Israeli massacre of Palestinian protestors a war crime

By   /   May 15, 2018  /   32 Comments

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One thing is for certain, Lorde made the right call.

The fury Trump’s spinelessness for Israel (by granting them their Capital in Jerusalem level recognition) has unleashed protest which has been ruthlessly put down by IDF snipers.

When you require military snipers to subdue protest, your proximity to fascism is almost indistinguishable.

The level of force required by Israel to maintain control over their illegal occupation of Palestinian land puts them in a place morally and ethically that requires antiapartheid level resistance from the rest of us.

We can not stand by and watch Israel butcher Palestinians with this level of animosity and be silent…

Mass Gaza Border Clashes: 55 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Gunfire, 1,113 Wounded

The Israeli army killed dozens of Palestinians at the Gaza border Monday as the Gazans’ six weeks of demonstrations — and attempts to breach the border fence — heightened to protest the U.S. Embassy’s historic move to Jerusalem.

The Gaza Health Ministry said 55 Palestinians had been killed by Israeli gunfire Monday, making it the bloodiest day of the protests by far, as Israeli security officials had predicted.   

…this is a massacre and borders on war crime.

If NZ wishes to be an independent voice on this despicable event, we must close Israel’s embassy and look at travel restrictions for the IDF here in NZ.

Many members of the IDF travel to NZ after their compulsory service to ‘chill’ out after their tour of spite.

Do we really want to give haven and restoration to abusers of human rights when those they persecute rot in Palestine?

One thing is for certain, Lorde made the right call.

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  1. roy cartland says:

    Hardly a blazing bastion for Palestinian rights, Natalie Portman made the right call too.

  2. countryboy says:

    Close the Israeli Embassy here? Best idea I’ve heard ever…
    Ban IDF members from coming here? Equal best idea I’ve heard ever…

    • simonm says:

      National allowed Israel to join the NZ Working Holiday Scheme, which is usually how former IDF soldiers end up here.

      ‘The NZ National Party – supporting murdering, racist scumbags to have lovely, peaceful holidays after committing war crimes.’

    • John Stroh says:

      … and the American Embassy at the same time. It is the tweeting moron who triggered this despicable excess of human atrocity.

    • Red Buzzard says:


    • Greg says:

      Yeah right on . We thought South Africa was bad . what Israel is doing is not dissimilar to a re run of the SS. Our govt must do something and give them the boot

  3. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    Well done Israel. From the victims of one holocaust the creation of another.
    I thought you were better than that…

  4. When Britain gave away someone else’s country to a bunch of terrorists, when the USA gave them the bomb! and the military means to suppress the people of Palestine, they created an fascist organisation, a Zionist fascist organisation modeled on a NAZI structure. it is ironic that the world saved the Jewish people from the horror of the holocaust so their religious nutters the Zionists could install their own holocaust against the Palestine people, men women and children, with the idiotic support of the pink haired wonder ‘Donald [killer] Trump’ US President and great supporter of the Zionist Fascist military state of Israel.
    When are we going to stand up for whats right…rather than doing what pleases the US and Israeli nut cases…a murderer is a murderer regardless of what uniform he or she wears.

  5. Tiger Mountain says:

    well said Martyn, closing the Israeli embassy and denying Israeli soldiers “timeout” here, is the very least we can do to show some solidarity for the Palestinians–and international law

    no doubt diplomatic convention and all the rest of it will see the govt. be timid on this latest murderous outrage, so it is time for some activism!

  6. mary_a says:

    And what will the rest of the world do? The UN?


    Wring bloodstained hands and continue to turn a blind eye to the biggest terrorist organisation on this planet, Zionism and its barbaric, brutal host state of Israel! Zionist influenced finance is behind the gutless west’s weakness in this regard!

    The Palestinians need protection and support from this aggressive monster. We should be offering it.

    A good start would be to boycott Israel in every respect. Remove its diplomatic personnel, deny sporting and cultural contacts, accompanied by a very strong message that NZ will not tolerate Zionist brutality and attempts to annihilate a complete race of people any more! And that’s what it is doing.

    Of course Israel will throw the old bogey at us .. antisemitism, as well as a few threats, which it does very well! But bugger it. The suffering of the Palestinians has gone on for too long now, with little action to protect them. NZ needs to show some strength and backbone here. Stand up for what we know is terribly wrong.

    We can do this and stay strong, if we believe in what’s right.

