A strong start to Labour’s Northcote by-election campaign – New Zealand Labour Party

By   /   May 15, 2018  /   Comments Off on A strong start to Labour’s Northcote by-election campaign – New Zealand Labour Party

Labour’s Shanan Halbert successfully launched his campaign to win the Northcote by-election today in front of 500 supporters at Birkenhead Primary School, says Labour President, Nigel Haworth.

Shanan Halbert addressed the crowd and spoke about how he will be a strong local voice for the people of Northcote inside Jacinda Ardern’s Government.

Labour Leader and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Shanan would make a great local MP and confirmed that he is, in fact, already texting her with his ideas for Northcote.

Halbert talked passionately about transport, housing, and mental health.

On the government’s recently announced Auckland transport announcement package, he spoke about how improvements to ferry services, the Northern Busway, investment in Skypath and Seapath, and funding for local transport solutions represented the first major investment in North Shore transport since the Clark government built the Northern Busway.

Shanan also talked about how the housing crisis affects everyone in Northcote – from the homeless to young professionals trying to buy their first home to parents wanting their kids and grandkids to be able to stay in the area.

“I promise I will strongly advocate inside government for the right mix of affordable local housing. We will help everyone – from those who need emergency housing, to those who rent, and people who want to buy,” says Halbert.

“We will also make it a priority to support those who need mental health care in the community,” says Halbert.

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