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Iain Lees-Galloway is on to give a weak defence of the new Industrial Relations package. The bosses have been trying to whip up panic about the pretty limp changes Labour are making and Iain is on to sooth the spooked horses.

This joke is pointed out by Richard Prebble on the panel. He notes that the actual changes will be meaningless and toothless.

He’s right.

Labour are too frightened to do anything meaningful with Industrial Relations – strong unions are the only mechanism for better equality & Labour recoil at waking the sleeping dogs of the free market debate.

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Based on this performance, Labour will roll on the Hobbit Law the second the industry fights back.

More courage, less fear required.

They discuss Trump, most on the panel are convinced he’ll lose in 2020.

I disagree.

I don’t think most liberal pundits understand why Trump won.

Trump is a master at understanding the politics of resentment. He believes he should have been shown more respect from his peers and knows what a driver of human nature it can be. He has exploited cultural resentment in his base and he has manipulated the economic fears of white poverty. Those voters seethe in resentment towards the left so the more Trump infuriates and enrages liberals, the more damaged glee his voters inject.

I hope he loses 2020, but suspect he represents the damaged psyche of America too well to not win.

Which reminds me, how incredible is this by Childish Gambino?


  1. Trump will win in 2020, because he is seen as the underdog in a sea of toxic media hype that have railed false media hate campaign against him>

    Since we as humans always side with underdogs we also hate seeing the underdog be attacked by the crooked corporate controlled crooks that run our lives hearts and minds.

    “You can fool some of the people some of the time; – but not all of the people all of the time.” media !!!!!!!

    • The US democrats record on Black Lives matters is worse than Trumps. The reaction in commercial media circles is to parade dead black bodies around every ones TV. And this is called progress.

      In other words. Blacks reck the place. And police clean it up.

      If this culture is so retarded it can’t even contemplate the senate and congress stays red and Trump wins 2020.

      And that’s just the way it is.

  2. Who else is there going to be to vote for? If Hillary stands again the result will be a sizeable increase in Trump’s support in spite of the disasters he is causing around the globe. If they gave it to Bernie or Tulsi Gabbard it might be a different result, but they won’t do that will they!
    The Muller enquiry is doing more harm to the democrats and to the institution of the United States Presidency than it is to Donald Trump. And the scope of it looks , as it drags in ancient histories of contacts of contacts of contacts, looks set to potentially investigate the business of every human on earth. And continue indefinitely. It isn’t doing anyone any good now. It had to find something worthwhile long before now.
    D J S
    BTW Where’s Yulia ?

  3. I agree. Trump will win 2020. This is why he won 2016:
    From the WSJ (based on US Government’s own data):
    Scroll down to “Inequality Has Grown” and and see how Obama/Democrat policy helped make the 1%ers 20% richer and the bottom 90% 20% poorer. The top 10% own over 77% of total US wealth (half of which is in the hands of the 1%ers), and the bottom 90% have just over 23%.
    Also Trump is doing well enough in the polls at this point (definitely had a terrible start though!) – imo good enough to get him reelected if Obama’s lowest approval ratings are anything to go by (click the 8 years tab for Past Presidents):

  4. Not realising Trump was a serious threat cost the Democrats the election, if they had taken him as a serious contender they would not have chosen Clinton, it was not her ‘turn’ – what was with THAT? They still don’t seem to be taking Trump seriously….he will win again unless they do. When will they? This means addressing the vast discontent that carried Obama onto office, and which he did not address, just much more of the same old same old power and corruption. He has been a big disappointment out of office too. No wonder the American people are disillusioned and discontented and lap up Trumps bullshit. Change is what they want and he is certainly delivering that.

  5. How can the Democrats even think about running and winning in 2020 when they no longer agree on what they should stand for.
    And being against Trump is not going to be enough.

  6. Oh and industrial relations in this country will go on the way it has since 1991 with the neo liberal orthodoxy keeping the boot firmly on the heads of the middle class and the working poor and all this talk of ” collective agreements “is just window dressing by a government that is just as gutless as the last Labour led government when it comes to tackling the elephant in the room , the power of the corporates and their media enforcers.
    Corrin Dann did a pretty good job of setting the narrative by the way he conducted the interview and his all to familiar scare mongering for the propaganda show at 6pm.
    Anyone would think the Bolsheviks are about to march down road and fly the red flag from the top of every building in Godzone.

    • To: MOSA

      Your thoughts are correct

      It would be a terrible shame if our illustrious Labour Government handed everything back unchanged to the greedy hands of the scavenging capitalists.

      They are so good at dishonesty and pretence.

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