Call for referendum on abortion rights – Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement


The Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement have issued a call for a referendum on abortion rights to be held in Aotearoa.

Under current New Zealand law, women don’t have full bodily autonomy. The decision to have an abortion does not rest with the person who is pregnant, they have to meet strict requirements before they can get an abortion, including gaining the approval of two certifying consultants, who are specially appointed physicians. They decide whether or not the woman meets the grounds for abortion set out in the Crimes Act.

The grounds doctors consider ignore the importance of socio-economic and personal factors in making a decision. In fact we would argue that there should be no need to have specified grounds for abortion. They are disempowering for women.

In Ireland, the matter was given to the people to decide. It seems here any change we are subject to will be via a conscience vote in Parliament. We need to demand a referendum on the issue.

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The Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement supports a woman’s right to control her own body.

There should be no abortion laws or regulations around abortion – we should just simply trust women.