Rather than complaining about Labour setting up a similar number of inquires how about answer some questions about Christchurch rebuild & Mycoplasma bovis?

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Have the people of Christchurch suffered longer than they needed and have the farming community been betrayed by their own Party?

Rather than complaining about Labour setting up inquires…

National tears into Labour for setting up 100 committees in 200 days
National is accusing the Government of wasting taxpayers’ money on working groups – but Jacinda Ardern has challenged the Opposition to name one committee her party has established that isn’t relevant.

The Opposition claims Labour has established 100 committees and reviews in its first 200 days – a new one every two days. National Party leader Simon Bridges says it costs roughly around a million dollars a group.

…shouldn’t they be answering some questions about the Christchurch rebuild & Mycoplasma bovis spread instead?

Aside from the fact that National set up a similar number of inquiries in the same time frame

…there have been recent revelations on top of the egregious underfunding we are already aware of that demands a direct explanation from the National Party.

Why on earth wasn’t the NZ Super Fund allowed to be part of the Christchurch rebuild? How has that idealogical decision by the National Government impacted the speed of which Christchurch has been rebuilt?

Why on earth was biosecurity allowed to implode thanks to underfunding by National so that Mycoplasma bovis could become a full blown crisis?

Have the people of Christchurch suffered longer than they needed and have the farming community been betrayed by their own Party?

National are in no position to complain about sourcing community feedback for policy decisions when there are two current examples of them listening to nobody else other than their own penny pinching selfishness.

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  1. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    How has that idealogical decision by the National Government impacted the speed of which Christchurch has been rebuilt?

    Christchurch HASN’T been rebuilt…

  2. Mjolnir says:

    Considering the cuts National made to biosecurity in 2012, its little wonder that we’ve had so many pest incursions, costing agriculture millions in lost productivity and exports.

    The true miracle is that foot & mouth never made it into NZ. That’s due more to sheer luck than anything National did. Mycoplasma bovis was a warning to us what happens whe governments make false economies with cuts to critical services.

    • OnceWasTim says:

      “The true miracle is that foot & mouth never made it into NZ”.
      And most likely, the only reason for that is that the disease lies latent elsewhere.
      We’re actually bloody lucky it was ‘only’ bovine Mycoplasma.
      We’re also bloody lucky that one or two (actually quite a few) ‘farmers’ who were more concerned about how they were going to pay for the next black Holden Ute with chrome roll bars rather than their neighbours’ welfare – haven’t yet caused a pandemic.
      But to be Fox News fair and balanced – the farming community has been hoodwinked for many years and has signed up to the gNat agenda (who OF COURSE) have their best interests at heart /sarc.
      (Not a few hours ago, I heard one protesting about the endeavours made in keeping waterways clear of cow shit – I think on RNZ). Hark at HE.
      Because ‘HE’ had, apparently it follows every other over-indebted farmer shitting himself about the bank manager coming through the farm gate has done likewise.
      Probably @ Countryboy is better placed to make comment because I imagine giving his peers a dose of reality is like pushing cowshit uphill

    • RosieLee says:

      And it’s a warning that, when something like MB does appear, it’s not OK to cite privacy issues in identifying the affected farms. What if it had been foot and mouth?

  3. Liminal says:

    Listening to the whingeing by NZ farmers now that MB is on the loose is excruciating. The general response to the so-called movement controls and tracking system, containment etc seems to have been typical NZer “She’ll be right” or some other colonial anti-authoritarian attitude. Best farmers in the world? My arse.

    • LOLBAGZ says:

      haha lol, that is a very perceptive comment from the liminal space. You must be a grey jedi. They are like that, so ironic ! 😀 lol

  4. Kim dandy says:

    My faith in NZ media to ask the right questions, and hold those in power to account, has long gone.
    Does anyone discuss the reduction of funding and staff at our customs and biosecurity during the national reign…and Christchurch, quite frankly is.a mess, so many years after the quake.

  5. countryboy says:

    “….and have the farming community been betrayed by their own Party?”


    Otherwise, New Zealand / Aotearoa would be an entirely different country.

    It would be prosperous, we’d still have our stuff and things, it’d be looked upon as a world leading economy and society that others might only dream of emulating, I wouldn’t be spending hours and hours writing here to, in some way, convince urban and rural NZ/Aotearoa of just how gargantuan the swindle is and of how catastrophic that/those swindles have been on us and our economy.

