Where’s Whānau Ora in Labour’s Families Package? – The Maori Party

By   /   May 18, 2018  /   3 Comments

The Māori Party is disappointed that Whānau Ora has been overlooked in today’s budget, with President Che Wilson saying they are deeply concerned about the direction that this Labour Government is taking, in mainstreaming Māori issues.

“There is no new money for Whānau Ora in today’s budget – that goes against the promise that Labour made to voters last year to put $20 million into Whānau Ora over 4 years.” said Che Wilson, Māori Party President.
“That’s an issue of integrity. That’s a policy that Labour itself put up – they are the majority party in Government so there’s really no excuse to reneg. It’s also a bit of a kick in the guts given that this

“It’s also a very concerning indication about how this government thinks about Māori issues in general. Whānau Ora is all about putting control over the social and cultural transformation of Whānau back into the hands of communities. This budget has taken that away, and put control back into the hands of government.”

“It is a typical Labour approach. We are disappointed. We’ve got more Māori MP’s in government than ever before, but the Labour Party still won’t back Whānau or communities to lead their own development.”

“It’s concerning because it also hints at their wider agenda around mainstreaming Māori issues. We already know that what works for mainstream doesn’t work for Māori – it’s a failed approach, and yet here we are again,” said Mr. Wilson.

“When the Māori Party were in government we secured $450 million for Whānau Ora over 9 years. Last term alone we secured $110 million and that’s with 2 MP’s. It just goes to show that more Māori MP’s in government does not equal better outcomes for Māori.”

“Our message to Labour’s Māori MP’s is to be strong and stand up for what’s right – because ignoring Whānau Ora in today’s budget was just so wrong.”

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  1. Sam Sam says:

    CAPEX went up by ten billion with a little over 1 billion left for…,? There’s some defence projects and treaty stuff left unresolved. Probably be some announcements latter this year on major projects not yet approved.

  2. Michelle says:

    I think the current review may influence the funding for whanau ora and that is why money has been held back. Before they invests they need to know what is working and what isn’t and why. Also I think many of the gnats programmes were set up to fail they had no proper evaluation process or flexibility and they had the wrong people/groups delivering them. That way they (the gnats) can say they tried when really they didn’t and they didn’t listen to the people who know, work and live in these communities and they know what is best for them not the other way around.

  3. Grace Miller says:

    What did Maori Party do for NZ in nine years?

    Fuckall for Maori. Oh, the RMA dismantled for more powhiri: seems they’d rather eat scones than protect our whenua?

    None this budget DOES NOT EQUAL no money – they’ve got 2 more years. Bitter whining from a party all out of ideas. And out of parliament too! #schadenfreude