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FINALLY a reason to watch The AM Show!

By   /  June 5, 2018  /  9 Comments

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If The AM Show keeps Willie Jackson on up against Judith we will finally have an actual debate between Left and Right that is for the first time in NZ history balanced. 

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FINALLY there is a reason to watch The AM Show.

One of the great problems with all political coverage in this country is far right stormtrooper are always put up against polite left wingers who get whipped which gives the viewing population the perception that  the Left is weak.

It happens on every political panel show in NZ and it happens in every media landscape. Look at the Troll Farm over at the Herald with Hawkesby, Hosking, du Plessis-Allan,  Hooton and Soper up against Lizzie Marvelly on her 1000th column on how shit men are and Simon Wilson’s 2000th column on the importance of cycle lanes. Terribly important subjects for sure, but it’s children wearing bike helmets going up against feral hyenas with machine guns.

And this is called, ‘balance’ in NZ.

That’s why what happened on The AM Show last Friday was so important, for the first time in NZ media history, a Left wing head kicker was finally put on up against the Death Star that is Judith Collins.

Willie Jackson went one on one with Judith Collins and if he had simply stated that Paula Bennett and Housing NZ were told by the NZ Drug Foundation in 2016 that they were misreading their own policy and that Housing NZ agreed in 2016 that they were misreading their own policy, Willie Jackson would have knocked Judith Collins clean off the screen.

It was fiery, it was funny and it finally had a Left wing commentator who could go one on one with Judith. Phil Twyford is so polite it’s painful and bloody Stuart Nash effectively hoped up on Judith’s knee and purred for the entire 10 minutes the week before this.

If The AM Show keeps Willie Jackson on up against Judith we will finally have an actual debate between Left and Right that is for the first time in NZ history balanced.

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  1. Tiger Mountain says:

    yep, “take no prisoners” should be the approach from anyone that claims to be from the NZ left–problem is there is a roll of dishonour chock full of sell outs who are left only in the respect that the media has put that label on them!

    social democrats and one issue liberals can’t really be expected to act like battle hardened class warriors, so pressure needs to be exerted on them to listen more to the activists and groups like AAAP (Auckland Action Against Poverty), to support them with information

    if unions in particular make a comeback via action like UNITE gets into, class issues will come to the forefront again

  2. Reginald says:

    I don’t know why Willie hasn’t been used more or more visible. He knows the media inside out, been in parliament before, he’s well
    qualified to front on a lot of issues and take control of the narrative.

  3. Denny says:

    After watching that I was surprised. Crusha and Willie would probably be really good mates in the real world. Drunk’n Duncan’s still a dick.

  4. Observer Tokoroa says:

    The Left needs the best Media performers !

    Good on Willie Jackson!

    I do not watch or listen to kindergarten of RNZ or Kindergarten of TV3. It is way above my head. The women alone frighten me. Lethal Spiders and Crawlies.

    The men are underdeveloped misfits. Woeful. They would make good footballs to kick around.

  5. Michelle says:

    About time someone gave it to that nasty thing Collins she is one nasty cow and she is bent despite all her and her parties dishonesty (oravida visit while representing our country for her and her husbands own business ) we have 44% of mugs still batting for them. That can only mean one thing they are of the same ilk. ( birds of a feather)

  6. simonm says:

    Time to smoke the ‘Old Trout’, Willie! Mind you, I doubt she’d be up to much as kai – a bit tough and very bitter I should imagine.

  7. Wanman says:

    We have to admit Judith is smart. Good luck Willie.

    A lot better than putting Kelvin up though. The party is not that stupid.

  8. Gary says:

    Thanks for posting my comment (not) A bit too close to the bone re Wrongly Wrongson’s hypocrisy was it?

    • Sam Sam says:

      Real journalists go through great pains to explain things in away that normal people understand. Commercial media question.

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