58 dead & 2771 wounded – NZ must remove Israel from our work holiday program

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NZ must remove Israel from our Working Holiday program, allowing IDF here to refresh themselves after such butchery is repugnant and it makes a stand.

Israel acted with ‘restraint’ in deadly Gaza confrontation with Palestinians, US tells UN
US Ambassador Nikki Haley said Tuesday that Israel had acted with “restraint” in its deadly confrontation with Palestinians at the Gaza border, while Kuwait’s ambassador urged the UN Security Council to offer protection to unarmed Palestinians.

If 58 dead & 2771 wounded is ‘restraint’, what would Israel consider unrestrained?

When you require snipers to keep order, your proximity to fascism becomes indistinguishable.

This is murder with a level of denial that is beyond civilised acceptance.

We must continue the BDS against Israel with all our might and we simply can not allow Israel to continue using NZ as a holiday destination for their IDF.

Every Israeli is forced into the Army so that the brainwashing is fixed. After their compulsory tour of duty many holiday in NZ to ‘chill out’, because you know, committing human rights violations is really stressful.

NZ must remove Israel from our Working Holiday program, allowing IDF here to refresh themselves after such butchery is repugnant and it makes a stand.

Then we should close the Israeli Embassy. We can’t seriously be in diplomatic contact with a country that killed 58 and wounded 2771!!!

It’s despicable.

How right was Lorde in the end?

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  1. Russell Davidson says:

    I agree with you Martyn 100%. I am also appalled at how low key the mainstream media is in reporting this disaster. If that many people were killed in London, Paris etc in an act of terrorism there would be a huge outcry.

    • Lone comet says:

      Totally agree. Reporting has been appallingly bereft. Turkey, a dictatorship of another kind, seems to be the only country reacting strongly. NZ must protest.

  2. I concur. The Israeli Embassy has to go. So must the Working Holiday program.

    We must follow the same policy we undertook against the apartheid regime of South Africa. Anything else is complicity with Israel’s atrocities.

    • John Stroh says:

      The history lesson of the last few days supersedes any distant memory of the holocaust and a tragic period in history that will rank highly among many ancient historic events. These modern day thugs, highly trained professional snipers, military personel operating under the direct control of the Israeli Government are among the war criminals of our time. But even sadder is the fact that, given the absence of any resounding objection by Zionists, Israelis or Jews they will all end up, rightly or wrongly, in one bucket of history. But, it’s the Americans, specifically the tweeting moron, who has given this murdering bunch of thugs the fake legitimacy to kill unarmed civilians, some of them children. So let’s send the American Ambassador to New Zealand packing while we are about it, especially seeing he’s a buddy of that orange haired twit.

    • Red Buzzard says:


    • Mike the Lefty says:

      Close the f…n embassy!
      Netanyahu deserves to be indicted and sent to the International court in the Hague but guess what?
      Israel is not a signatory of the international court therefore it does not recognise its jurisdiction.
      I wonder why?

    • LOSTRELIC says:

      I support the proposal to close the embassy. Let’s not forget Netanyahu’s threats of a “declaration of war” if NZ uses it’s vote in a manner that it might wish to:

      Israel has grown in aggression thanks to the rise of Trump and the corresponding collapse of diplomatic sanity globally. Israel wants regional dominance, not peace or cordial relations. This is a massacre and NZ should condemn it – use it’s voice and not stand idly by.

  3. G.A.P. says:

    In the immortal words of da Bish, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  4. roy cartland says:

    Trump, Netenyahu and the hardliners are the most dangerous factors in Israel’s possible destruction. They need to be ousted and replaced before the experiment of the state of Israel is proven unviable and completely dismantled. Talk about anti-Israel, they are the worst.

    • DS says:

      So what is you solution to the experiment….Finish what the Germans started.

      You need to consider Israel is surrounded by enemies and this was not a protest but an attempts to break down their border wall and invade.

      The Arabs started the conflict in 1947 and the Jews just give back what they get.

      • DS – spoken like a true apologist for the Israeli regime.

        Perhaps if Israel had not pursued extending it’s territorial ambitions; launching the 1967 War; colonising the West Bank; blockading Gaza; building that damn Wall, and now annexing Jerusalem – you would not be surrounded by enemies?

        You cannot have a lasting peace based on injustice. If you’ve not learned that from history, you’ve not been paying attention.

      • Marc says:

        Oh yeah, stone throwing ‘invaders’, faced by highly armed, most modern weapons equipped IDF soldiers and their drones and so forth, you must be kidding us:

      • Mjolnir says:

        DS, if that comment is supposed to engender sympathy for Israel, you’re going entirely the wrong way about it. All you’re doing is showing yourself to be an arrogant chauvinist.

