Funding could protect thousands of migrant workers – FIRST Union


Labour inspectorate funding could protect tens of thousands of migrant workers from exploitation

FIRST Union welcomes the Government’s announcement of 34 million dollars towards a beefing up of Labour Inspectors.

FIRST Union’s General Secretary Dennis Maga says it will improve the accessibility of labour inspectors to ensure workplaces adhere to at least the minimum requirements of employment law.

“There’s presently around 50-60-odd inspectors for the whole country so only the worst case scenarios are receiving attention.”

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Mr Maga says it will also go a long way to repairing New Zealand’s damaged reputation overseas following revelations of a terrible migrant exploitation over the last few years.

“This announcement is more worker-central than the previous government and will help to rebuild New Zealand’s reputation as a safe place for migrant workers to work.”

He says it will make business managers think twice before pushing or breaking the law, and it will reinforce better working conditions.

“It will discourage companies from believing they can import workers and use them for jobs that most Kiwis wouldn’t put up with.”


  1. 50 to 60 inspectors currently and supposedly that number to double over the next four years. Thats still not enough with a workforce of more than 2.5m people.

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