The 5 questions we must know the answers to now meth scam has been exposed


Now we know the entire meth testing hysteria was a scam used by National to keep middle NZ on side while they privatised state housing, we urgently need these 5 questions asked of Housing NZ regarding the state tenants they threw out onto the street.

1: How many beneficiaries they kicked out because of meth tests,

2: Were they all suspected for 12 months from any other state house?

3: where are they these former tenants now? 

4: Will they be allowed back into state houses?

5: Did any state tenant have their children removed by MSD because of the meth tests?

Seeing as the NZ mainstream media were complicit in promoting this hysteria, shouldn’t they start doing their job and demand answers to these 5 questions?


  1. Idiot! Have you even read the report?
    Who and how will determine whether levels are 0.5, 1.5, 15 or even 100? Testing will is still be required. It is the decontamination companies that will suffer as there will be less houses testing positive (above the HNZ new level) and requiring cleaning.

  2. It would be interesting to know how many ex police are involved.
    I believe they heavily populate that other great scam – the drug testing industry.

  3. It should be remembered that it wasn’t only Housing NZ tenants who suffered from the hysteria and fell victims to astronomical clean up costs from the predatory decontamination firms.

    All victims should investigate the possibility of a class action against those who insisted upon or who enforced unnecessary decontamination.

  4. Well, it was so nice and entertaining to bash the poor, those on drugs or suspected of it, and those ‘cooking’ or alleged to be doing so. Vested interest parties were behind developing the standards, and it appears they got Housing NZ and others on their side, for ulterior motives.

    Under a National government it is privatisation, private enterprise promotion and leaving much to them to sort out, even setting standards, that is what is behind this.

    Now they blame Standards NZ, but who are they, and who was actually involved in developing the relevant standards, see here:

    Read on page three of that PDF document who was behind it all!

    • I remember talking to some guys from the earth building industry who wrote the standard for earth building in NZ. I believe they had good intentions, and did a good job, but there are pros and cons to many standards in NZ being mostly written by the industry. The meth testing case is an example of how it can go badly wrong, without sufficient oversight.

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