        The people of Palestine are the ones I reserve sympahy for. Remember them, DS? They’re the ones your lot in Israel are murdering.

      • stephen says:

        Notorious massacres of Palestinians between 1937 & 1948
        According to hundreds of Palestinian, Arab, Israeli, and Western sources, both written and oral, Zionist forces committed dozens of massacres against Palestinians during what was called the 1948 “war”. Some of these are well-known and have been published while others are not. Below are some of the details of the most notorious massacres committed at the hands of Haganah and its armed wing, the Palmach, as well as the Stern Gang, the Irgun and other Zionist paramilitaries:

        The Revisionist Zionist paramilitaries, the Irgun Zvai Leumi is known as “Irgun” and Lochamei Herut Yisrael is known as “Lehi” or “Stern Gang”.

        The Jerusalem Massacre — 1/10/1937
        The Haifa Massacre — 6/7/1938
        The Jerusalem Massacre — 13/7/1938
        The Jerusalem Massacre — 15/7/1938
        The Haifa Massacre — 25/7/1938
        The Haifa Massacre — 26/7/1938
        The Jerusalem Massacre — 26/8/1938
        The Haifa Massacre — 27/3/1939
        The Balad Al-Shaykh Massacre — 12/6/1939
        The Haifa Massacre — 19/6/1939
        The Haifa Massacre — 20/6/1948
        The Al Abbasiyah Massacre — 13/12/1947
        The Al-Khasas Massacre — 18/12/1947
        The Jerusalem Massacre — 29/12/1947
        The Jerusalem Massacre — 30/12/1947
        The Balad Al-Shaykh Massacre — 31/12/1947
        Al-Sheikh Break Massacre — 31/12/1947
        The Jaffa Massacre — 4/1/1948
        The Al-Saraya Massacre — 4/1/1948
        The Semiramis Massacre — 5/1/1948
        The Jerusalem Massacre — 7/1/1948
        The Al-Saraya Al-Arabeya Massacre — 8/1/1948
        The Ramla Massacre — 15/1/1948
        The Yazur Massacre — 22/1/1948
        The Haifa Massacre — 28/12/1948
        The Tabra Tulkarem Massacre — 10/2/1948
        The Sa’sa’ Massacre — 14/2/1948
        The Jerusalem Massacre — 20/2/1948
        The Haifa Masacre — 20/2/1948
        The Al-Husayniyya Massacre — 13/3/1948
        The Abu Kabir Massacre — 31/3/1948
        The Cairo Train Massacre, Haifa — 31/3/1948
        Ramla Massacre — 1/3/1948
        The Deir Yassin Massacre — 9/4/1948
        The Qalunya Massacre — 14/4/1948
        The Nasir al-Din Massacre — 13/4/1948
        The Tiberias Massacre — 19/4/1948
        The Haifa Massacre — 22/4/1948
        The Ayn al-Zaytoun Massacre — 4/5/1948
        The Safed Massacre — 13/5/1948
        The Abu Shusha Massacre — 14/5/1948
        The Beit Daras Massacre — 21/5/1948
        The Al-Tantura Massacre — 22/5/1948

  5. G.A.P. says:

    Would an Israeli apologist please explain to me the difference between the orange buffoon launching missiles against a sovereign country over an “alleged” use of cw on children, and his total denial of the cold blooded murder of men women and children by the idf. Don’t even get me started on haley, i am not even sure if she could be classified as belonging to the same species.

  6. Mike the Lefty says:

    What is even more disgusting about this massacre, and it can only be described as a massacre, is that the US administration backs it to the hilt. God bless America!
    Yeah right!

    • Red Buzzard says:

      the Israelis are the tail wagging the dog?

    • Lois Griffiths says:

      to Mike the Lefty..not just the US. Britain has recently agreed to sell Israel more rifles..all the better to kill you with my dear!

      • Mike the Lefty says:

        I bet MP Dennis Skinner had something to say about that. Hopefully it will be posted on You Tube one day.

  7. Zack Brando says:

    Both sides are insane and need to do something different under the sun. The hate on both sides is rife.

    When they love their children more than they hate each-other, progress might be made.

    • Samwise says:

      “Both sides”???

      It seems to me you can’t equate the repression of Palestinians with the full power of the Israeli army. It’s not an equal match, not by a long shot. Not when one side has slingshots and stones and the other equipped with lethal 21st century weaponry.

      No, it’d be like saying that “both sides” in the Jewish Holocaust, Nazis and Jews, were equally to blame.

