the wildernesse.

    Then did the Brave Men loot alle of the provisionnes in the name of the King and His Landowner Friendes. Then did the moste Brave Man declare himself ‘Baron’ and becomme Lord over that Vyllage with utter dominion. And his Landowner friendes were well pleased at what he had wrought in Service of their Wealth.

    And made him ‘Sir’ for hys cruelty in service of they ande their wealthe.

    • Aye , ande that doth stryke me as an brylliante an moste goodly dyscriptive of th Kings men ande thyre retainyrs,…

      Haile Olde King Jim, also knowne as William th bastyrd frome th lande to th Southe of olde Auckland towne.

      – Domesday Booke, 1086.

  3. Driving a tractor in a suit?
    Reminds me of Eddie Albert in Green Acres (an old US sitcom).
    Shane Aderne (no relation to Jacinda, thankfully) did this too.
    What is it with these Natzskis?
    I know they like to bring their work tools to parliament but isn’t that just a tad ridiculous?
    BTW talking of mad cows, good work on f…ng up the government response to the MB epidemic Bill. The cows may not be mad but they are a bit sick.
    I’m sure the farmers will thank you for it.

  4. Forget everything else. This guy technically oversaw an economy that on paper looked good. But like a shitty run down business trying to hide the truth from investors, it hid the reality well. It left many behind in increasing numbers and did long-term damage to the very necessary public service.

    His knighthood is for what he did for Nationals donors for whom the economy was really run for, not what he did or more to the point did not do for NZ.

    Long-term banker and Nat choir boy Cameron Bagerie yesterday opined our low productivity and savings rates. Where were you Cam in the past 9 years? And to me, that is exactly what happens when you purposely run a low wage economy like 90’s Bill did. You get hooked on doing dumber rather than smarter and no matter how dire things get, you can’t kick the habit.

    That is English’s real legacy!

  5. How could we be surprised?

    A knighthood is usually indicative of loyal service to ‘the empire’ -‘the empire’ being the corporate, money-lender, raid-and-pollute-the- commons, exploit-the-proles and transfer-wealth-upwards empire.

  6. Yes , – all of the above , Mr Bradbury … you forgot the Double Dipping , however…

    And you also forgot that Bill English is a two time loser of elections in this country.

    Funny ,…

    This country seems to delight in knighting certain losers…

    Mass surveillance , pony tail pulling , shower pissing , Hobbit Law enacting John Key ,… for instance.

  7. Im not trying to denigrate Sir Bill’s award as he seems like a decent enough bloke, just isolated a little from reality, but we do run the risk of these things becoming meaningless.My own criteria would be fairly simple;
    1. what have they done for the vulnerable.
    2.was it part of their job or over and above the line of duty. do they rate alongside every other doer of good.
    4.did they go looking for accolades.
    I would suggest ones achievements should be stated clearly upon receipt of the award.
    Who decides these awards anyway-was it John Key? We need a cleanout in that department. The rich even hog the awards these days. Are they tax deductible or something?
    Talk doesn’t cook rice though so what about a daily Blog awards or a poor persons/nobody award.
    1.Sir Prince Trotter for services to history and politics
    2. Sir Bradbury for services to pointing out the bleeding obvious.
    3. All of the cleaners in NZ.-when did a cleaner last get Jack!!
    Judge yourself, don’t let other people define your worth.

  8. Why did Bill English get a knighthood? Maybe there was one lying around spare.

    The irony is that Catherine Healy’s damehood (or whatever its called) is the real issue of wonder and discussion. Now there is a woman who richly deserves recognition for services to the nation. Ms Healy’s recognition has been noted internationally.

    Meanwhile, Bill who?

  9. Someone in Labour’s got a sense of humour though. I had a big chuckle when I heard they gave damehoods to the lady who helped “fallen women” for 30 years, and to New Zealand’s first openly gay entertainers on the same weekend as they anointed “Sir” Bill. I’m sure he wasn’t impressed!

    • I was working my way through your references Marc until I reached “private outsourced contractors” and it reminded me of Mark Mitchell in Iraq so I had to stop.

      I saw nothing that covered all the Wgtn govt dept managers who are gone from work by Friday lunch time – or by Friday even- to prep for the weekend, but whose absences do not impact upon them staying fully employed on salaries like $46,000 a month for example.

  10. So… knighthoods are essentially worthless then? John ‘Ponytails’ Key, Peter ‘Smash The Unions!’ Talley and now Bill ‘Charisma Vacuum’ English. It’s almost as though the prerequisite for receiving one has become “must be an irredeemably loathsome human being with all the empathy of a landmine made from broken glass and anthrax.”

    Mike Hosking must be short-listed for next year.

  11. The only two from the labor party who stuck to their socialist principles and turned down a knight/dame hood. Helen Clarke and David Lange (god rest his soul)

    So when you slag off the likes of Sir John Key and Sir Bill English, dont forget guys and gals from labour who sold their principles down the road for a top gong, as would you !Martin

  12. The double dipper from dipton and the horrible NZ fashion lady who isn’t even using NZ product get gongs but our very long list of true kiwi heroes who volunteer their time and go above and beyond, be it the Sallies,the local volunteer firemen or the irreplaceable Mike King get jack.
    What is wrong with this country.
    Wake the fuck up.

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