    Well done Lorde. Well done Natalie Portman, who I believe is herself Jewish.

  7. Mjolnir says:

    And Americans wonder why they are despised so much…

  8. LOLBAGZ says:

    It’s pretty hard to go into bat for God when the Devil bowls you underarms like this all day. Makes you wanna just throw the bat and storm off, nevermore to cricket again.

    • Sam Sam says:

      You read like you’re concentrating. I read like I want to murder cattle and sheep!

      • LOLBAGZ says:

        well, nobody’s perfect

        • Sam Sam says:

          But practice does make perfect.

          The way Pi works, I find Pi intriguing. Basically if you add up all IDF kill rates you can give probabilities of the most and least kills in one operation.

          No one can make a student of the martial arts flinch because we’ve seen it all before.

  9. Michal says:

    IT’S NOT american’s that are despised it is their disgusting successive governments who give military aid to Israel in the billions!

    • John Stroh says:

      When half that country thinks this tweeting moron of theirs is a great bloke every second American is likely to be one of his supporters. That’s not good enough. Let go of America and start by sending the US Ambassador to New Zealand home.

  10. remo says:

    It takes a certain mind-set …epistemological programing to shoot 2400 unarmed people in the knee and ankle. Or to snipe dead those dressed as PRESS .

    How is that conscience or empathy wrung out ?

  11. The Masked Moa says:

    This is simply ritualised human slaughter as a sacrifice to their satanic masters. Mossad created and controls Hamas. Syria recently found that the tunnels dug under Damascus were made by diggers they gave to Hamas to tunnel out of Gaza into Egypt, but Mossad wanted them re-deployed to their troops in ISIS in Syria and hey presto Hamas towed the line. Mossad wants human sacrifices for the enthronement of satan in Jerusalem hey presto Hamas provides the humans to be sacrificed and the blood flows. You don’t seriously think this has anything to do with religion, politics or race do you? They serve the satanic masters the masses refuse to see, hear or name.

  12. Andrea says:

    Virtue signalling – I gave up SodaStream ages ago.
    (Yes. It’s relevant. That’s an Israeli company.)

    The most egregious bit is that the Palestinians are protesting on their OWN land!

    And the most anti-semitic country in the world is – by a long mile – Israel because – Arabs are semitic people, too. (Anti-semitic is not the same as anti-Jew. Anti-Zionist is not ‘racist’, either.)

    Judaism is a religion I have no problem with, though it’s a bit drear and showing its age. There are very good people in this religion. They speak for Palestine and strive for peace between.

    Zionists are virulent. In the same pot as jihadists and the Inquisition. They’re an offence to the people who survived the Holocaust. As are those loudmouthed gun-toting recent arrivals from America. Stirrers and thieves – and that’s on a good day.

  13. Lachlan says:

    Warsaw Ghetto, Gaza Ghetto – how does it end?

  14. John Stroh says:

    Something strange has happened. Since my early days living in Vienna, I was sensitized towards all things Jewish and I can truthfully say that I have never uttered an unkind derogatory word about Jews, as such. Sometime in my thirties I learned that there were certain differences between Zionists, Israelis in general and Jews. Yesterday, my mind allowed me liberty of expression I had never previously contemplated when I uncharacteristically lumped them into one. With few exceptions there seems to be acceptance by Israelis and Jews, certainly by Zionists of what has happened in Gaza over the last few days. That is now all the history lesson I remember. The Holocaust is many generations away, as is William the Conqueror, the Spanish Armada and the Boston Tea Party. There is no more room for historical excuse of behaviour of the thugs and trained murderers who are committing these atrocities. There is even less room for any form of tolerance of the criminal mindset that supports these thugs and murderers; that is the American Government and its representatives across the world. It is time for the rest of the world to let go of America and to reject everything America now appears to be standing for in the global arena.

  15. Graeme says:

    John Stroh,I agree mostly with what you say,however never forget the generations,otherwise history is repeated!Do not forget the attack by Israel on the U.S.S.Liberty,when a third of the crew died,and the U.S president covered it up! N.Z.will not object too much,because,who holds our MORTGAGE! Will we demand more of the government.Probably not.

    • John Stroh says:

      I’m not so sure. I have extraordinary respect for our Prime Minister and her Cabinet and I am hopeful, that even Mr Peters has the wisdom to put our stake in the ground on the right side of history.

  16. Heather says:

    I know Hamas is a designated terror organisation here in Aotearoa but is there any way we can support them for the martyrs?

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