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Things that are terribly important to the NZ media vs things that aren’t

By   /  May 31, 2018  /  9 Comments

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Things that are terribly important to the NZ media vs things that aren’t

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Things that are terribly important to NZ media:

  • Clare Curran’s coffee dates
  • Phil Twyford’s phone use
  • MAFS
  • DWTS
  • Breathlessly telling NZ that there was a meth contamination problem that was huge and deadly
  • Farmers being sad over a cow disease they helped spread
  • Defending Police chases that kill
  • Twitter ‘outrage’ or any story where the ‘internet loses its mind’
  • Millenial micro aggression policing
  • middle class white feminism
  • Metiria courageously admitting she had to steal to feed her kid


Things that aren’t terribly important to NZ media:

  • NZDF lying about war crimes
  • Chinese spy inside the National Party
  • National Party & HNZ blowing 100m on a meth hysteria contamination scam that didn’t exist
  • Acknowledging their own role in creating meth hysteria
  • Catastrophic Climate Change
  • Neoliberal economic hegemony
  • Dirty Politics
  • Mass surveillance lies
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  1. Red Buzzard says:

    +100 good post

  2. Sam Sam says:

    The function of a News paper is to sell news papers. They’ll always be looking at what happened 24hrs ago. It’s a manuscript for failure. Don’t read it. It only shows you how to fail.

  3. Aaron says:

    Can someone make a meme out of that?

  4. mosa says:

    NZ media ( the former fourth estate ) does not exist.
    Neo liberalisim abolished it many years ago without anyone really giving a shit.
    We have only corporate communication that is only about the ” trivial “not the truth or the real facts behind every corporate criminal act and the National parties crimes and misdemeanours.

  5. Mike the Lefty says:

    To add a few more things that the MSM get excited about:
    The Royals
    Married at First Sight.
    Dancing with the Stars (with another ACT has-been)
    Kim Kardashian’s stomach
    Johnny Depp’s f…..n dogs!
    And one more thing that they ignore completely:
    The truth.

  6. Liminal says:

    One more – last night didn’t TVNZ’s 6 o’clock news [sic] lead with the America’s Cup free TV coverage announcement?

    Who gives a flying f–k?

  7. Marc says:

    This led the ‘news’ on TV3 or Newshub tonight at 6 pm:


    Later they had only a short, brief report on the state of affairs of the meth scam issue.

  8. WARSHARK says:

    Slavery, I see, is not listed.

  9. Philg says:

    The media IS THE biggest issue imo. If you don’t have an independent, quality, non commercial media you end up with Trump.

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