      It’s time the Israeli embassy was closed down and sent packing. They have no place here in NZ.

    • Lois Griffiths says:

      to Zack

      It’s not hate on both sides. Progress might be made when global civil society shuns Israel until the current regime is replaced by one that allows Palestinians to be free.

  8. Bazza says:

    Two state solution will never work. The Israeli/American wars of aggression in Iraq and Syria will inevitably backfire into Jerusalem.

  9. mary_a says:

    NZ must cut all ties to the Zionist state right now. Do what most gutless Western nations are refusing to do … condemn the bastards! Call Israel out for what it is … the genocidal maniac butcher of the Middle East! Scream it from the rooftops if necessary, so the world hears our message!

    For NZ to not take action demonstrating solidarity with the Palestinians, is to become stained with their blood.

    I could scream in frustration and anger every time I read about, or hear of, or listen to, or see the dreadful suffering and loss in lonely, unprotected Palestine right now. But I weep instead.

  10. Marc says:

    It won’t happen, not under this government, as NZ First and Winston have rather more sympathy with Israel than with the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories or Gaza.

    Also most in the population do not give a damn, to be honest, they are too busy surviving and those able to too busy to advance their material and career interests.

    Just check on how many participate in any protests by the Palestina support groups here, the numbers are embarrassing.

    People walk past and are pre occupied with buying their groceries or the latest gadget to surf the web with, to engage in chatting, dating and online shopping.

    The new realities in this world are, politics is of little interest to most, and what happens in places like Israel and Palestine is of even less interest, those that do, they are swift to take one side over the other, many friendly to Israel, as they see it as a ‘developed’ and ‘democratic’ country sharing our ‘values’.

    The Internet has not made us free and better informed, it is a network and means of communication seized upon by vested interest parties, business that is, and state agencies, and they gather user date by the mega billions, to trade between themselves, and to also check for what you are up to.

    Even if there would be a hundred thousand dead Palestinians, New Zealanders and their government will only present hand wringing comments and a bit of finger wagging, and return to business as usual.

    There is NO more ethics in anything, people weigh up what is of immediate or for the rest secondary use to them, and screw the rest.

  11. Mike the Lefty says:

    If this had happened under a National government I wonder what the response would have been?

  12. Alan says:

    Cue posts about anti semitism

    • Sam Sam says:

      There’s no doubt that there is anti semitism. But my granddads helped kill a lot of them off back in the 40’s. So when I say Netanyahu should be dragged kicking and screaming to The Hague. I would gladly do that. By the way, Max penalty for war crimes is still a hangman’s noose. Gladly do that too.

  13. Mike the Lefty says:

    You know I actually used to have some sympathy with Israel. After how Jewish people have historically and repeatedly been subject to pogroms, after the World War Two holocaust, I genuinely sympathised with their plight and wished them a better future in their new state. But it gradually became obvious that it was a state built on army (and perhaps nuclear) deterrents and the increasingly inflexible line by Israel’s hardliners on the question of Arab autonomy did not help.
    There was a glimmer of hope in the 1980s when a centre-left coalition in Israel under Barak and Peres did offer some concessions and the hope of a true lasting peace. But then the Israelis politically jumped to the right and Netanyahu showed he would only negotiate when everything was in his favour and did not care that Israel was becoming another bogus-democratic rogue state, with the backing of the US.
    I don’t think the Israel government wants a peace anymore. They are preparing for an all-out war secure in the knowledge that the US will bail them out if they make a mistake.
    I have little sympathy with them now. It is a pity that the people who want peace in Israel are led by those who want war. It will only end when the people have had enough and get rid of their false military messiahs and that cretinous Netanyahu.

  14. remo says:

    Reverse the Polarities of Hate.

    If these were the Jewish peoples run screaming before us every night;
    Held in the concentration camps of GAZA !
    Under razor wire.
    Under gas attack.
    Prodded by drone and jet fighter.
    Land Stolen.
    Water poisoned…Every response a legitimate kill shot from the brownshirt snipers on the rim.


    the PRESS.

    what then?

  15. Isabel J says:

    DS: This is incorrect: “The Arabs started the conflict in 1947 and the Jews just give back what they get.”

    Please read Ilan Pappe – an Israeli who writes about THE TRUTH! Try “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” for starters.

    • Sam Sam says:

      Shrugs…the thing is I’ve met Palasitinians as brown as any Arab and when they turn around and say they ” aren’t Arab” it makes me chuckle.

      It makes me laugh harder when I then hear some SJW call said brownface a person an Arab when its convenient to their cause.

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