  6. Keepcalmcarryon says:

    Here’s a timely blast from the past:
    “Biosecurity border protection services have been slashed by $6 million in Budget 2013 and no amount of spin by Minister Nathan Guy will change that reality, Labour’s Biosecurity spokesperson Damien O’Connor, says.

    “While funding for ‘border systems’ – that no doubt include the Joint Border Management System (JBMS) – has increased by $1 million, Budget documents show funding for border biosecurity, monitoring, and clearance is being cut from $97 million to $91 million.

    “John Key’s ‘Smart Gate’ system already allows hundreds of thousands of visitors to walk across our border unchecked. This latest move will further reduce border security and inspection.”

    ““At a time when every primary sector and conservation agency has identified biosecurity risk as the single greatest threat to the New Zealand economy and ecosystems, the National Government is cutting resources for frontline biosecurity services.”

  7. Zack Brando says:

    As a Christchurch resident and and active voter in both general and local-body-elections, I differently have my views, I’ll bullet point some of them in a brash fashion below:

    1. Firstly, Christchurch voters and candidates are the worst. There are very few candidates I like (local-body-elections) and the good candidates often don’t get voted in. We need to encourage better people to run and civically minded renters to vote.

    2. The Cathedral is Christchurch’s icon .. icon of dysfunction that is! To quote Ebeneezer, “not another coal on that fire” or in this case – not another cent from the CCC. The ‘complexities’ line is rife, I say throw the book at such parrots .. the book; ‘How to get to YES’. Tear it down, it’s ruining the square and has tragically become a tourist attraction and the adjacent (truly beautiful) war memorial stands covered in seagull excrement. It’s beyond the pale!

    3. The Garden City isn’t looking its best. This is patently known and an observable issue. We need better processes and machines. The council and the government continue to fail to import city care and roading machines. That includes machines to clean up the Avon River properly. In the times we live, such machines would pay for themselves many times over.

    4. Roading; I’ve seen YouTube clips where literally, in China, one machine rips up the road, another machine follows behind laying a beautiful new road. Bealey Ave is being resurfaced and its been going on for months. With these Chinese machines it could easily be done in less than one month AND look amazing. Drive down Bealey Ave, the parts which have currently been resurfaced look gross – can we please get our money back?

    5. Underground infrastructure – the CCC’s ultimate shell game! Whenever us Cantabrians demand better roads, the CCC claims they’re working on the underground infrastructure and they’ll be moving on ‘next year’ – the CCC have been saying next year for too many years! And what .. the last statistic I sighted said barely a third of the underground work was completed – the CCC have been very misleading, now they like to say 20 years all the time lol – what’s in a number?

    6. Water quality, don’t need to say much about this one – the rate payers are already out for blood. We get the we local-body-election booklet every cycle Lie Anne, you know, were all the would-be city councilors blurberise themselves and their positions on issues – bless the wee lambs, they all waxed lyrically about water quality. Hopefully these councilors will be thrown out like old mutton.

    I could go on, but is 2.30am ..

    This Millennial is probably moving to Perth, to be honest, Christchurch and NZ isn’t worth the stress and housing deprivation. So another country may soon get my efforts and tax revenues in exchange for wages that meet the cost of living and a healthy home.

    Many people (both citizens and foreign workers) are getting ready to leave NZ, they’re just getting their ducks-in-a-row.

    Zack Brando

  8. Mike the Lefty says:

    Once again we have the clear picture of National cutting corners and costing lives. Not that our glorious MSM will notice, though. It will be all Labour’s fault, of course.

  9. Red Buzzard says:

    Inquiries and committees to call Nactional to account over the last nine years is exactly what we need!

    Commissions of Inquiry and committees to examine what went on in the Health System for example and what has gone on in the hidden places to New Zealanders is exactly what National jonkey billinglish and its servants fear the most! …being called to account!

    … Light is being thrown into the darkness of the last nine years …and the beast/s cornered is/are trying desperately to deflect and counter attack…let them NOT succeed.

  10. Lone comet says:

    Commercial factory farms have to end, its destroying the soil, the waterways, the atmosphere, our world.

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