Suburban Far Right Race Candidate enters Northcote by-election

By   /   May 17, 2018  /   41 Comments

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If there is a silent majority of racists living in Northcote, they finally have their knight in shining by burning cross light armour. 

Just when you didn’t think the Northcote by-election could get any more fun, a suburban far right race candidate has entered complete with a ‘Let’s drain the swamp’ logo…

Her introduction reads…

I’m Kym Koloni, standing as an Independent Candidate in the Northcote By-Election 2018.
I stand up for the silent majority of New Zealanders.

…and if you wanted to know more about her, because I know you do, here’s what she is about…

My name is Kym Koloni, and I stand up for the silent majority of New Zealanders that have had a gutsful of years and years of false promises, made by politicians from ALL parties. More than ever, NZ needs people who are not afraid to stand up, speak out and say what the majority of people are thinking. We need to push back on this political correctness and political corruptness. The Swamp Needs Draining

…the candidate too racist for NZ First is hoping to harvest the hidden racism of white suburbia. This is an interview with Simon Wilson’s by-election series that I’d pay to read.

On her Facebook page people keep re-quoting her saying the following, “”You Maori women are no longer graceful and strong and beautiful – You’re loud and ugly and abusive – kill your babies and breed to get an income”, I have yet to see her deny this quote.

She goes on…

New Zealanders are a fair people (and I’m not talking about skin colour).

But it’s not fair that a bullying fraction of 15% can have 50%, let alone 100% of a first world nation based on doctored evidence.

The pendulum has swung too far, and the people are speaking.

One binding referendum on race-based wards has returned the usual 80/20 No vote (77% in Manawatu, just like Andrew Judd’s 83% rejection in New Plymouth and all the others, with four more similar messages due any minute).

All I’m doing is standing up for the country I love. When did that become a crime?

…wow, that’s a level of emotional self victimisation that’s truly committed isn’t it?

If there is a silent majority of racists living in Northcote, they finally have their knight in shining by burning cross light armour.

PS – She hates 1080 as well. Of course she does.

PPS – I’m putting $10 on her hating vaccines as well.

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  1. Red Buzzard says:

    she looks a wee bit Maori to me…something about the nose and eyes

  2. Rucklands says:

    Is her middle name Karen?

  3. Marc says:

    So WHAT?

    Why even promote such a deluded loser to this status? She is clearly unfit and will NEVER win any significant votes, ffs, get real, give her a back door pass to a second rate movie, free pass, and dive under, thanks.

  4. Rucklands says:

    New Zealand’s answer to Pauline Hanson.

  5. Marc says:

    Reminds me:

    ‘Right’ is easy to get excited for, but it is also due to failed government policy, the left is LOSING support, also here.

  6. Marc says:

    F her, this is what revolutionary women stand for:

  7. Marc says:

    Bit more, for that self entitled person up ‘north’, f you:

  8. Roy says:

    I never liked that expression, “drain the swamp”. Swamps are sacred; wetlands hosting a multitude of biodiversity, excellent carbon sinks and sadly too many have been drained for shitty farms. Of course they don’t make as much money, so that awful woman can’t see their value. What trash.

    • Tom Gardner says:

      Excellent thinking! Well, it would be logical for the Greens to choose a motto “Retain the Swamp”, although logic may not apply in this instance . . .

  9. Marc says:

    The ones she likes to embrace politically:

  10. LMAO!! 😀

    “Let’s drain the swamp”?!?!


    1. Not very imaginative – totally derivative.

    2. Associating yourself with that Orange Buffoon in the White House by “borrowing” his slogan is hardly likely to endear you with 99% of the electorate. (She’s welcome to the remaining 1%.)

    At best, she is a rather unfunny caricature.

  11. Red Buzzard says:

    re: ” PS – She hates 1080 as well. Of course she does.

    PPS – I’m putting $10 on her hating vaccines as well.”

    ( well actually it is fair enough to have questions about 1080 and vaccines…many educated thinking people do have reservations )

    • Tom Gardner says:

      . . . and very many educated people support means to rid NZ of animal pests, and to protect their children from disease

    • Bushie says:

      Indeed. I am disappointed in you Martin for confusing sensible questions about aerial poisoning of our water supplies and wildfoods with the far right. As a Labour supporter I support much of the budget re cheap doctors visits and state houses, but am opposed to the deadly poisoning of our land and water without the consent of the people who live here.

  12. Christine says:

    The majority of people who do think, are probably thinking:

    (a) How did one person manage to become as meaninglessly cliche-bound as Kym ?
    (b) Is her middle name convolvulus ? and
    (c) Isn’t it nice when the Green candidate stands out as so effortlessly normal and smart…

  13. Castro says:

    The most racist people in No Zealand are the Chinese, Indians and Koreans; not palatable to the faux left, because only white people can be racist; take at look at the ethnocide and genocide of Tibetan and Uighur minorities in the world’s largest dictatorship. Blue Dragons!

