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  1. WTF are the authorities doing allowing this?

    An agricultural company was sentenced at the Huntly District Court after one of its workers died in a tractor crash …

    An agricultural company was sentenced at the Huntly District Court after one of its workers died in a tractor crash after clocking up a 17 hour work day (file photo).

    A North Waikato tractor driver was so tired after a 200 hour working fortnight he drove off the road to his death.

    The Micheal​ Vining Contracting Ltd worker clocked up 197.25 hours in the two weeks leading up to the crash.

    In October 2016, the driver was helping with harvesting operations on a farm in Pukekawa. He logged a 16.75 hour day before leaving the farm, taking a tractor home in preparation for the next day’s work.

    At 2.45am he crashed the tractor and died as a result of his injuries. The driver was also not wearing a seatbelt.

    A WorkSafe investigation found that fatigue was the most likely cause of the accident.

    The agricultural company was sentenced in the Huntly District Court.

    “Getting the job done is important, but not if the hours required to do it put workers at risk of injury or death,” WorkSafe Deputy General Manager, Investigations and Specialist Services, Simon Humphries, said in a statement.

    The company had a health and safety document prepared for them in January 2016, Humphries said.

    It identified fatigue as a high-rating hazard and outlined management steps including the monitoring of work hours and break times.

    “This document had not been reviewed or implemented. The warning was there and the company did nothing about it.

  2. Can you believe this crap?

    “Kirk Hope plans to raise his concerns in a submission on Wednesday, telling The AM Show the Bill will allow “10 percent of the workforce to dictate pay and conditions for everybody else”.”

    Lets go collect donations for the ‘POOR’ employer and business person, unions ‘dictate’ to all other workers?!

    FFS, where do I live, is this the ‘real’ world?

    • That is why nothing but hardware and a different approach can deal to this, you will not get enough cyberspace experts to deal to this challenge, you must destroy them from the basics and start, starve them of water, food and air and more, especially security. Israel is a modern day NAZI country.

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