Ali Jones rips right wing blogger a “new one” on Radio NZ’s “The Panel”







Unexpected fireworks erupted on Jim Mora’s ‘The Panel’ on Radio NZ yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 15 May) when PR consultant and  former Christchurch City Councillor, Ali Jones, took on National Party apparatchik, pollster, wannabe Bond-villain, and right-wing blogger, David Farrar.

Farrar began by parroting the current National party propaganda line – at 1.51 – that “despite being nine years in opposition, the government hasn’t actually come in with a lot of detailed policy“.

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Ali Jones responded – at 3.15 – taking umbrage at Farrar’s pro-National spin. She replied with a scathing critique of National’s poor track record for the last nine years. It is worth listening to;



National’s artificially manufactured reputation for “sound/prudent fiscal management” didn’t just take another hit from Ms Jones.  It got a swift, hard kick in the ‘goolies’ by a person unwilling to take any bullshit from one of National’s chief apologists.

Nicely aimed and delivered, Ms Jones.





Radio NZ: Labour accused of doing nothing but setting up committees (

P & R Communications

The Press: Ali Jones not seeking second term on Christchurch City Council


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  1. Yep, that’ll get families out of cars and off the streets; take that. Farrar has nothing to fear until the machetes come out.

  2. Bullshit David Farrar. Not surprisingly.

    The OIA was rendered useless by Nationals arrogance and their need to hide the truth and the same would go for committees.

    In other words gaining real information from the government was verging on impossible like never before.

    National were in effect running a Ponzi scheme of ad-hoc policy to artificially lift GDP and other equally meaningless statistics to use to be reelected, paying for each negative consequence they created only when polling and it publicity looked bad and only by the quickest nastiest means.

    Buying and or renting motels to arse cover for the sale of state houses, they claimed they had not been, when exposed on homelessness by John Campbell and marae in Manurewa is one of many examples. How the fuck could any opposition member get their head around such deceptive accounting like that?

    There’s been more body’s buried by National than in a Soprano’s series.

  3. yeah I listened to that interview and I thought Jim Mora needed to ask the hard questions of farrar and harm-man but he didn’t instead he sat back and let Jones do all the work. When these 2 d..head started talking about labours reviews and them having 9 years in opposition to work on policy and they shouldn’t have so many reviews Jones asked for an example and harm- man starting talking in circles cause he couldn’t give a proper answer. IN my view these two twats are both tory spin doctors and me think jones was too good for them and their spin.

      • You could be right Frank. I thought she (Jones) was great she should be a politician. It is one thing to complain about something but when you cant give an example of a review that didn’t need to be done what does it say about the person if they cant back it up with facts. (bias) We have just had a government for 9 years that made false promises, a brighter future, better more efficient and effective public services now none of this happened in fact public services were run down. Now who does this effect? not the gnats government and their mates but the people at the bottom and some in the middle bracket. And what does destroying our much needed social services, welfare system and selling of our assets (particularly state homes and the land they sit on) do and who benefits and who loses out. The so called surplus came at a huge cost to our country and too many people have been tramped on. In the meantime we are seeing the damage the gnats brighter future has created all the cover ups and all the cuts( biosecurity) the very people that voted for the gnats government, farmers, growers (who had to deal with PSA) are now paying dearly. Now we have huge labour shortages because our economy has been propped up by cheap foreign labour for too long it needs to stop. And what does the influx of foreign labour do to a already stretched housing market and wages in a country where the cost of living continues to rise but wages don’t this equals more poorer people and more desperate people.

  4. Farrar said some of the education reviews weren’t necessary but he couldn’t actually name one and he was saved by Jim Moira from further embarrassment.
    I would suggest that the education reviews are completely necessary, especially those that focus on teacher pay and changes to NCEA – issues over which National has ducked for cover for several years.

  5. At about 7:00 the other Nat apologist makes a bunch of vague allegations and Ali Jones asks for an example. Surprise, surprise – none forthcoming, more vague ramblings.

  6. Meh. Farrar shut her down straight away by saying all parties blame the previous Government on the woeful state they left the country in. Which is true. The only difference here is that it’s actually factual this time.

  7. Farrar shut her down straight away by saying all parties blame the previous Government on the woeful state they left the country in.

    A point Farrar never made when National blamed Labour for a “decade of deficits” (conveniently ignoring the 2007/08 GFC). When it suits him, and especially when cornered, the old “but-they-all-do-it!” excuse is trotted out.

    • But as COUNTRYBOY says,… he still DOES have a head shaped like a rugby football,… and like all balls, they roll,… a little like how National heads rolled last election…

      And ones got to ask ,… why?

      And if the reason was people were sick of the charade we call the National party , … they voted wisely.

      And, unsurprisingly , we now find out the real truth of Nationals mismanagement… and the financial pit they left us all in. Of course one cannot crystal ball gaze , so until one finds out the facts you operate in the dark. Hard to design damage control policy’s when you dont have the facts.

      So now we do have the facts , and that is, the restoration is a massive undertaking. And that means wise consultation and planning on the hoof is required, which is exactly what the coalition is doing.

      National haven’t a leg to stand on.

      Including football head Farrar.

  8. Harman says too many reviews by Labour but hasn’t actually been counting?
    That right there is the state of main stream journalism.

  9. Should add: Mora’s leading quote from Bridges was also presented as fact with no fact checking. Rightly scorched by Jones. Shoddy journalism.

    • “National” radio is exactly that, for all intents and purposes. Too many cheerleaders lacking objectivity. Ryan and Mora prime examples.

  10. Farrar has the ideal voice for representing Nazional on radio.
    To actually sound like a snivelling apologist for criminals and the amoral agents of the 1% is the gift of the some pretty unfortunate genes.
    Always think of Grima Wormtongue from LoTR when I hear it.

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