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Andrew Dickens shitting on dead kids before their bodies are cold – NZ Herald Troll Farm at it again

By   /  May 29, 2018  /  32 Comments

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…in NZ,  ‘respect my authority’ is not only acceptable social policy, but  anyone who says otherwise is a communist. 

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Here’s Andrew Dickens, shitting on dead kids before their bodies are cold…

Andrew Dickens: ‘Feral’ drivers need to stop for police, it’s their fault when they die
Two dead in Palmerston North and one in hospital. Another heartbreaking statistic after a police chase. The seventh and eighth deaths this year after pursuits.

Once again there’s a call for police chases to either stop or be further regulated and reduced.

But these deaths weren’t the responsibility of the police – but the driver who chose not to obey the law.

…to be fair I thought Mike Hosking would be the first at the NZ Herald right wing Troll Farm who would do this, but dear old Andy has beaten him to it.

We are now at stage 2 of the thoughts and prayers stage of the response to cops killing people in Police chases…

1 – Total denial of any responsibility by the Police

2 – White people blaming the kids for running and demanding what else are the Police supposed to do

3 – Media point out overseas Police jurisdictions don’t have levels of chase death like we do because you know, they are mature enough to comprehend that ‘respect my authority’ can’t be a social policy.

…in NZ,  ‘respect my authority’ is not only acceptable social policy, but  anyone who says otherwise is a communist.

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  1. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    This bullshit “strategy” will stop once the cops themselves kill someone (e.g. a pedestrian or cause a car accident) during one of these chases. As long as only the teens they are chasing die, nothing is going to change and the “they had it coming” will continue. Although… when (not if) the cops kill someone in a high speed chase, I wonder if they’ll try and slap a manslaughter charge on the driver of the car they were chasing as opposed of taking ownership of the blame themselves. Actually, I bet they would totally try that on.

  2. G.A.P. says:

    Ross Meurant (not someone i often agree with) on radio live this afternoon. This carnage will continue until police officers who cause death, shootings car chases etc. are required to justify there actions in a court of law, not merely a quick trip to the covering up police complaints authority.

  3. Petercvs says:

    So what action do you think the police should take when sighting a stolen car??
    Do you place any responsibility on the fleeing drivers?
    Wake up to reality. The pursuit did not kill them. What killed them was illegal and dangerous driving. And they were observed driving dangerously before the pursuit started, so you can’t blame the pursuit for their driving.

    • mpledger says:

      It’s a tough decision.

      Chasing the fleeing drivers means a higher risk of injury to the chased and to bystanders. Letting the driver flee may reduce the level of dangerous driving and since the lower-risk dangerous driving goes on for longer it may mean the total risk is about the same.

    • Mike the Lefty says:

      You forget it isn’t just the driver of the car, there are usually passengers and occupants of other cars who are put at risk by pursuit and they don’t deserve to die

  4. Psycho Milt says:

    This fuckwit was a constant threat to the lives and limbs of his fellow citizens every time he got in a car. Unsurprisingly, he ended up splattering himself all over the inside of one of his stolen vehicles. Given that he didn’t manage to kill anyone outside the stolen vehicle in the process, this is basically a good-news story. I’m not seeing how cops are relevant to it in any significant way, other than the usual – they got the shit job of helping to clean up Fuckwit’s mess for him and tell the parents.

    • orbital panda says:

      Milt -your angry and inappropriate post indicates you have what is called antisocial personality disorder. This means you have a poor inner sense of right and wrong and cannot understand or share another persons feelings. Someone with this personality type sees others as objects he can use for his own benefit. Milt you would more likely be a sociopath rather than psychopath. A key factor in diagnosis is how you relate to others. APS is difficult to treat but psychotherapy (or talk therapy) over the long term may be beneficial. There are no medications to treat APS but talk to your GP. Best wishes.

      • Psycho Milt says:

        It’s very thoughtful of you to offer amateur diagnoses of complete strangers’ personality disorders over the Internet, but did you have anything to say about the comment?

  5. Michelle says:

    what a wanker you are psycho milt I hope someone runs you over no wonder we have so much division in our country with a..holes like you

    • Psycho Milt says:

      It was kind of you to offer an assessment of my character and your wishes for my future, but did you have any thoughts on the subject at hand?

      • Mjolnir says:

        Come on , Milt, the kid was 15 years old. In what universe does a 15 year old think wisely and more then 15 minutes into the future?? You’re being utterly unreasonable and uncompromising in the face of yiuthful immaturity and, yes, a fair bit of stupidity.

        Hands up everyone who didn’t do anything dumb or dangerous when they were young?

        • dave brown says:

          The cops are the immature ones here.
          A 15 year old has not matured, yet the cops are so adolescent that they cannot stand kids challenging their authority.
          Cop chases are a kind of red-mist that challenges most kiwi males when their power to drive at will is not respected.
          Except that cops are licensed to kill.
          Who says NZ does not have capital punishment.

          • Christine says:

            Cops are not licensed to kill – that’s Maggie Barry’s End of Life Choice argument.

            I hope that no-one runs anyone over, and I hope the cops ascertain the ages of stolen car drivers before they decide whether to stop them, or whether to just let them keep the stolen car because the drivers are only children.

            No easy answers, just horrific outcomes.

          • Observer Tokoroa says:

            Just wondering

            Are you all suggesting that we just let the kiddies do what they want to do – no matter what. Super.

            We should take all the Police off the Roads. They have got a hell of a job anyway. NZ Grown ups hate the Police. No need for phone 111 ever. None at all.

        • Psycho Milt says:

          Come on , Milt, the kid was 15 years old. In what universe does a 15 year old think wisely and more then 15 minutes into the future??

