Union leader Mike Treen to join flotilla to Gaza in July


Mike Treen spoke with acclaimed US/Palestinian author Dr Baroud who is currently on a speaking tour of New Zealand on why he is going on the Flotilla to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. (See link below)


  1. You be careful , Mike Treen , we got Marama Davidson back in one piece and we want / need you back here in one piece as well.

    Like Marama, you’ve got a good work to carry on here. Its the lions den as far as I’m concerned over there. Still , all power to you for taking your stand.

  2. With all respect, Mike Treen, the country is facing massive challenges here, workers here need voices and leaders who can organise them and their work places, and we need some truly left of centre people in politics, why do you choose to rather participate in this kind of action, and not in the political struggle in New Zealand?

    • Good man Mike,

      We need to clone him so our future is better, so go well Mike best of luck.

    • Would there be a ‘political struggle in NZ’ without the presense of the Anglo American Jewish bankers stripping out our cash via Australia?

  3. Jesus! Go you! I’m very proud of you man.
    Just keep your head down. Wear a vest and a Kippah. They’ll think you’re one of them.

  4. Will you also try and breach the Egyptian blockade too, or is it easier to ignore that blockade? Will you pre record a video saying you have been ‘kidnapped’ and be dissapointed when you have been treated well and put on a plane home within 24hrs??

    • You shut your mouth , – do you really even give a crap about human beings being slaughtered?

      I don’t give a shit if they are Israelis or Palestinians lives .

      Even your crummy sarcastic cynical arse.

      I want people to more than just ‘live’ … I want them to experience life.

      And live a good , long , honourable life and see the simple things are often the most valuable. And that’s what Mr Treen’s doing this for, human rights.

      Just keep your head tucked in that cap , Treen ,… need you back here as well , mate.

  5. This is what they believe in, and they will insist on it, if they deny Muhammad Al Rasul, and his scriptures, they would face themselves expulsion or head chopping, that is the truth:


    Turn and twist it as you like, are we as Christians tolerant to allow this, and expect them to do the same, or are we focused on science and so, or are we going into lal and, or what?

    Stuff to think about in the age of political correctness, I will prepare for JIHAD now!

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