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  1. Paula Bennett’s vicious attack on the Speaker of the house yesterday was something that the last speaker David Carter would have requested her to e removed from the house for saying what she did that the PM “was a silly little girl”

    We watch Parliament almost every day during Q+A time and I how witnessed many times when Trevor Mallard has pulled up many opposition Members for saying things off hand that others have not heard so his hearing is very good .

    PR have no fear there, so it seems that the national opposition has already embarked on a mission to topple the speaker of the house by this action.

    It seems to have been a staged event, and we noticed that Gerry Brownlee was also in the fray trying to stir this plot along too;

    Oh yes “Dirty politics” is well alive and kicking here by the national party.

    Someone should place a charge against National party interference in our parliamentary democratic procedure of disrupting government from their job to serve the NZ people.

  2. Not the mainstream media ( the mainstream media dissected):

    ‘Anti-Trump crusade’

    “We have all gotten used to it – the media hate Trump and the president returns the favor in kind. How has this mutually charged hate fest changed media and journalism? Does the liberal corporate media report the news anymore? Is journalism today a fake profession in the service of partisanship?

    CrossTalking with Rob Taub, Lionel, and Ron Placone.”

  3. Yesterday’s great report, today another great report, Zac Fleming of RNZ deserves a great media award:

    So only short term, seasonal workers, such as back packers, can handle such ‘shit work’.

    But the Nats and some industry employers like to call Kiwis as not being up to it, or even lazy, for not taking the ‘opportunity’ to work in the horticulture and kiwifruit industry, working high pressure for minimum pay.

    This is total BS, exposed, thanks to Zac, with an excellent report from the coal face.

    It is back breaking work picking, if you are not small enough (I suppose ‘Asian’), and it is ‘shit work’ in the packhouse, so one senior insider says.

    Wow, that is what we get with globalisation, we get shit jobs and slave jobs, at shit pay, competing with other countries, to export them what we think we must export and sell to them, so in return we get other shit and slave job products in return.

    How ‘environmentally’ friendly will a FTA with the EU be, I wonder, we export cheese, milk, meant and kiwifruit to them and they export their same and perhaps the odd other products to us?

    Shipping stuff half way around the globe, for stress and slave work in total dependency.

    Only idiots and Sleepy Hobbits in hamster wheels will vote for such outcomes. Live could be easier and better without this madness.

  4. Prepare for an early election late this year, the attack and sabotaging of this government by National and its big business allies, and especially farmers, has just started, watch this space. They consider this government a ‘threat’ for the economy, and they want nothing of it, they will pull every lever.

    The problem is, they will get their way, as most ordinary, working Kiwis are too ignorant and also too cowardly to realise what goes on and to stand up and fight in the streets and work places.

    Democracy is an empty word in this country, same as the endless BS about the ‘least corrupt country on earth’.

    • We know this is illusion and is NOT going to happen, as most people follow the psychology of mistrust and warfare and competition, the only solution is the ultimate warfare and destruction of social fabric, so that the common human may realise, they better wake up and work together for better survival and achievement. All else is illusion, a nice dream, prepare for WAR, also the ultimate CLASS WAR, which will be inevitable, better get armed and organised.

  5. Resume, NZers live in a Bubble, a huge Bubble, and still cannot get it, their reliance on this present economic model and totally unsustainable model is going to be totally screwed up, they will KILL each other once the SHIT hits the FAN, never a thing imaginable.

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