Paula Bennett is a despicable maggot!


I just don’t even know where to begin.

Paula Bennett has been on Radio NZ declaring that she had her hands tied when it came to the Housing NZ meth fiasco…

Ms Bennett defended her views at the time she was minister, saying she herself had raised concerns about the testing limits at the time.

“I’ve always had concerns… I just didn’t think that the 0.5 [microgram limit] sounded right,” she said.

“I questioned [the Health Ministry] in particular who had set that standard, questioned Housing NZ numerous times, got the Standards Authority involved.”

Despite her concerns, Ms Bennett said she could not refute the evidence she was given or stand in the way of Housing New Zealand to impose a different set of standards.

…Paula Bennett would have us believe that she fought Housing NZ over their standards?


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Here are some examples of Paula Bennett fighting HNZ on the flawed meth testing scandal…

…she revelled in playing the tough enforcer. She was constantly slagging off beneficiaries for smoking P, she led the hysteria and she demonised state tenants right as National were trying to privatise state houses.

The Drug Foundation were telling Housing NZ repeatedly that their standards were wrong…

…Paula Bennett knew HNZ had the wrong standards, she can’t now pretend she didn’t know!

Please tell me NZ that HNZ, Paula Bennett and the National Party aren’t going to get away with blowing $100m on a contamination problem that never existed, leaving hundreds of state houses empty during a housing crisis and maybe 1000 people homeless?

National Party meth hysteria helped create the homelessness problem and housing crisis – I don’t accept they didn’t know or were somehow tricked by Housing NZ – this was deliberate spite to help justify state house privatisation agenda.

How the fuck can no one be accountable for this?


  1. And I assume you mean no disrespect to actual maggots.
    paula bennett is the puss in the sore that is neo narcissistic sadism, formerly known to me as neo liberalism. She’s there, and is able to do what she does with impunity, because she knows we’re powerless to stop her and that will give her an unholy frisson in her nether regions.
    And we are.
    She only sees green lights to forge ahead with her torture and the subjugation of us. And if she and her mates can make a dollar out of that? Win-win.
    The only way to stop her and her mates lies with you and me and us.
    Now. What are we going to do about paula bennett?
    Can she multi task? Can she run while screaming?
    Lets find out?

    • CB is right Paula Been-it is a magot.

      She is happily living off the sick injured of us all, – when she was given a hand up in her life and now she is as toxic as jenny Shipley was to the rest of us she makes me puck.

    • It’s not just Paula Bennett. There’s lots of crazy people trying to grab more power. If people don’t even know they are being targeted by policy then how could they possible respond with out lose of income and quality of life.

  2. It is a humanitarian crime….can’t they be sued?…JAIL ?

    The Labour coalition government can not let the crimes of the last 9 years go unanswered.

    They have to personalise it to the Nact politicians concerned

    We have to keep getting reminded and reminded

    This government has to clean up the roots of the rot

    • Perfectly said RB 100%

      I think Labour needs to be bold!!! – and put a ‘line in the sand’ here to have anyn chance of re-election and publically punish those who exacted crimes against us all during the last nine years of Natioonal Party – extortionist governence.

  3. The thing is @Martyn, the same applies to other state agencies, and if you scan through the daily media reports, coalition ministers are STILL relying on advice and BS and EXCUSES from “officials” – even when many have ben obfuscating and bullshiiting straight-faced.
    Doesn’t matter whether it’s WINZ, or Corrections, or Health, or MPI, or MoBIE, or NZTA.
    I’m still waiting for “the transformation”. The signs aren’t that great so far and it looks like HNZ style revelations may be needed before we see the coalition come to the realisation that the past 9 years have truly and utterly fucked our public service – at least at the managerial levels
    Good thing is though, that evidence is mounting

    • Perfectly said ONCEEATIMAAA.

      We have seen Labour hide behind the “advisors” who are really just private interest ponzieists.

      I expected far betternthan this hide and go seek crap fromm labour otherwise all we have voted in was just a group of self interested policy wanks.

      Grow balls labour before NZ rejects you all again.

  4. Perfectly said ONCEEATIMAAA.

    We have seen Labour hide behind the “advisors” who are really just private interest ponzieists.

    I expected far betternthan this hide and go seek crap fromm labour otherwise all we have voted in was just a group of self interested policy wanks.

    Grow balls labour before NZ rejects you all again.

  5. Paula Bennett is in this scam up to her eyebrows. John Campbell nailed her arse to the floor on radio yesterday.

    • Shame that only Campbell did.

      I can see why Key used his connections and tax payer money to silence the only champion for the kiwis who have no power or voice and was prepared to question the power of the state for answers and accountability.

      This is another National – ACT government fiasco that will slip quietly under the radar and be forgotten by the end of the week.

      • INDEED, NADA on TVNZ’s TV1 News, NADA on Newshub’s ‘news’ at six, they do not dare upset their potential future bosses.

        • Today a tiny bit of info on this topic on Newshub at 6 pm tonight, the leading news was a stabbed police dog and its fate in Christchurch or surroundings.

          TVNZ led with a former trainer of athletes having allegations of bullying and an inappropriate sexual relationship thrown at him, NOTHING on the meth testing scam and what Bennett and Twyford may have said and done.

          A shameful state of affairs in NZ’s MSM.

  6. Absolutely she is, and Phil Twyford is a despicable hypocrite:

    “Housing Minister Phil Twyford has been labelled a hypocrite for refusing to apologise or compensate tenants who were kicked out of their HNZ houses because of flawed meth testing guidelines.”