    • Michelle says:

      You forgot one group Castro the white south Africans and many live over the north shore. (and have come here with their baggage)

      • savenz says:

        Yep the race in North shore will be between Asian vs South African values..

        Not sure why she is targeting Maori, the chances of them a) affording to live in the North Shore and b) not being killed off at North Shore hospital or c) arrested by police, are slim on the shore.

      • Mike says:

        Many South Africans are refugees from the corrupt, racist blacks in South Africa. the know what the Deluded “PC ” rabble will create in NZ if allowed to grab political power.

      • D'Esterre says:

        Michelle: “…the white south Africans…”

        Yeah, that thought occurred to me as well. There are many white South Africans on the North Shore.

        Although in fairness all round, the North Shore – parts of it, anyway – has long been known as a haven for white folks. Many years before the influx from post-apartheid SA (while SA was still an apartheid state, in fact), I can recall attending a health sector conference in Auckland, at which a speaker noted that: “you have to get your passport out to go across the harbour bridge”. A ripple of amusement: we all knew what he meant!

  14. Christine says:

    I have known and worked with both black and white Zimbabweans and never come across any racism at all, just some incredible, and very sad histories, from rather likable people.

    Kym’s disgraceful offensive comments about Maori women are unacceptable in any aspiring politician – they are counter-political, and Kym may have been conditioned elsewhere, perhaps South Africa, but neither New Zealand or South Africa is in any way enhanced by views like hers.

    She belongs in the past, not in the future.

  15. Robert Atack says:

    I would vote for anyone against 1080 …. if they were going to do something about it that is, unlike that other anti 1080 race baiting, lying sack of shit Winston Peters.
    And putting mercury in children’s brains whats wrong with that?

  16. Mike the Lefty says:

    Why isn’t she on talkback radio?
    She would be perfect.
    A New Zealand Pauline Hansen clone with a grudge against society because they didn’t make it right to the top.
    Perfect company for Mike Hosking and Mark Richardson.

  17. XRAY says:

    Does she mean the swamp inhabited by the creatures aka MP’s from the National Party?

    Where will housing investors/speculators/Mark Richardson live if she destroys their habitat?

    Will she find Judith Collins shareholding in swamp Kauri in it?

    Will she find Jonathan Colemans conscious there too?

    By the way ACT is standing as well

    • roy cartland says:

      “ACT is standing as well”

      Oh you beauty, a real fragmented right to match the fraggy left. Nice.

  18. Andy K says:

    A campaign so half-arsed it could easily be mistaken for a piece of satire.

    Koloni? Is that pronounced colony? Then the slogan “One people—one law”; must have run out of space for ein Reich, ein Führer.

    That party logo is great, especially the profile of the country upon the “O”, looks as if the country is inserted into an anus.

    What’s going on with the colours; orange, white and black? Just settled on using the colour scheme from the Electoral Commission?

    Then top it all off with the mugshot, like a psychopath who doesn’t know what a smile is making their best effort to force some distorted facial expression somewhat resembling one; probably the greatest effort ever to be exerted in this campaign.

    The level of originality in this campaign could be summed up as late 20th/early 21st century right-wingers greatest hits. Probably just another case of the arsehole pride brigade feeling emboldened by the election of Trump.

  19. Pepe Lopez says:

    What a missed opportunity. Political correctness and thought-policing is a scourge on any free society, and it’s becoming rampant. These anti-PC candidates are exactly what we need, yet the ones with the spine to stand for elected office happen to be the worst of the bunch, the ultra-religious or ultra-racist faction who undermine themselves. We need a mainstream, non-racist anti-establishment candidate.

    Kym might have actually stuck a chord and had some success if she focused on the PC aspect and dropped the race baiting. She certainly has some good points, but kiwis aren’t ready to hear them yet. It’s the same as simple Simon. If he came out swinging against political correctness and apologised for how pink the last National administration was, his polls would go through the roof.

    Mainstream New Zealand is just waiting for the right candidate. Kym is not that person.

  20. Christine says:

    Gosh people are being mean to Kym. I did a search on her surname and I found Emmanuel, an incredibly impressive Congolese-Rwandan Arch Bishop who anyone would be proud to be related to.

    His name is spelt a bit differently vowel-wise, but they have similar facial features, although they are of different colours, and the gentleman has had a US post-graduate education and on-going involvement in high-level global matters – a brain-box, if that’s okay.

  21. Genghis says:

    If Marxist Martyn and Fascist Frank are agin you, you know you’re on the proper path.

  22. Peter Mcfarlane says:

    hope she gets a lot of votes. A lot that would have gone to the Nats. Could help split the right and clear a path for Labour. Now if the greens would just withdraw there might be a serious chance!

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