CPAG Post Budget Special live stream 11.30am today


Every year Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) hosts Post Budget events across the nation, providing a unique, low-cost opportunity for communities to come together and hear about what budgetary changes will mean for children and young people, especially those whose lives are affected by structural socio-economic disadvantage.
At each event, a child-focused analysis and commentary of the Budget 2018 will be delivered by special guest speakers, as well as spokespeople from CPAG

Guest speakers include senior lecturer in economics Dr Stephen Poletti; Public Health Medicine and Māori Health expert Dr Rhys Jones; and Professor Innes Asher, Starship Children’s Hospital paediatrician and Professor of Paediatrics.


  1. Incivility, volatility and uncertainty aren’t bad in of and of themselves. They make planning difficult, but they act as release valves for violence. Suppressing such things lead to extreme events like reck, ruin and revolution.

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