    “The taxpayer has paid potentially millions of dollars in free renovations to private homeowners as a result of Housing New Zealand’s botched campaign against methamphetamine contamination.”

    And the Housing NZ CEO has expressed a total permanent refusal to answer to questions on Checkpoint, hosted by John Campbell.

    So, dear Phil Twyford, once in charge, although this happened under National, you rather protect HNZ and shaft the ones that have suffered badly, while in opposition you made big demands from National?!

  7. So they all blame Standards NZ now, do they?

    “The standard was developed by a committee of 21 experts across relevant industries in the public and private sector. These included sampling and testing operators, decontamination contractors, property investment and property management interests, the insurance sector, local authorities, public health authorities, and laboratories. Central and local government were also represented.”

    Read on page 3 about ‘Committee Representation’:

    “The committee consisted of representatives of the following nominating organisations:
    Analytica Laboratories
    Andy Andersons Industrial Services
    Auckland Council
    Cleaning Systems Ltd
    Contaminated Site Solutions Ltd
    Environmental Science and Research
    Forensic and Industrial Science Ltd
    Hill Laboratories
    Housing New Zealand Corporation
    Hutt City Council
    Independent Property Managers’ Association
    Insurance Council of New Zealand
    International Accreditation NZ (IANZ)
    Local Government New Zealand
    MethSolutions Ltd
    Ministry for the Environment
    Ministry of Health
    New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation
    NZ Decontamination Services T/A Fresh Living
    NZ Remediation Services
    Real Estate Institute of New Zealand
    Standards New Zealand gratefully acknowledges the contribution of time and expertise from all those involved in
    developing this standard.”

    Get THAT? Some major government departments or rather Ministries, who happen to have a MINISTER in CHARGE, were involved in developing the relevant standards, same as some leading local authorities like Auckland Council, and for the rest very much vested interest holding parties, such as laboratory organisations, private business operators in the game, and also real estate agencies and the likes.

    Paula Bennett sounded like a criminal telling every lie and excuse she could when on RNZ last night, as I listened, she is a CROOK, a responsible person who is a habitual liar, and should resign from politics, if she had any principles and decency, but as she does not possess those qualities, she will of course try to het the head out of the noose.

    • It was the National Government …. first with john Key and his ‘drug expert’, ex-drug cop Mike Sabin … followed by their dirty politics boot squads …. Bennett, Collins and crusher Tolley ….. who lead the lynch mobs on their eviction and vilify crusades…….. in the great New Zealand contamination fraud.

      A scam industry was built around fake ‘ toxicity’ …. Real poisons and environmental hazards which make children sick, often with permanent health consequences and hospitalize hundreds each year are either ignored.. or worse yet, solutions are impeded and obstructed … ie rental WoF

      …. Hoax ‘decontamination’ of non toxic homes became the road to riches for a new breed of modern snake oil salesmen and their scaremongering’ … while these con men took Nz to the cleaners the Natz …. particularly those like Bennett who was the Boss of HNZs top dog / chairman / GM … were pack leaders in the mob mindset and meth hysteria.

      Our DP media ….. addicted and reliant on alcohol money .,. printed lies as fact …. amplified the scaremongering sales pitch of the clean up con men … and were a bullhorn for Bennett to whip up Lynch mob justice…

      Bennnett and the Natz cynically used stereo-type smears …. and the permanent National party scapegoats … Druggies …. as a means to their ends ….

      Which was ….To evict tenants and sell housing NZ stock …. in the middle of a housing crisis.

      Just as with Dirty Politics our media were a integral vital part of a vicious dishonest campaign … Smearing and attacking the victims or those in the way of the Key Government

      “We will not tolerate meth use in our social housing. We are not going to risk houses suspected of being drug dens today, becoming potentially toxic playgrounds for innocent children in the future.” “Each home needing decontamination cost between $8000 and $16,000,” ….. “During the past three financial years, 13 state homes had to be demolished P contamination.”

      **** Note the s’Stuff’ news story I’ve linked too and quoted from is a prime example of Bennett being at the center of the fake meth contamination moral panic ….

      And our news media printing lies and falsehoods as facts …. from the very first scaremongering sentence …. ie;… “As many as 600 state homes will need P decontamination this year, amid claims retirees are now smoking the toxic drug. ” …

      The truth is there is no contamination as there is no hazard ..

      And if retirees were smoking a “toxic drug”….. they would die / be dead….. which would happen if they tried to smoke something toxic ,,, like cyanide or even Lead …. toxic = poison.

      The whole stuff story is packed full of fear-mongering falsehoods and misinformation …

  8. This IS NOT about Paula Bentfucknut, but the criminal liability of a P witchhunt poison housing industry allowed to flourish as real, that has no doubt caused pain to thousands, not just in the social housing sector – although legitimating a snake oil persecutory decontamination industry like this could (must) have its sanction from a government body. How did this bogus industry get legitimacy and sanction, there DOES need to be an inquiry into this. Could she be behind it? Maybe. But surely what has happened is criminal, now the science behind it has been exposed as FAKE AS FUCK. This is soooo bad.

  9. Watched the Bennett interview with Lisa Owen. What a load of fairness that was. Her concern and empathy was obviously practised in front of a mirror……
    Wonder how many paper shredder are going 90 to the dozen 24/7 in National HQ?

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