Many kind respects and best wishes to Penny Bright

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Very sad news for Auckland activist Penny Bright…

Very sad news for Auckland activist Penny Bright…

Penny Bright reveals cancer is ‘inoperable’, blames property battle

Penny Bright has been diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer.

The Auckland activist says she received the news on Wednesday and that the disease is “incurable and inoperable”.

…Penny is a fierce fighter and one who seldom tolerates fools, which is why I’m sure she and I have clashed from time to time, but I personally wish her the best and TDB extends all the kindness it can to her.

While we may not have always agreed with Penny, we always respected her tenacity, passion and sense of justice.

She is a one of a kind and this is a terrible blow to one of our most ardent social justice activists.

Kia kaha Penny

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  1. mary_a says:

    Support and hugs for Penny. A sincere fighter for justice. Stay strong there girl.

  2. Penny Bright says:

    Thank you Martyn.

    I have no intention of not being around for years to come and continuing to be a total pain in the ass to the big, bad guys and those who represent their interests.

    This cancer thing doesn’t phase me, to be honest.

    Yes – could do without it – but I’m a very determined, stubborn cow and after I win the Interim Injunction to stop the forc d sale of my home, that will mean the root cause of the stress that has gone straight to my gut will be gone.

    Then I can focus like a heat-seeking missile on getting getting rid of this cancer.

    Her Warship 🙂

    • Red Buzzard says:

      +100 PENNY…much respect and aroha

    • Tiger Mountain says:

      remember you from the ’81 tour and WCL days really, a feisty type then too!

      we need a lot more like you, if just the combined 20,000 that voted for you and John Minto for Mayor, withheld rates we would have a mass movement and the corporatist Supercity would start paying attention

      good luck with your personal situation

  3. Afewknowthetruth says:

    Very sad news. I knew personally, and she helped me confront the forces of darkness that control Auckland.

  4. CLEANGREEN says:

    Dear Penny you are a shining light on my world as one who has a soul that rises above all evil among us all.

    I will pray for you to find a miracle that delivers you to health again.

    I had cancer and beat it by Vitamin C iv’s while in US.

    The world is a cruel place but we will all rise above the ugly scenes we all see every day if we keep faith that our cause is just.

    Our thoughts will always be thinking of you.

    Stay strong and please know that we are all there for each other.

  5. Brigid says:

    This is a nasty condition and it’s simply bad luck that she’s been afflicted. I wish her well simply because she inhabits the same planet as I do.

    Hopefully chemotherapy or radiation can keep her going for some time yet.

    • Strypey says:

      > Hopefully chemotherapy or radiation can keep her going for some time yet.

      Hopefully Penny seeks out the more effective therapies that don’t just make cancer sufferers sicker. Have you seen the documentary ‘Run from the Cure’ Penny? I’m sure you can think of more than a few Ak activists who would help you obtain the raw materials to test the theories therein for yourself.

      Does anyone else remember the Water Pressure Group, with their vintage fire engine flagship, who used to concrete around people’s water pipes to prevent their water supply being cut off by Metrowater? Penny was one of key driving forces behind WPG. Thanks to her efforts and those of the other WPG activists, Aucklanders still own their own water supply, not corporations. My heart goes out to you Penny. You’re one of the good ones.

  6. Marc says:

    SHIT! I met Penny a fair few times on the many protests and marches that took place in Auckland, and as I also could not agree with all she said and did, she has always been an essential part of any action against not only our arrogant Auckland Council, but the general government in Wellington as well, especially when John the Bankster Key was in charge.

    I still believe that miracles happen, others have beaten cancer, and with determination, faith, the right diet (plenty of anti oxidants and vitamin C), and physical exercise, even the fatal diagnosis may be turned around.

    It would be a huge loss for Auckland to lose Penny too soon.

    Best wishes to her, stay strong, do NOT give up, Penny!

  7. Kim dandy says:

    You can get more vocal when you know time is precious. I just hope people will listen -they didn’t before.

  8. mosa says:

    Christ life is unfair.
    Why is it always the strong , brave and principled that have to face cancer and its destructive power.
    I am very sorry to learn that Penny faces this fearful fight for her life and i hope the courage and tenacity she has always shown will not leave her now.
    She has my utmost respect and support as she faces her biggest battle of all.
    Penny we are with you all the way.

  9. savenz says:

    Good Luck Penny. Best wishes for recovery.

  10. Lone comet says:

    Thinking of you Penny and your strong words here too and your bravery in the face of great opposition, I salute you and your courage, an inspiration for everyone.

  11. Jax says:

    Respect where it is due..
    There have been few I have been active so closely with, at so many social issue, anti corruption and pro peace demonstrations, and events small and large over a good few years too.
    Great to see this here Martyn, when elsewhere some of the schadenfreude and vitriol has been visceral and repugnant to read.
    More than fingers crossed for the right result tomorrow and a positive
    remission or treatment outcome to also follow hopefully..

  12. countryboy says:

    The Auckland City council should be charged with a terrorist attack on a woman in her own home causing her grievous bodily harm.
    We should have phil goff tied to a tree and explain to him, perhaps by way of flinging or faeces at him, just exactly what we think of him.
    We should all grow a couple of big round fluffies and defend this woman from the greed seeping from the pores of goff and his crew, the neo narcissistic sadists.
    And lets not, never, forget that jumped up matchbox toy dictator john banks the little wanna be mafioso. There must be a spare tree for it too?
    Be strong? Bugger that. I say good drugs and lots of them.
    The most devastating thing you could do to them @ PB is write your story down and publish it on the internet. ( Perhaps you’ve already done that? ) It’ll be there forever. Or, until The Auckland City Councillor clone clown in orange sparks The Big One and torches the planet.

  13. Graeme says:

    Penny,what does a stranger say?I’m not really a stranger,more a quiet
    supporter.So to support you,I’m asking Phil Goff,sort this TODAY!

  14. Shona says:

    Is there a give a little page for Penny to pay her fucking rates? I am ready to donate. One less concern for her. And at least she won’t have paid them. I see Alan Mcready has put in a low bid on her whare. Despicable prick!

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