          And? Are we supposed to just accept having 15-year-olds driving stolen cars dangerously on our roads because, hey, 15 years old, waddayagunnado?

          Hands up everyone who didn’t do anything dumb or dangerous when they were young?

          Now, hands up everyone who was chased by the cops for dangerous driving in a stolen car while out on bail for previous serious driving offences? Anyone?

          • The Daily Blog Martyn says:

            Milt – no one is suggesting we have some mad max apocalyptic night mare where no law rules – they are alternatives to police chases, many jurisdictions over seas utilise these alternatives and they don’t have the same high level of deaths and injuries, surely we should look at those for ideas rather than sticking with the ‘respect my authority’ style management now?

            • Psycho Milt says:

              There are various alternatives that all involve cops letting offenders continue putting people’s lives at risk, rather than trying to stop them from doing so. Voters in this country don’t like the sound of that, and they have a point.

              In this particular case, what alternatives were available that didn’t involve just allowing unidentified offenders to continue driving dangerously in a stolen car? And in particular, what alternatives were available that ensured this creep didn’t kill a bunch of other people? There was only one person who got to decide whether and how many people died in that incident, and he wasn’t a cop.

              • The Daily Blog Martyn says:

                No, that’s just not true.

                You can’t justify a failed chase policy that kills with the possibility those drivers will just go on and kill people. Why not just shoot meth addicts because they might cause violence in the future?

                Voters have been led by a media who feed their fears of crime, are whipped up into a frenzy thanks to the sensible sentencing lynch mob and then manipulated by ‘get tough on crime’ politicians. Using that as proof of why you are right is just ridiculous.

                There are plenty of alternatives, why on earth can’t we even look at them?

          • Sorry, Milt, but I think you’re over-reacting on this one. Of course they’ll speed if they’re being chased. Young, immature minds; the flush of adolescent hormones; adrenalin – if that’s not a dangerous biological cocktail, I don’t know what is.

            Yeah, I did some dangerous, stupid things on the road when I was 17. *raises hand* In one instance I was lucky to be alive. I can still remember the adrenalin; the excitement, but most important – the crazy notion that I was invulnerable. Teenagers think like that: it’ll never happen to them. Road deaths happened to other people – especially ones I didn’t know.

            Add to that a steady ‘diet’ of TV shows and movies depicting car-chases in busy city streets where no one ever got hurt (certainly no by-standers), and that completes the unrealistic world-view that (some? most?) kids have.

            If you can remember the giddiness of youth, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

            If not; if you’ve forgotten, then you’re viewing the world of a kid through your own mature eyes. Big mistake.

            • Psycho Milt says:

              All true, did it myself when I was 15, including drunk driving, and the important part is still “So what?” When you’re the one sitting behind the steering wheel, you’re responsible for what the car does. If you make it do stupid things that kill people, those people are just as dead as if you were 50, and nobody else is to blame for killing them.

          • Michelle says:

            hands up everyone who was pulled over by the cops for just being brown.

  6. Helena says:

    Huge number of cars on NZ roads, huge number of kids driving respecting the lives of others. So sad to know of these deaths.
    Is this leading us more quickly towards “kill switches” being installed in all vehicles for instant shutdown of vehicles engines by police?

    • mpledger says:

      It seems like a large power awarded to police which had the potential for misuse by the police and those who hijack the technology.

    • Observer Tokoroa says:

      Hi Helena

      I think the kiddies will quickly learn how to sabotage any “Kill Switch”.

      The Grown Ups on here mostly want the Police to butt out. The police are evil you see. Apparently, police never do anything good for according to TDB.

      In civilised communities Police are Respected here and overseas.

      • Christine says:

        I don’t want the police to butt out. They’re getting a lot of flack because this latest driver killed was only 15 I think, and a dead 12 year old little girl as well. A total tragedy.

        My point is that when the police sight a stolen car, they don’t know the age of the driver, or whether he/she has a record of driving infringements.

        But the police do not cause any of these kids to steal the cars.

        Nor can they predict how they may react. The only certainty is that unless they’ve been living on farms and driving around for years, 15 year olds are unlikely to be skilled drivers or mature thinkers.

        As a driver not only am I glad that we have the police out there, I know that we need them.

        Nor do I think their job is particularly easy, or that they deserve to be labelled in the nasty way that Dave Brown does here – he’s the one personalising the issue without offering one iota of evidence.

        Kiwi males do not have the “power” to drive at will, they are required to obey the rules of the road, all of them; if they don’t understand that then they should stick to riding asses like themselves.

        • Michelle says:

          Is a car worth more than 2 young peoples lives? I guess it depends on who you are talking to. We have white collared crims getting treated better and many destroy peoples lives.
          Also based on some of the views on this site I gather many of them have never been treated badly by our police nor have they had any dealings with them and experienced their racist and blatent discriminative behaviour.

          • Psycho Milt says:

            Is a car worth more than 2 young peoples lives?

            Well, the driver of the car certainly thought so. It’s unknown what anyone else thought.

            Also based on some of the views on this site I gather many of them have never been treated badly by our police nor have they had any dealings with them and experienced their racist and blatent discriminative behaviour.

            It’s well known that the NZ Police treat people badly and engage in racist behaviour. However, the cops in this incident didn’t do any of that. They tried to pull over a stolen car, which is their job. Equating them doing their job properly with them mistreating people just makes it harder to get anyone to pay attention when they really do mistreat people.

  7. Mjolnir says:

    Question: who the feck is Andrew Dickens??? And what makes him an authority on stupidity, aside from his own of course.

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